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Pickleball Players LOVE These 3 Court Shoes (Review)

On the hunt for the perfect pair of court shoes to stay fit and fast and keep your feet feeling good? We've scanned the market and polled top players to find the best-reviewed shoes.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these shoes will have you feeling comfortable and ready to run around the court for as many games as you want.

Every pickleball player must decide what to wear on their feet. It's possibly their biggest decision trailing just behind which paddle to play with.

You want the highest quality possible when it comes to "things that separate you from the ground." As an avid pickleball player, it is important to use high-quality shoes in order to maximize your performance.

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Pickleball-Focused Shoes!

This means they offer the right level of support, cushioning, and grip to help you move quickly and comfortably around the court.

They can help prevent heel and ankle injuries, as well as improve footwork, which are both crucial for pickleball players who play on a serious level.

Quality court shoes will last longer, reducing long-term cost.

They will withstand the wear and tear of pickleball much better than cheaper shoes.

As a general rule of thumb, if you play pickleball every few days, you should probably get a new pair of court shoes two or three times each year.

Another important aspect is the sole of the shoe. A good pickleball shoe should have a non-marking, non-black sole and a good grip on the court surface.

Below are three court shoe models that players of all levels recommend.

The ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 is a TOP pick for court shoes.

This may be the "most talked-about" shoe in pickleball. And for good reason!

With a durable rubber outsole, these shoes provide excellent traction on the court and a cushioned midsole for added comfort. Their build reduces the weight of the shoe without compromising structural integrity.

These shoes are perfect for a newer pickleball player looking for a durable and comfortable shoe at an affordable price.

white and blue pickleball shoes

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 is an elite court shoe.

These shoes have a durable leather upper and a non-marking rubber outsole for excellent traction on the court.

They also have a cushioned footbed for added flexibility during longer sessions.

The Hypercourt Express 2 is a versatile shoe and a great choice for a budget. Folks love this shoe because it's an amazing value and feels great.

black pickleball shoe

The Adidas Barricade court shoe is an elite option for pickleball.

They have it in both mens and womens sizes, but we recommend the below model for women as a durable and supportive shoe.

It provides excellent traction on the court, allowing for quick and agile movement.

The Barricade offers a snug yet comfortable fit, with a padded collar and tongue for added support and cushioning.

It is also top-tier aesthetically, outfitted with retro vibes. Overall, the Adidas Barricade Court shoe is a great choice for players looking for a high-quality shoe that looks sweet too.

retro adidas pickleball shoes

High-quality pickleball shoes are a smart investment.

This goes for any serious player who plans to spend a lot of time on the court, up on their feet.

Not only will they help you run faster, change direction quicker, and overall play better, but they will last longer. Your feet will thank you as you run down shots each session.

If you are a newer pickleball player, it's especially important to find a good pair of shoes since you're still developing your skills and feel for the court. You want to make sure you have the right footwear to help you improve and not cut corners (unless jumping the kitchen!).

These three shoe models will help elevate your pickleball game to the next level!

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