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JOOLA Scorpeus: The Best New Pickleball Paddle for MOST Players

JOOLA recently released two buzzing new pickleball paddles, the Perseus and Scorpeus. They come in two widths. Read on to learn which combo is testing the best.

[2024 UPDATE: If you would like to check out our complete review of the new JOOLA Gen 3 paddle line, CLICK HERE]

joola scorpeus pro paddle 2024

Having the right paddle for you is essential as a developing player.

The right fit will help plug weaknesses and unlock your true potential on the court. As a newer player, finding a paddle that makes touch and control easier can make a big difference.

There are so many new paddles debuting all the time. But right now, the vast majority of players need not look any further than the JOOLA Scorpeus 14mm.

Though the Ben Johns Perseus model has commanded a lot of the press, it is actually the Scorpeus that is better designed to enhance and elevate the gameplay of most players.

Specifically, consider giving the 14mm Scorpeus a whirl, a slightly thinner and sleeker model.

It is one of the most unique, cutting-edge new paddle releases ever, and will give any avid player a whole new lease on pickleball, with consistency and command like never before.

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JOOLA Scorpeus Background

Paddle face shape, core width, and general feel all play a vital role in your comfort, control, and overall play experience.

A novice or intermediate player should find a paddle lets them extend rallies and stay in points. The Scorpeus accomplishes this with its uniquely light, thin core, round-face makeup.

The JOOLA Scorpeus 14mm paddle is a masterpiece that embodies everything a non-pro player needs in a paddle. Here are some key features that set this paddle apart:

joola scorpeus pickleball anna bright

Lightweight for Quick Swings

The Scorpeus paddle weighs in at just about 7.8 oz, allowing for swift maneuverability and precise punches and blocks up at the kitchen line. With quick reactions, you'll defend better.

Wide Face with Large Sweet Spot

The Scorpeus paddle boasts a round and large sized face, providing you with a larger sweet spot. This means more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Everyone will mishit some balls, but with the Scorpeus you may maintain accuracy and power even when the ball doesn't meet the paddle's sweet spot perfectly.

Polymer Core for Balanced Shots

At the heart of the Scorpeus paddle lies a high-quality polymer core. This core not only provides excellent control over the ball but also delivers a satisfying pop, giving your shots that extra burst of power off the dense 14mm core.

This paddle is easy to swing, has effortless zip, and is optimal for touch and command.

For most players who don't play pro, this paddle will vastly improve your touch shots like dinks and drops, your defense in the form of blocks and resets, and will give you supreme defense while not sacrificing much of any firepower on offense.

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joola scorpeus paddle

Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle, the JOOLA Scorpeus 14mm Pickleball Paddle is unrivaled in its ability to enhance playability for new players.

Right now in 2023, the Scorpeus is the best new release paddle option on the market for a newer or developing player looking to jump up to intermediate and advanced.

You will not find a paddle better designed for the command and patience nuances of the game, and any player will find increased touch and defense with the Scorpeus shape.

All of this is possible without losing offense, because the thin 14mm core will allow for quicker swings and harder hits off impact. You will not lose out on firepower.

Lightweight with a forgiving sweet spot, the Scorpeus is the tool you need to take your game to the next level. Embrace the blend of touch and pop of the JOOLA Scorpeus and experience a game-changing journey in the world of pickleball.

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