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Where to Buy the New OFFICIAL PPA Pro Tour Pickleball (2024 Review)

The PPA pro pickleball tour made a major announcement: There is a new official pickleball in 2024. Here is everything we know about this new ball, including where to buy. Read on...

vulcan vpro pro pickleball

The PPA (pro tour of pickleball) has announced a new official ball for competitive play. This is huge. A different ball will now be used for pro tournaments starting in 2024.

That ball is: The Vulcan VPRO Flight

If you are a player who plays tournaments or just wants to play recreational games with the same look and feel as the pros, you will need to try out this ball this year!

A new official ball. Exciting. But how does it feel? And where can you buy it? Read on...

At the time of publishing, this ball is exclusively available only at Pickleball Central.

Vulcan VPRO Flight Details

Here is where we know about the new pro tour pickleball. Let's talk about playability.

The Vulcan VPRO is noticeably bouncy. You can feel it when you just bounce the ball off the ground with your hand. It is even bouncier than the Dura, which has a reputation for being a fast and lively ball. More on those numbers later.

You will notice on all hard swings that this ball goes faster. This will make the game more action-packed, and we believe both amateurs and top-tier players will enjoy the pace.

[Shop the new Vulcan VPRO Ball on Pickleball Central today]

This ball is designed for the modern game, with a "roto-molded", one-piece construction ensuring durability. No line down the center. This ball will last longer than other brands.

The ball is also hard to the touch, and will not get mushy. This means it will have a consistent performance in any weather, warm or cold. This has been a problem for previous ball brands, which were known to get soft in the heat or crack too easily in the cold.

vulcan pro pickleball

There are still 40 holes in this ball, the traditional amount. That remains unchanged.

The Vulcan is going to bring a speedy, exciting pace on the court.

There is a reported "slightly tacky" feel off the paddle face, the ball itself will have some grit as it gets worn in, great for spin and placement shots.

So the player experience will be top-notch for all levels.

You are going to see this ball a lot in 2024, on the pro tour, on livestreams, and at your local courts. Be the first in your play groups to have some in your bag.

[Shop the new Vulcan VPRO Ball on Pickleball Central today]

Vulcan VPRO vs. Dura Fast 40:

One interesting detail has emerged, which indicates Vulcan is a great ball for players of all levels. It beats Dura in this one crucial element.

That is "bounce height." This measures how much the ball comes back up off the surface. Vulcan's VPRO has a bounce height of 33.5 inches, compared to Dura's self-reported 32.0.

vulcan pro pickleball specs

This may seem like a minor difference, but bounce height is good. It says the ball is even more responsive than the Dura, which was known as a lively ball already.

It also suggests the ball may retain its bounce for longer.

The Dura was the original competitive pickleball for the sport, and will hold a place in the hearts of many longtime players. But this Vulcan VPRO ball is the next step for the sport.

[View the new Vulcan VPRO Ball on Pickleball Central today]

Vulcan VPRO Flight Ball Specs:

Weight: 0.92 ounces (26 grams)

Diameter: 2.87" (74mm)

Bounce: 33.5" (85cm)

Holes: 40 (same as Dura and Franklin!)

Colors: Hi-Visibility (neon) Yellow

Construction: Roto-Molded (one piece)

Approved by USA Pickleball

vulcan pro pickleball ball 2024

[Vulcan VPRO Pickleball deals are on Pickleball Central today]

Where to BUY the Vulcan VPRO Ball?

PPA also announced Pickleball Central as the exclusive retailer of the Vulcan VPRO ball.

This is great though, as Pickleball Central has a longstanding track record in the sport, and has an industry-leading return policy too.

Though this ball may cost a bit more than the Dura or Franklin, it may very well end up costing less per use or per game due to its consistent durability.

vulcan pro pickleball 12 pack

You can buy the Vulcan VPRO in packs of 6, 12, and 100. They ship within three days! Get your first pack of the official new balls today, and start practicing with the real deal.

Vulcan VPRO Pickleball FAQ:

When does Vulcan become the official PPA ball?

Now! Starting in 2024, PPA pickleball tournaments will use the Vulcan VPRO in both pro and amateur divisions. So this is a big deal that will affect almost all players.

(Non-tournament players can still browse Dura and Franklin deals on Amazon!)

Can you buy the Vulcan VPRO in a store?

You must buy online directly for now, with exclusive deals at retailer Pickleball Central. They are one of the most reputable pickleball retailers and frequently have special offers. They also ship within three days.

How does the Vulcan play/feel compared to Dura/Franklin?

It will feel lively and durable. Its bounce height is higher, so it is more responsive. And it is a one-piece mold, so it will last long and play the same in all weather.

Should lower-level/casual players use the Vulcan VPRO?

It may be worth playing with the official pro ball to see how it feels. You may also want to prepare for future amateur tournaments, which are likely to use it too.

Is the Vulcan VPRO an indoor or outdoor ball?

You can use it indoors or outdoors. In the future, they may make a differentiated ball just for indoors too. For now, the Vulcan VPRO is a versatile ball, equipped for all surfaces.

What is Vulcan (the pickleball company)?

They have been around for several years making high-quality paddles. Vulcan is a trusted brand in the pickleball space and are endorsed by pro players such as Tyler Loong and Jay Devilliers. You can view Vulcan paddles on Amazon and Pickleball Central.

vulcan vpro pickleball

Closing Thoughts

The Vulcan VPRO is here! It's the official ball of the PPA pro pickleball tour.

That is a monumental inflection point in the history of pro and even rec pickleball. This is your chance to be a part of this history! Try out a pack of these balls for yourself today.

You never know when you may want to be prepared for your next sanctioned event, whether competitive or casual. Grab a 12-pack and have them handy in your bag!

View pickleball ball deals at Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. It does not affect the price at all. PaddlePal is completely viewer-supported and we will not present a product unless we have researched the market to provide accurate, informed recommendations.


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