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Women's Pickleball Fashion Guide (Best Outfits 2023)

Ladies, let's look fresh and hip out on the court. Want to add a bit of personality to your wardrobe and show off some style? Read on for our top apparel picks this year.

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womens pickleball fashion clothing

In this guide, we'll show you the best pickleball wardrobe additions for women, highlighting the latest fashion trends and must-have pieces for your court attire.

From colorful and trendy outfits to comfy and practical apparel, we've got you covered.

You can quickly and conveniently shop these looks with a click on blue links or photos.

So, let's dive in and discover your new and best pickleball outfit options for 2023!

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Women's Pickleball Fashion (By Category)

Paddle: JOOLA Hyperion

Paddles count as fashion, right? A paddle is part of your outfit, with many colors schemes and designs to pick from. This paddle model is used by pros and has a truly chic look. Get yours today, and have seriously flair when you swing it around at the courts tomorrow.

red purple pickleball paddle

Tank Top: Soneven floral polo

A tank top is a great article of clothing to have, that offers comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement. This one has a whopping forty design schemes, and will be a stylish addition to your pickleball wardrobe. It also wicks moisture.

pickleball tank top

Short-Sleeve Shirt: LURANEE athletic quarter zip

This short-sleeve shirt is the perfect piece of ladies apparel, which looks vibrant, fierce, but also classy. This one is 100% polyester, so it will be flexible and stretchy. Plus, with 18 designs available, you'll have your array of picks for your pickleball wardrobe.

pickleball collared womens shirt polo

Long-Sleeve Shirt: Libin half zip

This shirt is a great option for sun protection during outdoor games, and also offers added warmth during colder weather. This one has 10% spandex, so it will really be comfortable as it can expand. This piece offers understated fashion, and can be worn off the court easily too.

pickleball long sleeve shirt

Cooling Towel: Millie Rose microfiber

This towel is soft and absorbent, perfect for wiping sweat off your face and cooling off between games. You can drape it over your head while you sit. It's got a zesty and fun pickleball design on the front, and has a carabiner to hook onto the fence to dry.

pickleball towel

Court Bag: Queen of the Court tote bag

This beautiful tote bag is regal and handy at the same time. This one boasts an illuminating flamingo and palm tree design, and is hot pink on the inside. It has a compartment for paddles, water bottle, and can fit spare shoes and balls inside no problem. A crowd pleaser.

pickleball tote bag

Performance Hat: MISSION cooling hat

An athletic hat is a practical item for any player, as it helps to keep the sun out of your eyes and prevents sweat from dripping down your face. This one has actual cooling technology once it gets wet, it will keep your head 30 degrees cooler for up to two hours. Amazing.

pickleball hat athletic

Visor: EQ Sport lightweight

A visor is optional, but you see more and more ladies sporting these days. It lets you display your hair for all to see, or at least won't mess it up, but still shade your eyes and face all the same as a hat. Some folks prefer letting their head breathe. Functional and lightweight.

pickleball visor

Sun Hat: LMLALML wide brim mesh

A sun hat is a must for outdoor pickleball spectators, as it offers sun protection for your face and neck. It's a chic accessory that can complement any outfit. This one comes in about ten colors, and is the perfect blend of sturdy and flimsy. One of the best values on this list!

pickleball sun hat ladies

Skirt: Bella Palms

This skirt is a graceful and practical choice for pickleball players, as it allows for a full range of movement (no-roll waistband) and will be comfortable on the court. Plus, it's a great way to showcase your personal style. Also see this pickleball skirt by Bella Dink.

pickleball skirt

Skort: WOWENY with pockets

A skort combines the practicality of shorts with the femininity of a skirt, making it a popular choice among female pickleball players. It's a nice look and a functional item that offers comfort and can feel casual. They can also commonly store a spare ball!

pickleball skort skirt

Legging: BALEAF high waist

Leggings are a cozy and soothing option for cooler weather or for those who prefer to cover up. With various prints available, they will add pop to your style! Four-packs by YOUNGCHARM are great value too and come in many color combos.

pink pickleball leggings

Socks: MOLIAN novelty

Socks might seem like a small detail, but these ones are definitely a bold move. A good pair of athletic socks can offer cushioning and wick moisture, all while adding a fun and fancy element to your outfit. These are sure to get a look! These pink ones by thorlos are our top pick for best comfort, though they will not show outside the shoe.

pickleball high socks

Eyewear: Tifosi Vero

Eye protection is important during pickleball games, as a stray ball can easily hit your face. Wearing protective eyewear can prevent injuries but don't need to look "funny." These will also add a trendy touch to your look. Comes in pink but also a slew of other colors.

pickleball eyewear

Shoes: Fila Volley Zone

Pickleball shoes are designed for specific lateral movements and arch support. You want stability, support, and traction, and here's one that is also a fashion-forward choice. Also these hot pink ones by Acacia, made just for pickleball.

pickleball pink shoes

Jewelry: Everwild Designs pendant necklace

Jewelry may not impact your performance, but can add a touch of character and class to your look. From stud earrings to charm bracelets, there are many options that will complete your pickleball look. Consider these metallic pickleball stud earrings by Sparrow.

pickleball jewelry necklace

Womens Pickleball Fashion FAQ

What should women wear to play pickleball?

Seek comfort and functionality. You want to wear something that allows for a full range of motion and keeps you cool and dry during games.

Recent trends in pickleball right now include skorts with pockets, moisture-wicking material, compression sleeves, visors, and lightweight court shoes. Here are two references:

Can I wear leggings or yoga pants for pickleball?

Leggings can be a great option for pickleball, especially if they're made of breathable and stretchy fabric. View the top-rated pickleball leggings on Amazon.

Be sure to avoid anything too restrictive, as this will hinder your court movement.

Should I wear a visor or hat while playing pickleball?

Many pickleball players opt to wear some form of headwear to keep the sun out of their eyes and prevent sweat from dripping down their face.

Visors and hats with moisture-wicking technology are especially popular options.

How can I protect against the sun during pickleball?

Sun protection is crucial when playing pickleball outside.

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30, and reapply every hour or after sweating. Be sure to check out our detailed skincare guide.

You can also wear compression sleeves to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.

How can I look more lean at pickleball?

Avoid baggy clothes, wear black, use high-waisted pants, and wear vertical stripes.

Bottom Line

There's no better time than today to update your pickleball attire with a couple fresh new wardrobe options, whether pants or leggings for the bottom, or shirts and hats for up top. Treat yourself today and look sharp the next time you hit the courts.

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