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Pickleball Fashion Review: Alo Is Winning 2023

This guide covers the buzzing brand Alo, and why it's now popular with pickleball players.

pickleball athletic clothing fashion

Alo is a booming athletic apparel brand. They make a range of elegant, chic, and functional sportswear for both men and women.

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Alo has grown a strong following within the pickleball community due to its superior quality.

Alo is known for stellar details, flexible fabrics, and aesthetics that blend fashion with performance. Pickleball players are flocking to form-fitting apparel, and Alo is at the epicenter of this movement, leading the charge.

Avid players should consider the below hand-picked Alo selections, first female and then male. Their clothes feel great, look even better, and are perfect for pickleball.

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Top Female Alo Picks in 2023

High-Waist Vapor Legging

These slimming leggings are both stylish and practical. The high waistband offers support and a flattering silhouette, while the form-fitting, breathable fabric keeps you dry. The design is a faint camouflage.

pickleball leggings pants

Alosoft Aura Shorts

These stunning shorts are part spandex and can be worn alone or layered with a skirt or shorts. The soft and comfortable material feels great against the body, while the relaxed fit allows for maximum mobility. Also you get to show off some skin!

pickleball shorts alo

Gather Long Sleeve

This plum-colored, thin shirt is a versatile addition to any lady's wardrobe. The loose fit and low armholes allow for plenty of ventilation and movement, while the trendy design works for both athletic and casual wear. It can be worn as a warm up top that you can quickly remove.

pickleball long sleeve top

Stride Loose Fit Shorts

These nylon shorts are a must-have for hot and humid pickleball settings. The lightweight fabric is both breathable and moisture-wicking, it's got a loose fit with drawstring and a reflective Alo logo on the bottom. A classy pair of shorts that goes with any top.

pickleball shorts

Choice Cropped Polo

This polyester top is a great choice for petite players looking for a supportive and stylish option with the high-cut look. The slim fit and cropped length show off your figure while providing a full range of motion. A chic and regal wardrobe addition.

pickleball polo shirt

Top Male Alo Picks in 2023

Warrior Compression Shorts

These compression pants are the perfect accessory for style and performance. The fit supports your muscles and enhances performance on court, while the trendy design looks great on and off the court. You can wear shorts or pants over it, too.

mens compression pants pickleball

Cadence Jacket (Editor's Choice)

This outer layer is a cozy and stylish option for cooler weather pickleball games and even rain. It is water repellent and got a hood. The relaxed fit and soft material make it comfortable to wear, while the unique design adds a touch of sophistication to your athletic looks.

pickleball mens jacket

Highline Cargo Sweatpants

These pants are mostly cotton, but still breathable and comes in a very suave woodrose or chalk blue color. It's a fashionable option for players as they cruise up to the courts. Maybe wear them in tandem with the compression pants, great for any warm up or cool down.

mens pickleball cargo pants

Idol Performance Tank

This tank top is minimalist and modern. Easy to wear, lightweight for players who tend to overheat, and it will ventilate air better than any shirt. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable and dry, while the trendy design adds simple style to your appearance.

mens pickleball tank top

Triumph Muscle Tank

Another tank, this time with a bit of polyester and ray material. This option can be worn for both athletic and casual wear. It's known for its softness, and you really can't beat this on the entire market of men's tops. Superior value for its price, too.

mens pickleball sleeveless shirt

Pros of Alo clothing:

Athletic fabrics

Alo uses advanced moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics in its sportswear, which help to keep athletes cool and comfortable during long sessions and in hot weather.

Their clothes are also designed to provide maximum freedom of range, ensuring that pickleball players can be quick and unrestricted in their movement. They also just look cool!

Fashionable design

Alo's clothing is not only functional but also fashion-forward. The brand's designs are trendy and versatile, making them perfect for both athletic and everyday wear.

Alo offers a variety of schemes, so players can find the perfect outfit to suit their individual tastes and preferences. Most are monochrome, but they offer really unique colors.

Sustainability model

Alo is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production processes whenever possible.

Their clothing is made with recycled and organic fabrics, reducing environmental impact. This eco-friendly focus is sure to appeal to those seeking socially responsible apparel.

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Con of Alo clothing (?):

One slight con of Alo is that it can be a bit pricier compared to other athletic brands.

However, the high quality and attention to detail of their clothing lines make it well worth the tag. Don't shy away from paying a bit more for clothes you'll wear proudly and frequently.

Alo Pickleball Apparel FAQ

How is Alo better than other athletic brands?

Alo stands out for its focus on combining fashion with function. Their lines are trendy and versatile, making Alo perfect for both athletic and everyday wear.

Also uses fabrics that help to keep athletes cool and comfy during prolonged performance. Their clothing is designed for maximum freedom of movement.

You'll fly around the court like a majestic bird! Their gear is aesthetically top-notch too.

Does Alo accommodate all body types?

Yes, Alo Yoga offers a wide range of sizes to fit a variety of body types.

Their clothing is available in sizes XXS through 3XL, ensuring that all pickleball players can find a comfortable and flattering fit.

Additionally, many of Alo's styles are designed with a supportive and form-fitting silhouette that enhances the body's natural shape.

Is Alo clothing suitable for outdoor pickleball?

Yes, Alo is suitable for outdoor pickleball.

The brand's performance-oriented fabrics are designed to keep you cool and dry in all types of weather. Their pieces are lightweight and breathable pieces, perfect for outdoors.

Alo offers a wide selection of long-sleeved tops and leggings with UPF 50+ sun protection.

Check out our guide on the best sunscreens for pickleball.

What materials does Alo use in its clothing?

Alo uses a variety of quality materials, including polyester, organic cotton, and spandex. The brand's fabrics are chosen for their moisture-wicking and breathability properties.

Alo is committed to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production processes.

Alo Testimonial:

"Everything changed when I discovered Alo! The fabric is soft and stretchy and the designs are trendy and modern. I feel confident every time I go on the court. Alo keeps me cool and dry even during long games. And I love how versatile their designs are - I can wear it on the court or out and about in my daily life. I appreciate its class and simplicity."

Bottom Line

For pickleball players, Alo's apparel offerings are a solid choice due to their focus on quality fabric, their fashion-forward designs, and sustainability model.

The brand offers a range of options that cater to pickleball players, from comfortable shorts and tops to supportive leggings and sports bras, contouring and breathable fits.

Alo is one of the premier brands on the market right now for athletics and athleisure, and their mantra and appeal fit perfectly with the social and active vibe of pickleball.

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