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The Best Over-Grip for Pickleball (Not What You’d Expect)

Do you have trouble gripping your paddle handle during pickleball? This guide reviews the Tourna Gauze Over-Grip tape, and answers all questions about pickleball grip tape.

Table of Contents:

pickleball overgrip tape

The Best Pickleball Over-Grip

I was an avid pickleball player with a frustrating issue - my hands would slip off the paddle handle whenever I swung hard. The regular grip was not tacky enough.

It was hard to play long points. I couldn't control my shots, and it was demoralizing.

I tried everything from gloves to grip spray and towels, but nothing seemed to work. Gloves and tapes would get wet and stay wet, sprays and resin would wear off too quickly.

Finally, a fellow pickleball player suggested the Tourna Gauze Over-Grip Tape.

Since nothing had worked before, I was initially skeptical, but decided to give it a try.

To my delight, the Tourna Gauze Over-Grip Tape was the perfect solution to grip issues. It is thin, extremely tacky, easy to apply, and doesn't wear off quickly. In fact, over time it actually gets grittier and easier to grasp. It stays tacky when moist.

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It's perfect for those with weaker grip strength. Even with sweaty hands, you can hold the paddle with ease, swing as hard as you'd like, and play without fear of losing your grip.

I now always keep spare gauze tape in my pickleball equipment bag.

pickleball overgrip tape

Tourna Gauze Tape FAQ

Who makes the gauze tape? Do many players use it?

The Gauze Grip Tape is made by the company Tourna, a major player in racket and paddle sports.

They are reputable and well-reviewed, and a lot of pros swear by it, as it is efficient and simple. Tyson McGuffin, top pro, is a rep for Tourna.

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What are some benefits of gauze over-grip tape?

You will have no issues swinging as hard as you can.

You will have confidence taking full swings, and you will not feel a need to hold back. Your paddle will not slip out of your hand. This is great for all of your offensive, hard and full swings.

How does the gauze tape "feel"?

It is a bit waxy when first applied, but after a game or two you can feel the grip getting worked in. It will get grittier and adhesive to itself and the paddle's base. It will feel nice.

It will easily last weeks of frequent play. The grip actually improves even as it wears down.

How much does Tourna gauze over-grip tape cost?

The tape comes in at a modest $8, and you roll can re-grip your pickleball paddle at least 4-5 times. It comes in black, blue, and green.

How do you apply Tourna gauze over-grip tape?

The tape adheres to itself, so you just begin wrapping it at the bottom and work your way upwards at a slight angle and with slight overlap.

Just cut the tape when you're at the top of the handle. No stickers or additional tape necessary. It will NOT come loose!

tourna pickleball grip tape

Pickleball Paddle Over-Grips FAQ

Here are some general questions you may be wondering about over-grips.

What is a pickleball paddle over-grip?

It's a separate roll-on accessory that comes in tape form. Place it over your pickleball paddle grip. They are designed to provide maximum tacky grip and are completely legal.

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Should I use an over-grip in pickleball?

Most players have trouble holding the paddle when they swing hard, due to weak grip strength or sweaty hands.

You never want the paddle to slip out of your hand during a point. A tacky over-grip is a cheap and easy solution! Being able to swing harder is a big advantage.

Do most players use a pickleball over-grip?

Nowadays, a majority of serious players use them.

Pickleball is become a more aggressive and fast-paced game, so players need to keep a strong grip during points.

Similar to adding weight tape to a paddle for more power, over-grip usage is trending up.

Are pickleball over-grips permanent?

No, they easily come off. You just unravel them like any tape. Although tacky, they do not stick directly to the regular grip, and will not leave much residue once removed.

Just unwrap it the reverse of how it was placed, starting from the top. Then apply a new one!

Are there other types of over-grips?

Yes, there are other textures of grip, such as Original Tourna Grip, which is thicker, spongier, and softer than the Gauze Grip Tape. The gauze is thin and rougher. To each their own.

It is all about personal preference, but the gauze tape is highly recommended for sweaty hands, and perhaps smaller hands because it is a very thin layer.

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Bottom Line

Over-grips are highly advised by and for avid pickleball players.

If you are not using an over-grip, you are forgoing a significant advantage and benefit.

They are an effective and economical solution for the annoying problem of losing grip on your paddle. The Tourna Gauze Grip boasts great reviews from top-ranked players.

Over-grips can help you swing harder, more freely, and without worry. Try one!

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