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The Top 5 Best Protective Eyewear for Pickleball (2024 Update)

Protective eyewear is becoming absolutely vital in modern pickleball. Read on to learn more about eyewear recommendations, benefits, and FAQ.

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*Update: Check out our recent review of more pickleball eye guard options in 2024.

Protecting our eyes during tough pickleball games is no longer a mere afterthought.

In pickleball, the ball zips around fast and accidents can happen.

Stray shots or even paddles can become potential hazards to our very vulnerable eyes. Eyewear can also protect against harsh sunlight, glare, and even wind-blown debris.

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Pickleball's growth has prompted a surge in the development of eyewear that caters to pickleball play. You have probably seen more folks with eyewear out on the courts.

Below are our top five protective eyewear picks right now, handpicked for the best quality protection and aesthetics for an avid pickleball player. From modern designs to advanced lens tech, these eyewear options offer an unmatched combo of style and safety.

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Pickleball Eyewear Benefits

Injury Prevention:

The obvious one. The fast-paced nature of pickleball means errant balls and even stray paddles can pose a risk to your eyes. The game is becoming faster and faster.

Protective eyewear creates a barrier against potential impact, guarding your eyes from painful and potentially serious injuries. May as well play it safe!

UV Protection:

Pickleball often involves time spent outdoors, exposed to the sun's harmful UV rays.

Quality eyewear will block these rays, reducing long-term damage to your eyes and reducing the chances of conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration.

Glare Reduction:

Random shiny light from the sun or bright court lighting can be a major distraction during a game, messing with your ability to track the ball accurately.

Specialized eyewear with anti-glare properties or polarized lenses helps eliminate glare, allowing you to maintain optimal vision and track the ball for your next smash!

Enhanced Vision:

Clear and unobstructed vision is crucial in pickleball to react quickly and make your shots.

Glare aside, vision can be tough when it's too bright or dark. Eyewear offers features such as anti-fog and wide peripheral vision, ensuring that you see with full clarity.

Debris and Elements:

Pickleball courts are not immune to wind-blown debris or other environmental elements.

Dust and dirt and pollen can fly around. Eyewear shields against these particles, allowing you to play without worrying about foreign objects interfering with your vision.

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Top Pickleball Eyewear Picks (2024)

Budget Option: Onix Owl

A sleek and simple design combined with excellent protection. Its durable frame, scratch-resistant lenses, and comfortable fit make it a reliable choice. Comes with blue, smoke, and clear lenses, and 99% UV protection, all at a surprisingly low cost.

onix pickleball eyewear

Best Value: Gearbox Slim Fit

Designed with precision and functionality in mind. Its lightweight frame, anti-fog lenses, and adjustable features ensure a comfortable fit and clear vision. This is one of the most reliable eyewear choices in the pickleball space, and has been around for a long time.

gearbox pickleball eyewear

Best for Ladies: Tifosi Vero

A perfect blend of fashion and function, with some pink flair to boot. With wraparound design great for smaller heads, polarized lenses, and UV protection, these sunglasses offer not only a trendy look but also elite eye protection during outdoor play.

tifosi pickleball eyewear

Advanced Tech: RUDY PROJECT Propulse

Exudes a modern, active appeal. Featuring shatterproof lenses and full UV protection, these sunglasses are innovative and modern. These are truly top-line, comes in seven colors including this red charcoal, and rivals the quality of any sports eyewear.

pickleball eyewear pink

Most Comfortable: Tifosi Alliant

A sporty and vibrant look while delivering exceptional eye protection. These are some of the most comfortable glasses available for pickleball players. With its impact-resistant lenses and supreme comfort and fit, this is a durable and practical eyewear for active players.

pickleball eyewear mens

(BONUS) Best in Show: Oakley's Radar

A classic, timeless look. With their durable frame, high-quality lenses, and precise fit, these athletic sunglasses provide style and superb eye protection. If you seek a trusted and iconic brand, this is the gold standard. Made for all sports, but perfect for pickleball vision.

pickleball eyewear sunglasses oakleys

Pickleball Protective Eyewear FAQ

Do I need special eyewear for pickleball?

Regular sunglasses may offer some level of protection against the sun's rays, but they do not provide the same level of customization as pickleball protective eyewear.

Pickleball eyewear is designed to withstand high-velocity impacts from balls or paddles and often includes features like anti-fog coatings, colored lenses for contrast or to mitigate brightness, and wide peripheral vision to make seeing and playing easier all around.

Do pickleball eyewear come in different sizes and shapes?

Pickleball eyewear is available in various sizes for different face shapes. However, the above options are "one size fits all." Don't worry, they are such because they can flex to fit.

It's important to find a pair that fits securely on your ears and nose to ensure they won't fall off. Consider adjustable accessories such as nose pads or cords/straps for any eyewear.

What is the right lens color for pickleball eyewear?

The choice of lens color can depend on personal preference and playing conditions.

Amber or brown-tinted lenses are popular as they enhance contrast, making it easier to track the ball against different backgrounds.

Gray or smoke-tinted lenses are great for reducing overall brightness on sunny days. Some like yellow or neon lens colors for night time. Ultimately, your call. Some brands like Oakley's have models that let you swap out the frames by hand.

Closing Thoughts

*Update: Check out our recent review of additional pickleball eye guards.

Find some protective eyewear today, and rest easy knowing you have not only protected your eyes from stray balls and paddles, but will be able to see better in all conditions.

The five models above were evaluated as the best value and top quality options you will find out there. We have vetted the market and you cannot do wrong with any of these picks.

It's possible that the pickleball governing bodies will suggest protective eyewear at some point in the near future. Think ahead and do yourself a favor and look into finding a pair of pickleball protective eyewear for your safety and peace of mind!

View latest eyewear deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central today.

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