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47 Signs You’re Obsessed With Pickleball

Wondering if you are a pickle addict? How many items on the list below relate to you? Read on to see how big of a dill you really are. This is meant as a fun and silly list.

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pickleball players having fun

Why is pickleball easy to love?

It's simple to learn, it's lots of fun, and is enjoyed by all ages and folks from all walks of life. Pickleball has a friendly and welcoming community, which makes it easy to connect with other players and make new friends.

What are benefits of pickleball?

It's a low-impact sport that can help improve cardio, strength, and coordination. Playing pickleball is a great way to get out, relieve stress, improve your mood, and make friends.

It's great to have a passion that gives you life.

47 Signs You LOVE Pickleball:

  1. You have a name for your pickleball paddle, and you swing it in the mirror at home. Practicing swings is normal, but practicing in the mirror is next-level! [Read: The Complete Guide to Buying Your First Long-Term Pickleball Paddle]

  2. You look at people's backyard and wonder if it could fit a 20x44 foot rectangle. Admit it, you've done this at the last summer BBQ you went to...

  3. Your YouTube suggested video sidebar is full of the PPA Tour channel. Bonus: The targeted ads are for orthopedic products and resorts in Florida.

  4. You've accidentally pegged your significant other with a ball, laughed, and had to sleep in the doghouse. It's not your fault the ball was popped up! [Read: A Complete Guide on Aggressive Pickleball (How to Attack)]

  5. You have rolls of lead tape in your kitchen drawer. You never know when you need to re-grip a paddle. Check out this underrated tape for your paddle's handle.

  6. You chuckle every time you eat Vlasic or dill. Or go in the kitchen at all!

  7. You pretend you are dinking when you do squats at the gym. Other people laugh at you as you practice reaching down to hit a sharp dink cross-court.

  8. You have three dozen people in your phone named "(First Name) Pickleball." Half of the time, you can't remember who they are...

  9. You have a Therabody massage tool, and are considering buying a ball machine!

  10. You've started a pickleball club at work and coax people to play during lunch. This one isn't even're a saint!

  11. You've got all your tournament medals dangling above the washing machine. Hopefully more golds than bronzes! Here's an awesome medal hanger rack.

  12. Your idea of a nice first date is drilling backhand roll volleys and playing skinny singles. Long gone are the days of dinner, movie, and drive-in theaters. To the courts!

  13. You can put together a portable net in under two minutes flat. Impressive!

  14. You've gotten into arguments with friends about third shot drop versus drive. Ah yes, the eternal pickleball debates, fun and flustering. Gotta love them though!

  15. You've turned down an invite because it clashed with your weekly pickleball group. Bar trivia, salsa class, and wine and paint night are all on hold "until next week!"

  16. You don't ask folks about ask if they play with the Dura or Franklin ball.

  17. You daydream about launching a fun pickleball apparel line called "Picklehead."

  18. You own or go through more pairs of pickleball shoes than regular sneakers. [Read: Picking Perfect Pickleball Shoes: Guide and FAQ]

  19. You comment on all of Ben Johns' or Anna Leigh Waters' Instagram posts. Hoping for the day they send a reply!

  20. The word "bodybag" now has a positive connotation to you.

  21. When you think of the phrase "Shake and Bake," food doesn't come to mind. [Industry deal alert: Franklin X-40 ball sale on Amazon]

  22. You've asked your optometrist if they make pickleball eyewear. And they knew what you were looking for, because this is actually a great idea.

  23. Your dream vacation is a pickleball camp with Tyson McGuffin. Go somewhere fun, learn some pro tips, and catch a glimpse of that glorious mullet.

  24. You have a pickleball tattoo! Both a temporary one (bruise from getting hit with a ball) and maybe even a permanent one if you're feeling bold!

  25. You drink Jigsaw hydration supplements religiously!

  26. You've memorized the entire USAPA rulebook and can quote it at any time. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. You know the names Don Stanley and Ron Ponder.

  27. You have more dry-fit shirts than regular shirts in your closet. Many are from tournaments! [Read: Your FIRST Tournament Trip: A Ten Step Guide]

  28. You've had a birthday cake with a big yellow frosting pickleball on it.

  29. You've woken up easily at 5am to play, whereas you've never gotten up that early for work or school. Enjoy that 9am nap!

  30. You have Pickleball Central bookmarked so you never miss out on the latest deals.

  31. You go get gas twice as often as before. You drive to courts on Monday morning for open play, Wednesday night for league, Friday afternoon private games, and one or both of Saturday and Sunday. And two are out of town.

  32. Your dreams often involve hitting an overhead smash. No more dreams of ghosts or taking a school exam, just nightmares of getting lobbed!

  33. You despise lobs. Enough said.

  34. You've said the phrase "Fastest Growing Sport in America!" recently.

  35. You've worn out your starter paddle, a true rite of passage. Everyone's first paddle is like their first love, you'll never forget it. But we move on to our first "Forever Paddle."

  36. Your Facebook profile photo is of you on a podium. Hopefully in the middle!

  37. You've drawn out your own pickleball lines before, like a boss. It wasn't perfect, but you should still be proud. [Read: Drawing Your Own Pickleball Court Lines (Simplified)]

  38. You've hit a ball around in an airport or someone's living room, using chairs as a net. Bonus points if you filmed it and uploaded it on TikTok or Instagram Reels and slapped some music in the background. Or gone to Twin Peaks with Randy Coleman.

  39. You have an epic farmer's tan (consider trying compression sleeves and socks!).

  40. You have a playlist of pump-up music just for your pickleball sessions.

  41. Your idea of a productive weekend morning is not to clean the kitchen or mow the lawn, but to hop into a pickleball clinic or lesson. That's awesome! [Article: Read This Before Your Next Pickleball Lesson]

  42. You have a bumper sticker on your car that says "I Dink, Therefore I Am."

  43. You've given your pet old pickleballs to chew on and play with.

  44. Erne is not a Sesame Street character to you, it's your favorite pickleball weapon!

  45. You've said "ball on!" a million times. And not just when you were behind in a rally!

  46. You have a dealer for "that good stuff." Balls. You have a ball dealer.

  47. You've definitely, seriously, absolutely considered quitting your career to pursue a career as a professional pickleball player and travel the pro tour.

How many can you relate to? We as a community of pickleball players all have a lot in common when it comes to the sport we love.

So be proud! And share this link with any pickleball friends who these remind you of.


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