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2023 Pickleball Fashion Guide (Men’s Clothing)

Gentlemen, it's time to revamp your summer pickleball wardrobe! This detailed guide will take a look at some of the best warm-weather clothing options for you this year.

Click this link if you're looking for the women's summer fashion guide.

pickleball men fashion

Pickleball courts are buzzing lately. There are so many events and venues to visit. The weather is great, and it's time to make your court appearance look bold and sharp.

We will highlight some sizzling new fashion items and fresh concepts for your court presence. Some are colorful, others are understated and light, all are comfortable and high-quality. Some top trends in 2023 include tank tops, eyewear, and compression sleeves.

Then you can shop the below items with a simple click on blue links or photos.

Read on to get right to it. Discover some new pickleball apparel options for you this year!

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Men's Pickleball Fashion (By Category)

For quick picks, see a men's pickleball fashion overview on Amazon. You should also view all apparel deals on Pickleball Central. Otherwise, continue on...

Aolesy 2 in 1 Compression Pants

These workout combo bottoms are a must for serious players. With their comfortable fit and snug feel, they'll keep you cool and supported throughout your play session. It's also a sleek style. There are three pockets throughout the entire pants, for a spare ball or three!

compression pants pickleball

Adidas Solematch Court Shoe

The Adidas Solematch is close to a perfect shoe. Designed for maximum cushion and support, these shoes will help you stay mobile and comfortable on the court. Plus, their designs (comes in almost ten colors) will have you looking sharp while you play. Check out this review of another renowned Adidas shoe, the Gamecourt.

pickleball shoe adidas

Flow Society Compression Shorts

These are the perfect, fiery addition to any guy's pickleball wardrobe. Their snug fit and moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool and dry during long, warm games. Plus, its super dynamic and vibrant design is sure to make you stand out on the court.

pickleball shorts

Flow Society White Shorts

Another bold shorts option from Flow Society, this one without the attached compression segment. This one will have you looking unique and standing out from the competition. Bonus for wearing it off the court for a true conversation starter. (Mis)matches everything!

pickleball novelty shorts

Neonic Pickleball Backpack

This equipment bag is efficient and modern, excellent for any pickleball player on the go. With its spacious compartments and holders, you'll be able to carry everything you need for a day of pickleball, like balls, water bottle, and shoe compartment. Nice minimalist black design.

pickleball backpack

Oakley Evzero Blade Sunglasses

These shades are the perfect aid for outdoor play. With their high-quality lenses and durable frame, they'll keep your eyes protected and shaded, while also looking like you're from a futuristic movie. These are one of the top Oakleys models, and won't let you down.

pickleball sunglasses oakley

JOOLA Victory Full Zip

This jacket is a nice addition for any avid pickleball player. With its loose and light fit and stylish, professional look, you'll feel like Ben Johns in no time at all. Though this is a summer guide, a light zip-up is perfect for morning and evening sessions, both before and after.

pickleball jacket

33,000ft Lightweight Softshell Vest

This efficient vest is versatile and light, with technology that will keep you cool and safe. Like the zip up above, this will be great for warm ups and cool downs. Just take it off when you feel warm and put it back on between games or when standing around. A player's delight.

pickleball vest

PRIMESTY Custom Jersey

Personalized shirts are great for anyone on a team or who has routine partners and groups. You'll be able to show off your team spirit in style. You can put any name you'd like and have it printed on. There are many design options, you'll look like a true pickleball team.

pickleball team jersey custom

Palm Trees Tank Top (+2!)

The three tank tops below are loose fits and moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool and dry during even the longest games. They all have fun and vibrant designs that are sure to look great in action. Eye-catching and fun vibes.

pickleball tank top

pickleball tank top

pickleball tank top

JOOLA Hyperion Mesh Hat

The JOOLA Hyperion hat is a key item for serious players. It's got a comfy fit and stylish design, available in four colors. Its high-quality materials will shade you from the sun and it has holes in the sides and back to ensure sweat dissipates properly and you stay dry.

joola pickleball hat

$24 on Amazon (best value!)

HAKA Trucker Snapback

A trucker hat is a fun curveball of an accessory for bros who play pickleball. You can wear it on and off the court. With its adjustable back and minimalist logo on the front, you'll be able to shade your head and hide your hat-hair while looking crisp and glorious.

pickleball trucker hat

Tifosi Optics Eyewear

This piece of protective eyewear will let you play without worry of taking a stray pickleball to the eyeball. The Fototec lenses adjust to lighting conditions, giving you clear vision no matter the weather. Plus, they're lightweight and the lenses have breathing holes to avoid fogging.

pickleball protective eyewear

USA Bandana Ball Shirt

This simple but unique shirt is the perfect gift for any player in your life who loves America and doesn't take life too seriously. With a classic and funny design, it's sure to become a favorite. Whether they're practicing or competing, this shirt will look good and feel nice.

pickleball usa t shirt

DYJYBMY Embroidered Towel

This towel is great for the dog days of summer, which are bound to be sweaty and hot. With its high-quality embroidery, you'll make no mistake about whose towel it is (yours). It's a perfect gift for someone, as folks often forget to buy towels. Keep yourself dry and cool!

pickleball towel

Yuyuy Boxer Briefs

These compression underpants are a game-changer for most pickleball players. With their ride-up design, they'll stay in place no matter how jumpy and active you are. The breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you comfortable all day long.

pickleball boxer briefs

Embroidered Cotton Dad Hat

Here's a "dat hat" that is perfect for those summer days, and can also be worn to a picnic or party. It's simple, versatile, and understated. The high-quality embroidery adds a touch of style, while the adjustable strap promises a comfortable fit. A great gift for girls too.

pickleball dad hat

Millie Rose Microfiber Towel

This towel is a mandatory addition to the gear bag. They're super soft and absorbent, thin and foldable, making them great for wiping away sweat between games. Plus, the fun pickleball designs are sure to make you stand out on the court. Make a statement!

pickleball towel graphic thin

Men's Pickleball Fashion FAQ

What type of clothing is best for pickleball?

Anything loose, comfortable, and flexible. Bonus points for breathable and moisture wicking. You want to wear clothes that let you move and swing freely on the court.

Some popular mens items include athletic shorts with an underlining, moisture-wicking anything, and lightweight long-sleeves and compression sleeves to block the sun.

Eyewear and headwear are strong considerations, too.

Do the pickleball paddle brands all make clothes?

Some do just for their pros, others do and offer them to all customers and players.

Some of the ones who sell merch to all players include JOOLA, Gearbox, and Franklin. Of course, you could also wear regular sports brands like Nike and Adidas too, no problem.

Can I wear regular athletic shoes for pickleball, or do I need specific shoes?

While you can technically wear any type of athletic shoe for pickleball, it's recommended to wear shoes that are specifically designed for pickleball. Here's our detailed shoe guide.

Pickleball shoes typically feature a non-marking sole, which prevents damage to the court surface, as well as extra cushioning and support for the quick lateral movements.

Some popular brands that make pickleball shoes include Adidas, Babolat, and K-Swiss.

Should I wear sunglasses or hats while playing pickleball?

Yes, many players find it helpful to wear sunglasses or hats while playing pickleball, especially outdoors. Be sure to check out our guide on best sunscreens.

Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the sun's glare, as well as damage from stray balls. Hats can help keep the sun out of your face and provide some shade.

Wear hats that fit snugly and won't fall off during gameplay. As for sunglasses, look for models with lenses that are impact-resistant and a color that helps you see better.

Are there any rules regarding pickleball clothing?

There are no major rules or guidelines regarding pickleball clothing.

In general, though, most players tend to dress in activewear. Players may want to courteously avoid any clothes that is too neon yellow like the ball color.

And for their own sake, players may want to avoid clothes that flare out too much, as it's a violation if the ball touches clothes.

Bottom Line

Now is the time to revamp your pickleball wardrobe with a few sharp additions to the rotation. Stock up on some shirts, a hat, some eyewear, and shoes. Look good and feel good out there, and notice the difference with your style and appearance.

View top men's pickleball fashion items on Amazon right now. Deals limited time only.

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