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Pickleball Guide: ROUND Paddles Are Better At...?

Looking for info on pickleball paddles that have a rounder face? We take a look at some of the best round-shaped paddles and review them.

Round-faced pickleball paddles might be the future of pickleball. They are trending back strongly after a few years of industry neglect.

Pickleball players are always searching for better, modern equipment that can improve their game and keep them ahead of the curve.

Most traditional pickleball paddles are squarer with flatter sides. A trend of round-faced paddles has now garnered attention and sparked a newfound interest.

It's fair to wonder if round-faced pickleball paddles are the future of the sport due to their aerodynamic qualities (wind resistance), optimized surface area, and similarity to other racket and paddle sports.

Let's take a look at some of the top-rated round-shaped paddles in the pickleball scene. View reviews below. For quick picks, browse the latest paddle deals on Pickleball Central.

Best Round Pickleball Paddles:

These are the top-performing pickleball paddles on the market that are round in shape. These paddles will tend to have a more forgiving sweet spot due to the nature of their build.

A nice, starter paddle from a trusted brand for a player to test out the round shape.

prince pickleball paddle

JOOLA Radius CGS 14 (best for intermediate)

A more advanced paddle for an avid and experienced player who wants to block better.

joola pickleball paddle

A top-tier, thin, and powerful paddle for those who want more effortless offense.

prokennex pickleball paddle

Vulcan V910 Hybrid (best touch)

A high-tech paddle from a cutting-edge brand that has gentle feel for elite control.

vulcan pickleball paddle

Oneshot Flipshot (best value)

A unique long-handle option from a newer player in the space, at a great price.

oneshot pickleball paddle

Rival PowerSpin 2.0 (great starter paddle)

One of the cheaper and safer options for a true beginner to consider at low risk.

prolite pickleball paddle

A pro-grade paddle with some of the grittiest surfaces you can find out there.

electrum pickleball paddle

Yonex VCORE (best hybrid)

A newer player into the pickleball space, but a high-testing sports juggernaut.

yonex pickleball paddle

Round Paddle Face Benefits:

The aerodynamics are better for pickleball (?)

Round-faced paddles may have aerodynamic benefits over rectangular-faced paddles.

The round shape creates less wind resistance at the furthest corners of the paddle from the hand, allowing a player to swing harder with less wind resistance.

Round shaped paddles optimize surface area.

Round-faced paddles optimize the surface area available for contacting a ball.

The circular shape maximizes the contact area between the paddle and the ball, reducing the chances of missing or striking the ball off-center.

Basically, a bigger sweet-spot. This can aid consistency, leading to better accuracy.

Round paddles mimic other racket/paddle sports.

Round-faced paddles are akin to the shape of other rackets and paddles, such as in tennis, ping pong, and badminton.

Players of these sports may find a round-faced paddle an intuitive, smooth transition. There are good reasons why other racket and paddle sports gravitated to rounder shapes.

Efficient markets and longer time studying sports suggest round surfaces are good!

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Round pickleball paddles may be the future.

Maybe we just don't quite realize it yet!

Since so much of the sport is by feel, players must try for themselves and decide if the merits behoove their personal style of play.

There appear to be benefits regarding aerodynamics, surface area, and similarity to other rackets and paddles.

Try out a rounder paddle and see if you like the feel. You might find a big difference when you do a full swing or when you block an attack. And a small difference like that could pay off!

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