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Which Ball Machine Is the Best Fit?

If you’re serious about improving your pickleball skills, buying a pickleball ball machine may have crossed your mind. Read on for a review of two brands.

Using a ball machine can be a smart choice if done correctly.

It can open up practice and drilling opportunities that are enhanced beyond just hitting with another person. It can optimize your time and training and lessons and routines.

Over time, this can pay off in improved accuracy, consistency, and overall skill level.

Let's break down the cost of owning a ball machine, and then look at two great machines that would boost the training routines of any avid player.

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Is a pickleball machine worth it?

The upfront cost of a pickleball ball machine may seem tough.

There is no getting around the fact that a ball machine isn't exactly cheap.

But when you consider the amount of time and money you can save by not having to travel to a court, pay for court fees, or rely on an instructor, the cost becomes quite reasonable.

And if you commit to playing pickleball for a while, then the cost per use is low. Some folks even buy a machine and rent it out, and make their money back!

A ball machine can aid with hours and hours of drilling and practicing. With consistent use, you’ll find that the cost per play session is quite reasonable compared to the benefits.

Top Pickleball Machines

Let’s just take a closer look at each one. Shop quick pick pickleball machines on Amazon.

Tutor Plus

The Tutor Plus is a portable, battery-powered machine that can hold up to 150 balls.

It features adjustable speed, spin, and feed rate, so you can customize your practice sessions to your specific needs.

It also has a random oscillator that simulates real-game play, helping you improve your reaction time and overall court awareness.

The Tutor Plus is a great choice for all levels, and is easy to transport and set up on the court.

tutor plus pickleball machine

Product Specifications:

  • Portable, battery-powered design

  • 150 ball capacity hopper

  • Adjustable speed, spin, and feed rate

  • Random oscillator for real-game simulation

  • Easy to transport and set up on the court


  • Ideal for pickleball players of all skill levels

  • Easy to use and customize to your specific needs

  • Portable design makes it easy to practice anywhere

  • Random oscillator helps improve reaction time and court awareness


  • Has a smaller ball capacity compared to other machines

  • May not have as many advanced programming options as other machines

Lobster Ball Machine

The Lobster is an advanced machine designed for serious pickleball players.

It has a high-capacity hopper that can hold up to 250 balls, and features advanced options that allow you to customize the type of shots and patterns you want to practice.

The Lobster has a wireless remote control, so you can adjust the settings without interrupting your practice. This machine is a great choice for players who want to take the next step.

lobster pickleball machine

Product Specifications:

  • High-capacity hopper that can hold up to 250 balls

  • Advanced programming options for customized practice sessions

  • Wireless remote control for easy adjustments

  • Designed for serious pickleball players


  • Ideal for advanced players who want to take their game to the next level

  • High-capacity hopper allows for longer practice sessions

  • Advanced programming options allow for customization of practice

  • Wireless remote control allows for easy adjustments during practice


  • May be too advanced for beginner or intermediate players

  • Higher upfront cost compared to other machines

  • May not be as portable as other machines due to its design

Bottom Line

Read this guide on pickleball drills to make your practice time effective and efficient.

Players can consider sharing the machine with a play group or other players too. The cost can be split amongst a group.

Another idea is to ask a facility to house the machine at the club, and allow members to rent it out for an hour at a time. This can help offset the cost and help out other players.

Incorporate drills with the machine into your routine for more total uses in the long-run.

Whether you choose the Tutor Plus or the Lobster, you’ll find that the cost of the machine is reasonable when you factor in the amount of use you’ll get. You also save time and driving.

So, consider a pickleball ball machine for your arsenal, and see the improvement ASAP!

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