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Comparing the JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus (Pickleball Paddle Review)

A concise, thorough review of a highly anticipated paddle release. How do the JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus play and feel, and are they worth it? Expert insight below.

[2024 UPDATE: If you would like to check out our complete review of the new JOOLA Gen 3 paddle line, CLICK HERE]

ben johns joola perseus

Introducing the brand-new JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus pickleball paddles, fresh on the market and making big waves.

They are primarily endorsed and used by top pickleball pros Ben Johns, his brother Collin Johns, and Anna Bright.

JOOLA is debuting two paddles with newer technology (such as thermoformed edge guards) and a high level of tailoring for opposite play styles. The Perseus and Scorpeus paddles can assist an avid player in accentuating their strengths on the court.

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Otherwise, read on to learn how these paddles play and feel...

Perseus and Scorpeus Review:

Let's talk about why the JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus paddles have garnered widespread acclaim and positive reviews from pickleball enthusiasts and experts alike in little time.

collin johns pickleball scorpeus paddle

Unleashing the Power

The JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus paddles are engineered to maximize pop, giving you an added edge in fast battles and hard hits. They are firmer than previous JOOLA paddles.

Constructed with a gritty surface, these paddles are responsive too.

The Perseus is going to feel like a very poppy paddle for most. Your soft game will require a bit of adjustment at first, but you will experience significant effortless power with it, improving your attack potential.

Lightweight and Nimble

One of the standout features of the Perseus and Scorpeus is their lightweight design.

The previous generation with the Hyperion were much heavier. These two are lighter, without sacrificing solid feel and pop. And all the while, your hands will be quicker.

The reduced weight allows for quick reactions and effortless punches and volleys. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to extended play without compromising on offense.

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Precision and Control

Accuracy is the name of the game in pickleball, and especially the Scorpeus delivers.

The Perseus doesn't have an overly big sweet spot, but a responsive one instead. The Scorpeus meanwhile is perfect for a patient, control player who defends a lot. Especially consider the yellow 14mm core for a paddle that feels solid with blocks and touch.

Blocks and resets will be easier. Scorpeus provides superior ball control, making delicate dinks and hitting the sweet spot simpler than before. You'll play with finesse and grace.

JOOLA Perseus Specs:

  • Weight: 7.8 - 8.2 ounces

  • Length: 16.5 inches

  • Width: 7.5 inches

  • Grip Length: 5.50 inches

JOOLA Scorpeus Specs:

  • Weight: 7.6 - 8.0 ounces

  • Length: 16.0 inches

  • Width: 8.0 inches

  • Grip Length: 5.25 inches

joola scorpeus anna bright

In the realm of pickleball paddles, the JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus are big-time and worth a shot. They are not cheap, but will provide a long-lasting pro paddle for serious play.

Their blend of power and precision makes them the go-to choice for avid pickleball players seeking a performance upgrade. The thermoformed edges provide a different look and feel, more contemporary in 2023. These are light paddles, with effortless pro touch and pop.

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JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus FAQ:

Who should use the Perseus and the Scorpeus?

Perseus is for power players who are willing to take a bit of risk in exchange for more pop and more offense and aggression.

Scorpeus is perfect for patient players, who counter-attack, reset, and block a lot. Early reviews strongly favor the yellow 14mm for its solid feel on touch shots.

Both paddles are close to the same length, actually. Perseus is longer, but not by much.

Are the Perseus and Scorpeus suitable for both beginners and advanced players?

The Perseus and Scorpeus paddles can accommodate players of all skill levels. These are truly pro paddles in every sense, however anyone of any level can benefit from using one.

They are tailored to different styles, but have balanced characteristics that can be ideal for beginners and intermediates. Both are a reliable paddle to learn and improve with.

As for quality, it doesn't get any better for playability than these two new models. If in doubt, consider the Scorpeus as a newer player and Perseus as an experienced player. Scorpeus is safer and easier, Perseus is the high risk and high reward option.

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Do the Perseus and Scorpeus paddles have a large sweet spot?

The Perseus and Scorpeus paddles boast a well-defined sweet spot.

The Perseus is not known for an enlarged sweet spot. The Perseus has just a regular sweet spot, but with explosive pop off of it. But the Scorpeus definitely is.

This enhances shot control and forgiveness, allowing Scorpeus players to achieve consistent and accurate shots. The paddle's sweet spot helps minimize mishits.

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Can I customize the Perseus and Scorpeus paddles?

You can choose the 14 and 16mm core thickness, which changes the paddle weight too.

Some players prefer thick paddles for more feel, in which case you'd go with the Collin Johns 16mm. Others prefer thinner and lighter for quicker hands and more pop and punch.

The Perseus and Scorpeus are two very different paddles for varying styles of play, one power and one control. You get to choose the thickness and weight by preference.

Do the Perseus and Scorpeus paddles come with a warranty?

JOOLA stands behind the quality of their products.

The Perseus and Scorpeus paddles come with a manufacturer's warranty. Be sure to verify the specific coverage and any conditions that may apply, but they tend to replace defects.

What is JOOLA?

JOOLA is the cool cat in the table tennis and pickleball scene. They've been in sports for years, earning a solid rep as a top-notch brand.

They've now set their sights on the pickleball world, bringing their signature style and quality to the courts. Whether you're a casual or serious player, JOOLA's got your back with gear that's durable, innovative, and built to deliver top performance.

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