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We Love These NEW Pickleball Tour Bags in 2024

These are some of the nicest pickleball 'tour' bags currently. We review six of our newest favorites and discuss why they are among the best. Read on...

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The world of pickleball gear has taken a giant leap forward, and it’s all about the bags. Gone are the days of repurposing duffel bags or settling for generic backpacks.

In 2024, we’re spoiled for choice with a dazzling array of pickleball bags that combine style, functionality, and durability. These bags will make a statement on and off the court.

Here are the top pickleball tour bags right now. Take a look! It might be time to upgrade.

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Top Pickleball Tour Bags (2024)

Babolat RHX6 Pure Strike Paddle Bag

Look: Sleek and modern, this bag exudes confidence. Its black and orange color scheme is both timeless and eye-catching. A very fresh, professional bag.


Capacity: This 65-liter bag easily holds 6+ paddles, making it perfect for serious players.

Durability: Crafted from recycled polyester, it’s built to withstand the rigors of frequent use.

Weather-Resistant: Worried about sudden showers? Fear not! The water-resistant material keeps your gear dry.

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Wilson Pickleball Super Tour Bag

Look: The Wilson Super Tour Bag means business. Its sleek black design with iconic white and red bold branding screams “serious player.”


Thermoguard-Lined Pocket: Protects paddles and shoes from extreme temperatures.

Fence Hook: Keep it off the ground during matches.

Shoe Compartment: Somewhat hidden. No stinky shoes in the main pocket!

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Holbrook Podium Pickleball Bag

Look: The Holbrook Podium Bag combines elegance with functionality. Its black and white color scheme is understated yet sophisticated.


Capacity: Holds many paddles and other essentials. Efficient with space.

Design: Thoughtfully designed pockets for easy access. Has a fun back panel pocket.

Comfort: Padded shoulder straps (can be clipped together) for comfortable carrying.

pickleball tour bag review

CRBN Pickleball Bag with Zip-Off Cooler

Look: The CRBN Bag is all about versatility. Its sleek black design conceals a hidden gem—a zip-off sling bag!


Cooler Compartment: Keep your gear protected from heat during long sessions.

Paddle Storage: Holds as many paddles as you got, with several stash pockets.

Accessory Pockets: Organize your gear efficiently. Use the zip-off sling bag for convenience.

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Selkirk Core Line Tour (Backpack Style)

Look: The Selkirk Core Line Backpack is sporty and functional. Its design appeals to players of all ages, and it comes in seven vibrant colors.


Backpack Style: Easy to carry with padded straps. Worn like a true backpack, efficient.

Accessory Pockets: Keep your stuff organized with a top and back zip. Extra drink pocket.

Durable Material: Built to withstand wear and tear. Polyfiber material built to last.

selkirk pickleball bag review

JOOLA Tour Elite Pro Bag (Editor's Choice)

Look: The JOOLA Tour Elite Pro Bag strikes a balance between functionality and style. Its sleek design with contour accents is flashy and fun. We like the neon pink with royal blue, but it comes in seven color schemes.


Ventilated Shoe Compartment: Keep your shoes separate in a bottom compartment.

Quality Material: Made from durable fabric to withstand wear and tear. Thermally insulated.

Carry Options: Choose between the padded shoulder strap or the dual handles.

joola pickleball tour bag

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Pickleball Tour Bag FAQ

What does tour bag mean?

A bag designed for pickleball players who play regularly and perhaps even travel to tournaments. These bags are larger, more feature-rich, and offer ample space for multiple paddles, gear, and accessories.

How long will a tour bag last?

Most high-quality bags will easily last for several years of regular use. Look for bags made from sturdy fabrics, reinforced zippers, and strong stitching.

Why choose a tour bag over a backpack?

Tour bags offer more space than regular backpacks. They can hold many paddles, balls, spare clothing, even shoes, water bottles, and other essentials. They make a statement!

Tour bags also tend to include features like insulated cooler pockets, ventilated shoe compartments, and padded straps for comfort during long walks. Consider a tour bag as an investment in your game. It protects your gear and enhances your overall experience.

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Closing Thoughts

Investing in a quality pickleball bag not only protects your gear, but also adds a touch of flair. Consider upgrading today! You'll look and feel great. The six above are the very best on the market right now. They will hold all your pickleball gear and will look great in the process.

View tour bag deals on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

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