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Cheaper Pickleball Paddles Similar to the JOOLA Scorpeus

JOOLA's new paddles, the Perseus and Scorpeus, come with a hefty price tag. The paddles below are the best quality ones that are similar to the Scorpeus but cost quite a bit less.

[2024 UPDATE: If you would like to check out our complete review of the new JOOLA Gen 3 paddle line, CLICK HERE]

anna bright pickleball joola

The JOOLA Perseus and Scorpeus paddles, released in early summer 2023, have become a hit among pro players and avid rec players alike.

These are the next generation from JOOLA, a new pickleball juggernaut. They are lighter than the previous Hyperion, and are used by Ben and Collin Johns, and Anna Bright.

The Perseus offers top-notch power and the Scorpeus is a dream for players who play patient, and do a lot of dinking, blocking, and defense. Here is our review of both.

Both are a bit pricey though, fitting their elite status. Below we cover five paddles that play like the Scorpeus, have a similar wide body and lighter frame, and they cost less. These paddles can look and feel close to the same, but are easier on the wallet.

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JOOLA Scorpeus Alternatives

JOOLA Radius

The JOOLA Radius Pickleball Paddle is the round paddle from the previous JOOLA line. This is a very light paddle, which makes it easy to move around up at the kitchen line.

It impresses with its textured surface, providing elite control. This paddle's strength lies in its maneuverability, allowing players to block and play defense with ease. This is a very round and wide paddle, great for hitting all the touch shots.

round pickleball paddle scorpeus alternative

Engage Pursuit RX

The Pursuit RX Graphite boasts a graphite face that offers a perfect balance of power and control. Engage has a longstanding reputation for balance. Another lighter paddle.

Its lightweight design allows for swift swings and quick reaction times. This paddle's strength lies in its responsiveness, enabling players to get nice pop. This is a versatile and high-performing paddle, the priciest of all recommended in this list.

round pickleball paddle scorpeus alternative

Prince Response Pro

The Response Pro Composite by Prince is a nice budget option for newer players who wish to play with a rounder paddle face. This is yet another lightweight model.

Constructed with composite materials, it provides great stability on all the fundamental control shots, like dinks and blocks. The paddle's strength lies in its gigantic, forgiving sweet spot. With its distinctive construction, the Response Pro will deliver supreme feel.

round pickleball paddle scorpeus alternative

Electrum Pro

The Electrum Pro Graphite stands out with its premium graphite construction, offering a middleweight, sturdy paddle. This is one of the most "pro" level paddle of this list.

Its optimized design provides excellent touch and feel, allowing for precise shot placement. This is the absolute widest paddle you can find on the market. Your blocks on quick shots will improve immediately. This is for the consistent finesse player who wants to never miss.

round pickleball paddle scorpeus alternative

Oneshot Flipshot

The OneShot Flipshot stands out with its innovative flip technology, allowing players to switch between two distinct playing surfaces depending on the shot. Hence the name.

One side features a textured surface for enhanced spin control, the blue, while the other side offers a smooth surface for increased power, the red.

This paddle's unique quality lies in its versatility, catering to your varying playing styles and preferences, which may change during points and games. The FlipShot is a remarkable choice for players who value adaptability and this is truly a unique paddle.

round pickleball paddle scorpeus alternative

Bottom Line

These paddles are close in playability, as well as size and shape, to the JOOLA Scorpeus.

The Scorpeus is poised to be one of the top paddles on the market for some time. But the above paddles can bring you a Scorpeus type of paddle at a much lower price. They will help you block, hit touch shots, and play defense much better. All are round, like the Scorpeus.

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