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Best Pickleball Paddles for More POWER (It Helps a Lot)

If you are a pickleball player who would like to hit the ball harder with ease, here is an in-depth guide with info and reviews on powerful pickleball paddles.

Table of Contents:

prokennex pickleball paddle

Any serious pickleball player has heard discussions about playing with more power, why it's useful, and how we can get more of it. Let's find you a powerful pickleball paddle, or show you how to make your current paddle more powerful.

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Quick Strategy Guides

Here are some info guides on playing aggressive pickleball. Power and offense are becoming more important in today's game. Read up!

Power Pickleball Paddle Benefits:

Larger Sweet Spot

A powerful paddle may often have a larger sweet spot, which is the area on the paddle that provides the most response.

You hit the sweet spot, then your shot goes better. The ball goes harder and towards the intended target. A larger sweet spot can provide more power, but also more consistency.

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More Confidence

This is intangible, but having a powerful paddle may embolden you to go for tough shots.

Having a paddle you trust can help you accept opportunities in the game that you should be taking. You may feel more comfortable swinging away, as you should!

Increased Pace

A powerful pickleball paddle can generate greater power behind your shots.

This can be useful when hitting the ball from the baseline or when you need to hit the ball hard to try to end a point. Having more mass in the paddle gives the ball more zip.

Consistent Form

A high-quality paddle can have the unintended benefit of forcing a player into better form. You may not feel so much pressure to produce "magic." You can trust your paddle.

Because the paddle is doing more of the work, the spin, the pop, you as a player can avoid over-swinging. You may play more disciplined when you trust your swing and the gear.

Effortless Shots

A powerful paddle can help you meet a ball mid-air and stick the volley or block.

Your paddle and wrist will go limp less often. The paddle will strike the ball, and the ball will catapult off quicker due to the added mass. This can also optimize court movement.

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Pickleball Power Paddle FAQ

Can I make my pickleball paddle have more power?

Yes, you can make your current paddle have more power.

The easiest way is to add some tungsten tape to the paddle's edge. Here is a guide on how to apply weight tape to your paddle.

This will give you some more stability and increase the sweet spot. Check out the best pickleball weight tape on the market, the Wilson Tungsten Tape.

What are the benefits of a power pickleball paddle?

Apower pickleball paddle helps players hit harder and more aggressive shots.

Modern pickleball is becoming more fast-paced, with players pulling the trigger on speed-ups earlier and more often. Players can either be perpetually on defense, or they can begin applying more offense and initiative to their own game.

Additionally, a power paddle can help players to better handle heavy shots and improve their defensive capability, which is an overlooked aspect. Blocks, digs, and volleys may be easier.

Are there downsides to using a power pickleball paddle?

A power pickleball paddle is beneficial for some shots, but may make other shots tougher.

Power paddles are often heavier and thus more difficult to control than a "control" paddles, which often have a cushiony core that does not springboard as much. Your dinks and touch shots may go astray for a while.

Your hand speed may be slower, too, at the net. Power paddles have benefits, but those who are new to pickleball may want a more well-balanced paddle as they learn the game.

It's a tradeoff. Learning to control power may be better than trying to create more power.

Best power pickleball paddles in 2023?

There is no "best" power paddle, but these are the absolute best-reviewed.

You cannot go wrong with any of the four paddles below, which score rave reviews from pro players, and can help improve the game of anybody who is looking to take the next step.

This is the power paddle that retains the most touch and control. (View on Amazon)

gearbox ultimate pickleball paddle

This is the power paddle with the best swing speed and maneuverability. (View on Amazon)

selkirk vanguard pickleball paddle

This is the power paddle with the thinnest core and most unique shape. (View on Amazon)

prokennex ovation pickleball paddle

This is the power paddle that has the best sweet spot and overall feel. (View on Amazon)

joola hyperion pickleball paddle

Any of these quality power paddles can kickstart your game and get you playing a more aggressive, confident, faster-paced style of pickleball. Click the photos to shop.

Can a power pickleball paddle make me better?

A power pickleball paddle can really step up your game, but of course it is not a guarantee of success. You still need patience, touch, and tactics.

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But for an avid and developing player, a power paddle can help you hit harder and create aggressive shots. You will be able to surprise your opponents and put pressure on them.

It's up to you to apply the timing and strategy properly, but a power paddle can help.

Bottom Line

Power is becoming more important in modern pickleball.

Paddle technology is improving, players are improving, and it's nice to be able to hit a ball hard when the time is right!

View these paddles at Pickleball Central or Amazon.

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