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Selkirk LUXX Review: Best Pickleball Paddle for CONTROL?

A detailed review of Selkirk's latest release, a paddle line that is redefining the market in one major way (read on...). Learn why the LUXX is potentially the top control paddle for 2024.

selkirk luxx pickleball paddle control

If you're on the hunt for a pickleball paddle that offers elite, effortless control and comes in an elongated shape, you'll want to check out the Selkirk LUXX.

As the sport of pickleball grows more and more offense-focused and power-oriented, Selkirk has actually come out with a paddle line that zigs when they zag.

And this LUXX line might be an interesting answer for the vast 95% of pickleball players who could use more control.

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This paddle combines a thick 20mm "Thikset" Honeycomb core with a Flex Foam perimeter, resulting in an impressive sweet spot that spans nearly the entire surface, giving you consistent ball-striking, comfortable feel, and ultimately great control off the paddle.

This is a huge departure from the recent notion that paddles should become thinner and thinner. And because of this, this paddle is now pushing the limits on how easy it is to play with a paddle.

Reports are that this might be the easiest paddle to control.

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selkirk luxx 2024 control paddle

Selkirk LUXX Review:

There are a lot of moving parts with this new LUXX line.

First, there is the thick core. This is the defining x-factor of this paddle.

The LUXX Control Air Invikta paddle utilizes 360-degree Proto Molding technology, which brings all its elements together, including the textured Florek Carbon Fiber surface.

Plus, it features ProSpin+ NextGen Texturing for lasting spin potential. These features work together to help you control the ball with precision, rather than relying on just brute power.

The Air Dynamic Throat ensures a smooth and quick reload, while ThroatFlex technology adds to the overall consistency of your controlled playing style.

If you're a fan of Selkirk's popular Invikta elongated shape and consider yourself a player who values balance and control over power, the LUXX Control Air Invikta paddle is a must-try.

Key Features of the Selkirk LUXX:

Air Dynamic Throat: Enhances ball control and ensures a smooth, controlled gameplay experience.

ThroatFlex: Maximizes flex on ball contact, extends dwell time on the paddle, and adds to your power play, delivering unwavering consistency.

ProSpin+ NextGen Texture: Provides a durable spin surface for precision in shaping and controlling the ball.

360° Proto Molding: Uses high-pressure manufacturing to deliver both power and a consistent feel with every hit.

FlexFoam Perimeter: Injects foam across the entire perimeter, increasing durability, sweet spot size, and absorbing vibrations from every hit.

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selkirk luxx paddle 2024 control

Selkirk LUXX Specifications (Invikta):

Average Weight: 7.95 ounces

Weight Range: 7.8 – 8.1 ounces

Grip Circumference: 4.25"

Handle Length: 5.35"

Paddle Length: 16.45"

Paddle Width: 7.50"

Paddle Face: Florek Blended Carbon Fiber

Core Material: Polypropylene Honeycomb

Edge: FlexFoam Perimeter

Core Thickness: 20mm (0.79")

Edge Guard: Edgeless Aero-DuraEdge

Assembled in USA

Note that there is also two other shapes, the Epic and the S2! These other two are wider-faced than the Invikta. All are the cutting-edge 20mm thickness.

selkirk luxx pro control paddle

If you are curious which paddle shape to use, the S2 is the widest (best for blocking) and the Invikta is the most slender (better for reach and power). The Epic is somewhere in between.

Neither model is best, and all weigh about the same. For the highest risk/reward and for the more advanced players, consider the Invikta as it's a paddle for offensive players.

If you are newer and would like more help with blocks and consistency, consider the S2. However, the Invikta is perfectly fine for a newer player too, as the more elongated and slender shape paddles are becoming more of the norm in pickleball.

The unique aspect of the LUXX line, though, is the thick core. This is a departure from the notion of having a thinner paddle. There are pros and cons, but Selkirk is bucking the trend.

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Selkirk LUXX Pickleball Paddle FAQ:

What type of player should use the Selkirk LUXX?

The LUXX is ideal for a control player who wants to dictate points.

A player who may not rely solely on power and offense, and who tends to play long points.

This paddle could also be for someone who has a lot of power already, as this paddle will not provide you with a ton more power. There are more powerful paddles out there.

Instead, this is the paddle for someone who wants to grind out points confidently, knowing they can command the ball around and manufacture points in long rallies.

selkirk luxx pro paddle 2024

Is the Selkirk LUXX only for advanced players?

No, it's for any level. If anything, it might be better suited for novice and intermediate.

It's true that pickleball is becoming faster and more aggressive. However, 95% of all players could use more control and touch rather than more power.

Every player could benefit from a paddle that is built with feel/touch in mind, which will help you hit balls on the sweet spot and with more command. This can help with playing longer rallies and reducing errors.

Many advanced and near-pro level players are switching to the LUXX with success. Some players do not need more power, but all players can use more control.

Is the Selkirk LUXX a honeycomb core paddle?

Yes, it is. It is just a thicker core than most, at 20mm compared to industry norms of 14-16mm.

How does Selkirk fare on paddle testing and metrics?

The LUXX is not a power paddle. It is a control paddle with a gigantic sweet spot, meant to help players control their shots better. It's great for players who can supply their own power, or for players who simply miss too many routine shots.

On spin, Selkirk is elite. They hold the #1 spot on spin paddles by industry testing as of October 2023. On power, this paddle will be more towards the average, neither bad not standout. That's ok! It will still have plenty of pop, it just won't be as crazy as the Power Pro.

Is Selkirk a well-known paddle brand?

Quite simply, yes. Probably one of the top-3 most reputable pickleball paddle brands. They have been making top paddles for a decade, and the LUXX is their latest innovation.

Closing Thoughts

Selkirk has created a paddle that revolves back to the fundamental basis of pickleball, that it is difficult to control all shots and a paddle with better control is best for most players.

The LUXX is a thick paddle at 20mm core, and this type of build will assist a majority of players in making their shots be more gentle and precise. This is a paddle for players who want more feel for the ball and to place it where they want to more often.

It is not a power paddle, which can be good. You can still hit a ball hard with the LUXX. It just isn't constructed to provide you with extra pop. You can still provide your own! Rather, it is made to ensure you make most of the routine shots more precisely.

That is worth a lot in pickleball! For an immediate uptick in control, consider the LUXX.

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