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Six Zero Review: The FUTURE of Pickleball Paddle Construction

A review of Six Zero, a paddle brand that has begun making serious waves in the pickleball world. Here is why their paddles are becoming a hot item in 2024.

six zero paddle guide

Let’s talk about Six Zero, the brand that’s shaking up the paddle scene. These aren’t your average paddles. They’re like the James Bond of pickleball gear: Slick, innovative, and ready for action. And they use a new material that is changing the sport.

Six Zero Paddle Qualities

Kevlar. Yeah, the same stuff used in bulletproof vests. Six Zero’s Ruby paddle flaunts a 100% Aramid fiber face (that’s Kevlar). It’s like wrapping your paddle in superhero armor.

The paddles wield Toray 700K Raw Carbon surfaces too. Translation: Spin and power galore.

Six Zero paddles are considered mid-weight, and have a unique flared face shape that is becoming favorable for blocking and punching in today's faster, modern pickleball style.

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Six Zero Paddle Reviews

Ruby Pickleball Paddle

The Six Zero Ruby is a groundbreaking paddle that introduces a world-first feature: it uses 100% Aramid fiber, sourced from DuPont Kevlar, as its face material. Here are its strengths:

six zero paddle guide

Premium Control: The Ruby’s Kevlar face material combines high strength, modulus, toughness, and thermal stability. It offers a unique blend of power and precision.

Spin and Grip: The cross-weave cloth pattern provides excellent spin, grip, and feel. When you want to put some spin on your shots, the Ruby delivers.

Durability: Kevlar is abrasion-resistant, meaning the paddle surface should last a lot longer compared to existing carbon-faced paddles on the market.

Power Generation: The Ruby generates impressive power, plain and simple.

Double Black Diamond Control 16mm

The Double Black Diamond Control paddle combines premium materials with thoughtful design. Here’s what makes it special:

six zero paddle review 16mm

Raw Carbon Surface: The 16mm thick core features a Toray 700K Raw Carbon hitting surface. It provides excellent grip and responsiveness.

Edge Technology: The edgeless design ensures true edge-to-edge performance. No more mishits off the edge-guard!

Perfect Balance: Six Zero engineers paid attention to weight and balance. Ergonomics play a crucial role in player comfort and control.

Versatility: The DBD Control excels in both power and control. It’s suitable for all-court play.

Infinity Edgeless Double Black Diamond

The Infinity Edgeless Double Black Diamond Control paddle takes performance to new heights. Here’s why it stands out:

six zero paddle review edgeless

Edgeless Design: The Infinity Series features a patent-pending edge technology. It maximizes the sweet spot and eliminates mishits off the edge-guard.

700K Carbon Surface: The Japanese Toray nano-engineered 700K carbon textured surface provides exceptional spin, grip, and feel.

Optimized Twist Weight: The Infinity’s design ensures effortless swings with power and control. It won’t twist in your hands.

Aerodynamic Form: The slightly flared shape improves aerodynamics for faster play.

Six Zero is revolutionizing the pickleball world with innovative materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. Each of these paddles offers something unique and exceptional.

Six Zero Pickleball Paddle FAQ

What Makes Six Zero Paddles Stand Out?

Their unique carbon fusion edge technology sets them apart. This innovative feature combines power and control, making Six Zero ideal for players seeking elite feel.

six zero paddle guide

Where Is Six Zero Based?

Six Zero hails from Brisbane, Australia, but its impact extends globally. Despite being relatively new, Six Zero has quickly gained recognition in the pickleball community.

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Why Choose Six Zero Paddles?

Six Zero uses Kevlar and carbon fusion edge innovative technology, resulting in top performance. Their edgeless paddles maximize the sweet spot and eliminate mishits.

Which Player Types Are Suited for Six Zero Paddles?

Ruby: Ideal for players who prioritize spin and variety

Double Black Diamond Control: For experienced players seeking balance and finesse.

Infinity Edgeless: For those seeking the stealth fighter jet of paddles, silent and deadly.

Closing Thoughts

Six Zero is making some of the most durable, spinny, and cutting-edge paddles in 2024 and beyond. Consider the Ruby or Double Black Diamond today, you won't be disappointed. Pros such as Jaume Martinez Vich are sporting the brand. It's got a huge future.

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