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Awesome Pickleball Courts Coming to Central Park in New York City?

Heard something about pickleball courts coming to Central Park? Read on to hear more about this crazy development in the pickleball world and the Big Apple.

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Pickleball is taking over another major city, this time making its way to New York City's iconic Central Park. Photo Credit: CityPickle

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Are pickleball courts coming to Central Park?

The city has announced plans to repurpose the Wollman Rink as a multi-purpose venue that will include pickleball courts for at least part of the year. The project is a partnership between the city and CityPickle, a local pickleball company.

The Wollman Rink's conversion will include 14 pickleball courts. The new venue is expected to attract players from all over the city and serve as a hub for the growing pickleball community.

The partnership between the city and CityPickle is a win-win situation for almost everyone. The city will be able to provide a new recreational facility that will benefit residents and visitors by bringing the Fastest Growing Sport in America to America's culture capital.

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When will pickleball courts open in Central Park?

And to boot, it's coming straight to the heart of NYC. The first trial run will go April 7th to October 9th. Hopefully it goes well enough that it remains on the calendar in future years, or even expanded based on the roller rink and ice skating schedule.

The news of this development in iconic Central Park has been met with excitement by pickleball enthusiasts. The popularity of pickleball has been on the rise in recent years, especially in the major cities, with NYC hosting a pro APP tournament last year in May in Flushing Meadows, at the same venue where the tennis US Open is played.

According to one avid pickleball player who spends part of the year in New York City and the rest on the West Coast:

"This is an insanely exciting development. Pickleball has lagged behind in major cities like New York, and we're now getting to see the blossoming of pickleball access right before our eyes. It's just an added bonus and a complete surprise honestly that it's coming directly to Central Park. I kind of can't believe it."

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With the sport attracting players of all ages and skill levels, its inclusion in Central Park is a testament to its growth and success, and a sign that it is here to stay.

Is pickleball popular in New York City?

The project is a positive step for NYC, which has been looking to revitalize its parks and recreational facilities.

By repurposing the Wollman Rink, the city is able to provide a new space for sports and recreation, while boosting an iconic landmark, as if Central Park needed to become any cooler and any more buzzing and popping.

Overall, the addition of pickleball to Central Park is a great development for the sport and a good sign of its strong growth! Fastest Growing Sport in America in the most iconic city.

It's exciting to see a sport that has been gaining popularity across the country making its way to one of the most iconic parks in the world. The new venue is sure to become a popular destination for pickleball players and sports enthusiasts alike.

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