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Pickleball Is the Perfect Youth Sport

Considering getting your child into pickleball, but aren't convinced? Read on for more information on why pickleball is a perfect sport for kids.

Pickleball is quickly becoming the go-to sport for kids, and for good reason.

This fast-paced, fun-filled game is not only a great workout, but it also teaches kids important life skills like teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship. Pickleball has a positive, warm camaraderie that other sports do not quite embody.

Parents should teach their children pickleball.

Not only is it a blast to play, but it's also easy to learn, not too hard on the body, and can be played indoors or outdoors. It is also one of the rare sports that parents and children can easily play together.

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What exactly is pickleball?

For the uninitiated, it's a game that combines elements of tennis, table tennis, and badminton.

It's played with a lightweight paddle and a plastic ball.

It's a sport that kids of all ages can enjoy, from elementary school to high school and beyond. Children, whether new to sports or experienced, will find pickleball to be fun and challenging.

In the big picture, pickleball has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. CNBC says there are now 36.5+ million players nationwide. It is growing exponentially and will be a big part of the future recreational landscape.

This surge in popularity is proof that pickleball is more than just a passing fad. Pickleball is here to stay, and it makes sense as a sport for your young little ones to get familiar with, as it will only keep getting bigger.

Pickleball is enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

Beginning perhaps around the age of five. They can play it until they are ninety-five!

Pickleball is also great for children's mental acumen.

The sport encourages teamwork and communication, which are important life skills. It also helps children develop their problem-solving and strategic thinking skills more than some other sports that require more sheer physicality.

This will be beneficial in other areas of their lives. It's also simply a fun and casual way to get out of the house and running around for hours on end.

Why pickleball is the perfect sport for kids:

1. Pickleball is a relatively easy sport to learn, making it accessible to kids of all ages and skill levels. This can help to boost their confidence and self-esteem, less frustration and anxiety, and can also help to foster a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities.

2. Pickleball is a low-impact sport, which means that it is easy on the joints and is less likely to cause injuries. Kids are unlikely to break bones and get concussions playing pickleball. This can be especially beneficial for kids who are still developing physically or are in recovery.

3. Pickleball is a highly social sport, which can help to build friendships and crucial social connections among other kids and even sometimes adult role models. This might be the pinnacle benefit of pickleball with regards to youth, who are becoming ever isolated due to modern technology, who may struggle to make friends or who may not be as outgoing.

4. Pickleball is a sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is easy for parents to learn and play with their children, which can be a great bonding experience and can help to build stronger families. Almost all adults can honestly think back and wish they had more play-time with their parents. Pickleball is a prime opportunity to get involved in your child's experiences.

5. Pickleball is a great way to encourage kids to be active, which is important for both their physical and mental health. It can also help them to develop important skills like hand-eye coordination, reactions, and endurance. It's a tough challenge masked in a fun environment.

6. Pickleball is a sport that can be enjoyed indoors and outdoors, which means that kids can play it year-round regardless of the weather. This can help to keep them active and engaged even during the colder months. You can play pickleball anywhere you move or travel to.

7. Pickleball is a sport that can be played in a variety of settings, including public parks, schools, community centers, and sometimes even churches and social event centers. This means that it is easy for kids to find opportunities to play and to get involved in organized leagues or tournaments with all types of different groups and people. A good skill to know.

8. Pickleball is a sport that can be played competitively or recreationally, which means that kids can choose to play it in a way that best suits their interests and abilities. This can help to keep them engaged and motivated over the long term. Lots of kids play a sport too seriously and then burn-out. With pickleball, a kid can balance serious endeavors with something also competitive but far more casual. At the end of the day, pickleball is just fun. For kids, and everyone.

Pickleball is the future of youth athletics.

Now that pickleball has an established community and "scene," the road is paved for youth to try out and have the full support and breadth of offerings as they would find in other sports.

It is a low-impact sport, easy to learn, great for teamwork and communication, and it can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels.

In the past, the infrastructure wasn't set up for youth to enjoy local pickleball accessibility and resources. That has changed. It is a great community activity that can get kids up off the computer and outside, and improve their health and mindset.

Parents should strongly consider letting their children dive into pickleball instead addition to other sports. It can benefit their physical, mental and social development.


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