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Add Weight to Your Paddle, Win More

Looking for information on how to add weight tape to a pickleball paddle? Read on for more tips on how to do this effectively and add more power to your game.

Are you tired of losing points due to weak hits or over-swinging?

Either you take a full swing and the ball does not have the zip you had hoped for, or you take a big swing and end up mishitting the ball altogether.

This is quite common and affects players of all levels.

The game is changing and becoming faster with more offense by the day, and it's not a "you"'s just time to consider a heavier pickleball paddle, or adding weight to your current paddle. It's time to be a part of the danger and chaos, and not fall behind the curve.

pickleball paddle on ground

A heavy pickleball paddle has many benefits.

One of the most significant benefits is the ability to use compact strokes and smaller swings while still getting equal or even more power on the ball.

This means you can generate more speed and spin with less effort, and more importantly less body movement and room for error, making your shots more effective and consistent.

Playing with a heavy paddle can help you improve your form by reducing over-swinging, which can lead to unforced errors and inconsistent shots.

A lot of times, when you see a pro hit a ball hard and it looks "effortless," it is because their form is impeccable, and oftentimes, because they are playing with a heavier, weighted paddle too.

Pickleball is now more about offense and power.

A heavy paddle can give you an edge when it's time to swing away.

A heavy paddle lets you to generate more power on your shots, making it easier to put away balls and win points.

Too often, a player with a light paddle cannot put the ball away immediately, and the other team is able to survive the onslaught. They are "let off the hook" and can now still win the point. This is important in fast-paced games and against players who tend to hit hard.

A heavy paddle is not only good for full swings.

It can also make it easier to dink, at times, depending on one's personal touch and experience.

Many players feel that with a heavier paddle they can turn their dinking into more of a golf putt than a chip shot. When the swing is smaller and simpler, it is easier to replicate over and over, which leads to consistency.

While some players may be concerned about the risks of using a heavy paddle, these risks are minimal and easily to mitigate. A heavier paddle can cause some stress on the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, certainly. But even in extreme scenarios, a player is only playing with a paddle some 0.5-1.0 ounces heavier, which is the weight of 1-3 Oreos.

Yes, you read that correctly. Weight difference is minor.

So, it's really quite trivial in the grand scheme, and more of a comfort thing than a matter of actual physicality. All of this is easily remedied with proper technique and gradually increasing the weight of your paddle over time.

adding tape to pickleball paddle

The four best heavy pickleball paddles:

All of them weigh 8.2+ oz and reside in the 8.5 oz region, as power paddles tend to do:

Adding weight tape to a pickleball paddle:

The Wilson Tungsten Tape is very popular amongst pickleball players who add weight to their paddles.

The tape is made of a dense, high-quality material that evenly distributes weight. It's also easy to apply, just peel and stick the tape to your paddle.

You should try putting it on the lower sides of your paddle somewhat near the handle, as that will compromise your hand speed the least. Make sure to put electric tape or some other protective tape over it. As you adjust to heaviness, experiment with adding a strip to the very top, which will give you more torque and whip when giving the paddle a full swing.

However, it being farthest from your hand, it might be harder to control initially. But the benefits can outweigh (ha) the downsides.

weight tape pickleball paddle

Consider a heavier paddle or adding weight tape to your paddle.

It might feel funny or scary at first, but the game is evolving. Pickleball is more aggressive, more about power and offense, than ever before.

The benefits of playing with a heavy paddle are numerous and significant. You can get more whip on big swings, and more pop and punch on compact swings. You can simplify your soft game technique.

Whether you're a novice or an advanced player, a heavy paddle can help you play in a more modern style and improve your form.

So what are you waiting for? Get a heavy paddle today and start dominating the court!

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