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a resource for avid pickleball players


There are a lot of pickleball products, out there. Paddles, balls, bags, apparel, equipment, hydration, fitness, and recovery supplies. We want to make it easier to keep up with the new and the good.


We will also put out quality strategy guides, as well as pickleball travel and lifestyle content.

If you like what we do and wish to support PaddlePal, please consider making a pickleball purchase via our site referrals. Just make a normal purchase on Amazon or Pickleball Central upon clicking any blue PaddlePal link. Your price is not affected at all. We professionally evaluate all products for our content.

The PaddlePal team has played pickleball for over eight years. We love this game and the people!

Editor's Choice

Our strongest personal recommendations to any serious pickleball player.

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