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Gearbox Now Makes One of the Best Honeycomb Paddles

Looking for information on the new Gearbox GBX? Read on for an in-depth review.

For several years, paddle brand Gearbox Sports has focused on their unique Solid Span technology, a paddle core much different to honeycomb.

It's the thinner paddles that often feels more forgiving. You've surely seen some around.

Gearbox is a durable brand and tends to have a softer feel. They have produced elite paddles such as the CX14. Gearbox has now come out with one of the best honeycombs.

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gearbox pickleball paddle

They didn't place a huge emphasis on honeycombs in the past. That has changed as of 2023, and now Gearbox is coming out with a honeycomb paddle that has become incredibly popular, now rivaling the likes or CRBN and Joola for top honeycomb honors.

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GBX is a top honeycomb paddle now.

The Gearbox GBX is a high-quality paddle that has been designed for those who prefer the feel of a honeycomb paddle.

Made with durable materials and updated honeycomb tech, this paddle provides a perfect combo of pop and feel.

One of the key features of this paddle is its construction. The Gearbox GBX is made from strong carbon fiber. This allows players to get a ton of zip on the ball. The grit is among the top of the market.

The Gearbox GBX features a honeycomb core with excellent shock absorption and dampening. The combo of thick, solid, and soft feel means that players can hit hard shots on full swings, but also have great accuracy and precision on touch shots.

gearbox gbx paddle

Gearbox GBX Carbon Fiber Paddle Specifications

Average Weight: 8.5 ounces

Weight Range: 8.3 - 8.7 ounces

Grip Circumference: 4" (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".

Grip Style: Gearbox Smooth Black Wrap

Grip Manufacturer: Gearbox

Handle Length: 5 1/2"

Paddle Length: 16 1/2"

Paddle Width: 7 3/8"

Paddle Face: Toray T-700 Unidirectional Carbon Fiber

Core Material: High-Density 7mm Polypropylene Honeycomb

Core Thickness: 16mm (0.63")

Edge Guard: 1/8" overlapping paddle face

The GBX is a hybrid longer size paddle. Not quite a true elongated model, but it's got a slightly longer handle and and thick core.

This means that players can reach more shots and use two hands on a backhand. It's great for players who want some bite/spin and offense from a thicker core paddle.

Reviews of the Gearbox GBX have been overwhelmingly positive, with many players raving about the paddle's performance and comfort.

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black and red pickleball paddle

Gearbox GBX testimonials:

"This paddle has completely transformed my game. It's lightweight, easy to handle, and provides great control and power." -A higher-ranked competitive player

"The GBX is hands down the best paddle I've ever played with. The sweet spot is huge and it feels great in my hand." -A self-proclaimed 'serious rec player'

"It's worth every penny, and provides great power and feel at the same time."

"This paddle has improved my game significantly. It's easy to maneuver."

"As someone who has struggled with wrist pain, I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this paddle is to play with. It absorbs shock really well and has helped me avoid injury." -Senior player

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Bottom Line

Give the Gearbox GBX a try for a sleek honeycomb model that tests well for spin and has some serious pop as a solid, elongated paddle.

With its updated, durable honeycomb build, this paddle is valuable to any avid player.

Buy the Gearbox GBX Pickleball Paddle on Amazon today.

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