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Game Changer: JOOLA Magnus Gen 3 Pickleball Paddle (2024 Review)

Tyson McGuffin's signature JOOLA paddle is now available to the public. It is powerful, spinny, and uses brand-new technology. What players is it best-suited for? Read on...

joola gen 3 mcguffin paddle

Introducing JOOLA’s Gen 3 paddles, a series that promises to leave a lasting impact.

These paddles are poised to accelerate the pickleball game. If you’ve been following the paddle scene, you’ll recall the seismic shift caused by Gearbox’s Pro Power paddles.

Now, JOOLA steps into that same power tier with their Gen 3 lineup, and the results are electrifying. In this review, we’ll explore the technology behind these paddles, discuss their feel and performance, and the unique features of the Magnus.

As someone who had the privilege of testing them extensively ahead of the official release, I can’t wait to share my insights. So let’s dive in to the JOOLA Magnus Gen 3.

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JOOLA Magnus 3 Paddle Overview

The JOOLA Magnus is part of the Gen 3 paddle series, which JOOLA introduced with exciting innovations. It stands out with a unique combo of power and finesse. Here are some if its defining qualities:

joola magnus review

Propulsion Core Technology

The Propulsion Core is the star of the show in JOOLA’s Gen 3 paddles. It’s a buzzing new innovation designed to enhance power, spin, and playability. Here’s how it works:

Foam Channel: The core features a novel foam channel that runs along the perimeter of the paddle. This channel allows the core to flex dynamically during play, and remain durable.

Catapult Effect: When you strike the ball, the Propulsion Core acts like a spring, storing energy upon impact. As the core flexes, it releases this energy, resulting in explosive hits.

Power Boost: The flexing core generates more power, allowing you to have effortless pop.

Spin Enhancement: The same flexibility that contributes to power also enhances spin. Whether you’re adding topspin or slice, the Propulsion Core responds easily and efficiently.

Control: Despite the added power, the core maintains excellent control on soft shots.

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Construction Details

JOOLA pays meticulous attention to its paddles. Here’s how they build the Gen 3:

Edge Guard: The core is attached to the paddle’s edge, using a unique UVA foam connector. This horseshoe-shaped foam acts as a bridge between the core and the edge guard.

Edge Extension: The edge guard extends over the top of the paddle and down the sides, providing protection and stability. It also boasts a neon aesthetic.

Facing Material: The paddle’s facing material is made of raw carbon fiber. This material offers a balance of strength, responsiveness, and durability. Also, lots of spin.

NFC Chip: This is a new one. Each Gen 3 paddle is NFC chip-enabled, making warranty registration easy and granting access to exclusive JOOLA content. This is a fun add-on.

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joola magnus paddle guide

Strengths of the JOOLA Magnus

The combination of the Propulsion Core and the carefully crafted construction makes these paddles optimal for power and spin:

Powerful Shots:

The Propulsion Core technology translates to impressive power. Whether you’re smashing overheads or driving groundstrokes, the Magnus 3 delivers. Players who want to add more oomph to their shots will appreciate this paddle. It offers effortless pop.


Despite its power, the Magnus 3 remains maneuverable. You can react quickly at the net and handle dinks and volleys effectively. It strikes a good balance for players who value both power and finesse. This is a great paddle for those who swing freely up at net.

Consistency of Spin:

The Magnus 3 provides consistent performance across different shots. You won’t experience wild variations in ball placement or spin. This reliability is crucial for patient players.

I played against a 4.0 player whose serves were almost un-returnable because he was able to get so much topspin with the Magnus. The serves would bite and dip down, causing a lot of problems for myself and other returners.

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joola magnus paddle

Who Should Use This Paddle?

The JOOLA Magnus Gen 3 Pickleball Paddle is well-suited for a variety of players, but it particularly shines for those who prioritize a balanced playing experience. Let’s break down the types of players who would benefit from using the Magnus:

Intermediate+ Players:

If you’ve moved beyond the beginner stage and are looking to elevate your game, the Magnus is an excellent choice. Its forgiving sweet spot allows you to focus on improving your skills without sacrificing performance.

Yet, it is a dangerous weapon and will augment your aggressive repertoire as you start implementing new shots.


The Magnus caters to players who want versatility. Whether you’re at the net dinking or taking powerful rips, this paddle adapts well. It has an elongated shape, which benefits attackers. Yet, the core is forgiving and great for those who want to hit drop shots too.

Spin Enthusiasts:

If you love adding spin to your shots, the Magnus won’t disappoint. Its surface texture allows for excellent spin control. Spin enthusiasts will find this paddle to be a great tool to move opponents around and give them trouble on placement shots as well as full swings.

One thing you will notice immediately is that you can brush topspin onto the ball a lot better than with other paddles, which will make your serves and third shot drives dip down.

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joola magnus paddle tyson


Is the Magnus 3 suitable for beginners?

It’s better suited for players who have some experience. However, this is a top-tier paddle and anyone who plays with it will be sure to feel added power at minimum. This paddle would work great for even a beginner, especially if they know they will keep playing!

How does it compare to other signature paddles?

The Magnus 3 competes favorably. Its unique core technology sets it apart. It also retains the elongated handle and paddle face, which is the growing trend in today's game. Tyson McGuffin is arguably the most famous pickleball player, and it's his paddle of choice.

What’s the weight and grip size?

The Magnus 3 comes in various weight options (usually around 7.8-8.2 ounces) and grip sizes (typically 4.25 inches). It's a medium weight paddle and swings easily for its weight due to a favorable center of gravity. Yet, it's "twist weight" is not bad, so it will feel solid on blocks.

Can I use it for both singles and doubles play?

The Magnus 3 performs well in both formats. It's great for attackers and aggressive players, and this means it's definitely going to be suitable for singles. Overall, this is a great paddle for players who want to add more pop and aggression to their game. There are some better paddles for dinking, like the Scorpeus, but this is for those who want dynamic points.

Closing Thoughts

Pickleball Central has free shipping for a limited time! Take a look at the Magnus today, and see if this paddle might be the key tool to grant you more zip and spin on your full swings, as well as more effortless pop on your attacks and blocks. Good luck out on the courts.

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