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NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

A complete review of a game-changing paddle release in the later part of 2023 that will redefine the pickleball market for 2024. What makes the Gearbox Pro Series stand out:

NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

The brand-new Gearbox Pro Series pickleball paddles are finally here. Gearbox has been pushing the limits in pickleball technology, and had emerged in a major way in 2023.

They have debuted a new paddle line unlike any other. For quick viewing, check out current Pro Series deals on Pickleball Central, one of the only retailers to stock it. These paddles are severely backlogged, with the demo program not available for months. Consider buying one today with Pickleball Central's industry-leading, customer-friendly return policy.

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Here are some real quotes out at the courts within two play sessions with the Pro Power:

"That thing is a cannon...the ball comes off really hot."

"Congrats, this is the best paddle."

"You've never hit a ball that hard before!"

The Gearbox Pro Series launch includes four paddles with technology that brings the most powerful yet "plush" paddles the sport has ever seen. These paddles are dominating spin and speed tests across the industry, causing people to wonder if they can be topped.

People are saying the paddles are so good it feels illegal. But they are approved! Read on to learn more about the construction and other details like dimensions...

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Gearbox Pro Series Review:

Let's look at the reasons behind the rapid and widespread acclaim of Gearbox, especially the huge buzz around the new Pro Series.

This paddle has the entire pickleball community looking on. The initial reviews have been exceedingly good, not only by enthusiasts but by experts on YouTube review channels.

In short, this paddle is the most power you can find on the market. Period.

Yet, it's still soft at the net on small swings. And it's thin, so it's great for blocks. And best of all, it's light. Fully balanced: More power on offense, more control on defense. Read further...

NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

Unlocking New Power

The Gearbox Pro Series paddles have been meticulously designed to enhance your gameplay, providing a distinct advantage in fast-paced duels and powerful strikes.

They offer a sturdier build compared to earlier Gearbox paddles as well as most other industry paddles, which are made with soft and unstable honeycomb. It won't break.

Crafted with a textured surface that feels like it's woven with carbon strings, the Pro Series offers a soft plush feel up at the net too. You can dink and hit placement shots with ease. But more on that later. Just now that this paddle is the most pop you will find on the market.

When taking harder and fuller swings, the core of this paddle will unlock a considerable reserve of effortless power, elevating your offensive capability. Put-aways and initiating offense will be seamless. You will generate power like hit before, at baseline and at net.

Soft, Thin, and Agile

One of the standout characteristics of the Pro Series is its lightweight design. It is 8.0 oz on the dot, which is a departure from heavier paddles on the market.

In contrast to bulkier and robust paddle options, these new paddles are considerably lighter while still maintaining lively shot capability. You can hit very hard with it, despite it being light.

But this added agility means your hands can move swiftly. So you can block better too. So your defense and reaction times will be much better when the point gets fast and crazy.

The reduced weight enables quick hand movements, making punches and volleys feel effortless. Bid farewell to fatigue and embrace long points without compromising attacks.

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NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

Masterful Touch

In the world of pickleball, your command is paramount. The Pro Series excels in this regard.

While the Pro Series sweet spot is not extra large, it is highly responsive. You can mishit the ball a bit, it's ok. You're fine. The Pro Series is ideal for patient, control-oriented players who focus on defense but could use a jolt of power when the time is right.

Envision a patient-player's paddle, solid feel for blocks and delicate touches, but one that can turn into a cannon in a moment's notice. This has not been capable before because the sport has lacked the technology. Gearbox has provided the best of both worlds.

Blocks and resets are now more manageable, as the Pro Series grants superior ball control, making it easier to execute delicate dinks and find the sweet spot. With these paddles, your gameplay will be characterized by finesse and elegance.

Pro Series Elongated Specs:

  • Weight: 8 ounces

  • Length: 16 1/2 inches

  • Width: 7 3/8 inches

  • Grip Length: 5 1/2 inches

Pro Series Fusion Specs:

  • Weight: 8 ounces

  • Length: 16 1/2 inches

  • Width: 7 3/8 inches

  • Grip Length: 5 1/2 inches

Note that there is a POWER and a CONTROL version for each of the two sizes! All are 14mm core thickness, a nice middling width that is neither thick nor thin.

NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

So yes, there are two sizes. Both are long and narrow, neither are fat. It's just that one is half an inch shorter. That way, less of the paddle mass is farther from your hand.

So neither model is the squarish or fatness of a "wide" paddle. One is just a bit shorter than the other, in case you prefer to have more paddle mass closer to your grip for quicker hands and less exertion. Effectively, the Fusion model is smaller and easier to swing.

Their blend of power and touch make them the premier paddle option for intermediate and advanced players heading into 2024. You will not find a better constructed, more durable, more versatile paddle. Do not overlook this paddle!

Lightweight, with effortless power. It's the combo the sport has been searching for for a decade, and now it's finally here. Be one of the first to deploy this modern-era paddle tech.

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Gearbox PRO Series Paddle FAQ:

Who should use the Gearbox Pro Series?

The Pro Series is great for anyone who wants more power. Plain and simple. That is part one.

Secondly, this paddle line is great for anyone who knows they'll play a while. These paddles are not cheap, however they will last you years due to the unique construction of Gearbox, which implements patent technologies similar to what fighter jets are made of.

Lastly, the Pro Series is great for someone who wants to improve their hand speed and their blocks up at the net. It is a thin and middleweight paddle, unlike other power paddles that tend to be fatter and heavier.

This one will be easy to move around and swing hard, but control will be easy too.

NEW Release: Gearbox PRO Series (2024 Pickleball Paddle Review)

Is the Gearbox Pro Series good for both beginners and advanced?

The Gearbox Pro Series can cater to any skill level. These paddles embody professional quality in every aspect, but they are beneficial for any player.

Sure, the better the player is, the more they may notice small nuances and differences.

And a player who swings harder and bigger and relies more on power, may notice more of the power component. A patient player may notice more on soft touch and defensive blocks.

When it comes to playability, you won't find better options than these new Gearbox Pro Series models. If you're uncertain, consider the Fusion model for newer players and the Elongated for those with more experience. The Fusion provides a smaller, safer, and more straightforward experience. While the Elongated offers a higher-risk, high-reward option.

How is the Gearbox core different than honeycomb?

The Gearbox line is made with a different core, called Solid Span techology.

It means there are chambers or tubes of air than run up and down. A big departure from the industry norm for many years of brittle hexagons that are fused on a sheet and cut out.

Gearbox paddles are all one fused piece, hence their durability. And the chambers of air can compress and expand upon contact, which provides huge springboard energy on hard swings and soft touch on gentler smaller swings.

How does Gearbox Pro Series perform on spin and speed tests?

The previous Gearbox CX14 was one of the top paddles by spin (was top-5 for a while). Preliminary spin tests indicate that they have improved the RPM rates with the Pro Series.

In short, spin is one of the paddle's strongest suits. You can really carve and shape your shots both when swinging really hard and when cutting more gently.

This lets you hit a wider range of angles, at different paces and trajectories.

As for speed, power is the name of the game for the Pro Series. Many players have lamented that the paddle feels unfair to play against due to the power it can generate. This really is a dream for players who need a bit extra zip when they put away hard shots.

Do Gearbox paddles come with a warranty?

Gearbox is renowned for high quality and durability. These will not break accidentally.

If it does though, Gearbox has a reputation for great customer service. Based within the USA, unlike many of the other big brands, Gearbox will work to replace a broken paddle.

Be sure to verify the specific coverage and any conditions that may apply, but they tend to replace defects. These paddles will come with a warranty.

Closing Thoughts

Gearbox was and still is a juggernaut in the racquetball scene. They've been in racket and paddle sports for decades, and are known worldwide for high-tech products and gear.

Gearbox dove into pickleball about a decade ago. They brought this same resolve for high-tech paddles now to the pickleball court, and the sport is finally taking notice.

The Gearbox Power Series is the most uniquely-constructed, well-balanced paddle on the market now, so get one while you can as they are selling out quickly.

This paddle line brings power you've never experienced before. It crushes the spin test. It's soft as a feather up at the kitchen and easy to block with. All aspects and shot types are covered to elite levels with this paddle. It is the perfect paddle in the modern game.

This is the best construction you will find in the sport of pickleball in 2024. Gearbox is innovative, reliable, and they are pushing the limits. This paddle is the answer for now.

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