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3 Thin (And Edgeless!) Paddles Worth Trying

Considering switching to an edgeless pickleball paddle? We take a look at some of the very best edgeless and thin paddles in this hands-on review.

Thin and edgeless pickleball paddles are the latest technology in the world of pickleball, offering a number of benefits over traditional, thicker honeycomb paddles.

Thin paddles, with a durable core and more pop, allow players to swing the paddle around with ease up at the kitchen, in order to block quick shots and put pace with less effort.

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Edgeless paddles, with a larger sweet spot and increased surface area, offer players more control and precision, and ultimately fewer mishits.

The construction of edgeless paddles entail the paddle body being fused together during production, instead of being bound together by a shaky edge guard.

This provides more durability, fewer weak or dead spots, and better consistency.

Thin/Edgeless Paddle Traits

Many players report that these paddles provide a superior playing experience, offering players newer technology and optimized performance on court.

Traditional honeycomb paddles are often upwards of 5mm thicker, and almost always come with an edge guard. Compared to the old-school paddle models, the benefits of edgeless and thin paddles feel immediately evident for seasoned players.

Some argue a honeycomb paddle can be better for a beginner, though. It's subjective.

But for those who would like to try a new industry trend and disruption, manufacturers are evolving and you will see more players using thin and edgeless paddles over time.

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Top 3 Thin/Edgeless Pickleball Paddles:

The Selkirk SLK Omega Max, Gearbox CX11E Control, and Diadem Icon Graphite.

These are the best for quality and value, and are great options for players of all levels.

Starting with the Selkirk SLK Omega Max

This paddle is designed with a high-performance and thin core, providing excellent pop.

The lightweight and thin profile of the paddle makes it easy to maneuver, and offers a poppy response with less effort. The SLK Omega is a traditional shape, neither wide nor long.

This paddle weighs just under 8.0 oz and is the 'fattest' of these three, making it a good hybrid for someone who would like to make the transition easier.

slk omega paddle

A top-of-the-line paddle that offers unbeatable control and precision.

The paddle features a unique hexagonal shape, providing a large sweet spot and greater surface area to work with, especially with length.

The unique paddle design allows players to get more spin and torque on their big swings, as well as effortless pop on their compact swings (such as a wrist flick), making it a great choice for players looking to take their game to the next level.

This paddle shape comes in 7.8 and 8.5 oz and is one of the absolute thinnest paddles on the entire market. It's also a long paddle with a long handle.

gearbox pickleball paddle

Finally, the Diadem Icon Graphite

A high-quality paddle that combines performance and affordability.

The paddle is designed with a graphite surface, providing excellent spin. The thin profile of the paddle makes it easy to maneuver, however the Icon is known for its high power too.

The Icon is reported to have a softer feel out of the thin paddles, making it good for a player looking to aid their defense and reset blocks. This paddle in white is one of the freshest you'll find, and is one of the thinnest paddles possible.

diadem pickleball paddle

Closing Thoughts

Thin and edgeless paddles are becoming popular. Most paddles are still traditional honeycomb though. So, get in early! Don't wait until you're the last one.

The industry is changing. You will see more thin and edgeless paddles. It's headed in that direction! To see more, browse the latest paddle deals on Pickleball Central today.

You will see more of these in the pros and in local games in 2024 and beyond. Honeycomb paddles are great, but will continue losing market share to modern technology.

These newer makes and models offer a different playing experience, with increased pop, sweet spot, and durability. These thin and edgeless paddles a great choice for any pickleball player who is willing to experiment with something new.

The upside is too high to ignore. Try a thin paddle today!

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