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JOOLA Gen 3 Pickleball Paddles Are Out NOW (Review)

The long-awaited, buzzing new 2024 line of JOOLA paddles are available to the public. How do they play, and which one is right for you? This concise guide will answer your questions.

joola gen 3 paddle

JOOLA, a trailblazer in the world of table tennis and now a prominent player in pickleball, has released their newest paddle line. You will see these paddles everywhere starting now.

This paddle line is known as "Gen 3," and displays a leap forward in technology, promising an exciting and modern playing experience full of power and variety.

Let’s delve into the details of this compelling release. The Gen 3 line introduces definitive advancements over their previous models. Here are the key differences:

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JOOLA Gen 3: Key Features

Propulsion Core Technology:

  • The heart of the Gen 3 paddle lies in its Propulsion Core. This creates a “catapult effect,” offering explosive power on drives, counters, and speed-ups while maintaining refined feel and control during dinks, drops, and resets.

  • No need to compromise between power and finesse. The Propulsion Core adapts to your play style, providing extreme swing power and yet sharp control at the net.

Vibrant Edge Guard:

  • The Gen 3 paddles feature an enhanced, colorful edge guard. Not only does it protect the paddle, but it also adds a touch of style to your game.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Chip:

  • A first in pickleball, each Gen 3 paddle comes with an NFC chip. Here’s what it offers:

  • Authentication: Register your paddle on the JOOLA website to earn an extended 12-month warranty.

  • Exclusive Content: Access educational material via the JOOLA Infinity App.

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The Gen 3 Paddles:

  • The official 2024 paddle of the best player in the world, Ben Johns.

  • Power on hard swings, but finesse and touch on resets and drop shots. You will feel the catapult effect when you punch and hit groundstrokes, but you will not feel less control when you go to dink or backboard a shot softly.

joola gen 3 paddle

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  • Trusted by professional players, often who play the right-side and will want to extend rallies and be ready to defend against left-side attackers.

  • Incorporates all Gen 3 technological components, with a wider face. Great for players whose style lends to longer rallies and placement shots.

joola gen 3 paddle

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  • Longer paddle and shorter handle for whip and one-handed backhands. This is a great paddle for singles, as well as for those who want need extra pop on attacks.

  • Elongated face provides extended reach without sacrificing the sweet spot. Great for reaching pop-ups from the left side and rolling lower balls. Attack more with this!

joola gen 3 paddle

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  • Designed for precision and finesse. The everyman's paddle for those who will grind long points and need a reliable paddle to move teams around counterpunch.

joola gen 3 paddle

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Choosing the Right Gen 3 for You

Picking the right JOOLA paddle might feel confusing, but each JOOLA Gen 3 paddle has unique traits that lend well to different playing styles. Let’s break it down:

Best Suited For

  • Power Players: If you thrive on aggressive shots, crushing drives, and overpowering your opponents, the Perseus 3 is your weapon of choice.

  • Baseline Dominators: Whether you’re serving or returning from the baseline, the Perseus 3’s Propulsion Core ensures explosive power without sacrificing control.

Why Perseus 3?

  • Explosive Power: The Propulsion Core technology delivers unmatched power on smashes and drives. Great for left-side players and natural attackers.

  • Controlled Precision: Despite its power, the Perseus 3 maintains finesse for delicate shots near the net. Ben Johns is still known as a very patient player.

Collin Johns and Anna Bright Scorpeus 3:

Best Suited For

  • All-Around Players: If versatility is your game, the Scorpeus 3 adapts seamlessly to various situations you will find yourself in during long, patient rallies.

  • Dink Masters: Whether you’re engaging in soft dinks or quick exchanges at the net, the Scorpeus 3’s balance shines. You will be able to move them around with this.

Why Scorpeus 3?

  • Versatility: From baseline rallies to kitchen battles, the Scorpeus 3 offers a balanced blend of power and touch. Also great for blocks and resets against attacks.

  • Consistent Performance: It’s the go-to paddle for players who mix up their shots.

joola gen 3 paddle

Best Suited For

  • Aggressive Net Players: If you love attacking at the kitchen, this is your secret weapon. Perfect for speed-ups off the bounce or rolling balls in the air with topspin.

  • One-Handed Backhand Enthusiasts: The shorter handle and elongated face allow for sharp backhands. This is a whippy paddle for those who swing big early and often.

Why Magnus 3?

  • Reach and Power: The longer face extends reach for quick, firm volleys and blocks.

  • "Ferrari Forehands": The Magnus 3 caters to players who unleash powerful forehands.

Best Suited For

  • Precision Artists: If you’re all about finesse, the Hyperion 3 is your canvas. Great for those who settle into long rallies and need to be ready for a variety of situations.

  • Controlled Placement: Whether it’s drop shots or angled volleys, the Hyperion 3 excels.

Why Hyperion 3?

  • Subtle Touch: The 16mm thickness provides exquisite feel for delicate shots.

  • Craftsmanship: Designed for players who appreciate finesse over brute force.

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ben johns joola gen 3 review


What makes the Gen 3 paddles different from previous models?

The Propulsion Core technology is what sets them apart, offering explosive power and refined control. This is brand-new tech that is giving players unparalleled springboard-like pop on hard hits and feathery touch on small swings, resets, and drop shots.

Which paddle is best for aggressive play?

The Tyson McGuffin Magnus 3, with its elongated face and power-packed design. Go for the Collin Johns or Anna Bright Scorpeus if you would like a more well-balanced paddle.

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Are the Gen 3 paddles suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! The Propulsion Core benefits players of all skill levels. While experienced players may be more apt to pick a Gen 3, and get the full range of benefits from the paddle, a newer player can certainly benefit greatly too.

What thickness options are available?

Both 16mm and 14mm thicknesses are offered for most models. If you want more control and feel, they are actually saying the 14mm is better. If you want more springboard and pop feel, go for the 14 too actually. Go for the 16mm if you are more used to a thicker core.

Closing Thoughts

As pickleball continues to evolve, equip yourself with the latest technology. The Gen 3 paddles are more than equipment; they’re a statement of dedication to your game.

Play with the most powerful, reliable paddle on the market. The Johns brothers, Anna Bright, Tyson McGuffin, and Simone Jardim make use of the best, and now you can as well.

Pickleball Central has free shipping for a limited time! Happy pickling.

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