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The Best Long Pickleball Paddles (For Power and Reach!)

Looking for info on the best elongated pickleball paddles? We take a look at some of the best ones on the market, and review them for you. Read on...

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Most players know the traditional paddle shape. For years, it has been the gold standard.

But, have you ever found yourself playing a point and just barely can't reach a ball to the side or over your head? You may have thought...hey, it may be time to consider a longer paddle.

You've probably seen some friends and opponents playing with a visibly long paddle.

Let's talk about the benefits of a long pickleball paddle! It just might be a good fit for you too.

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long pickleball paddle

Long Paddles = More Power and Reach

Years ago, the Engage and Selkirk began pushing the paddle market in a new direction with longer paddles. But players were skeptical, and it trended slowly.

Back then, power was not as important. The game was much more about dinking and soft shots. You could win a match only with finesse and placement.

But offense is more important now. The game is getting faster, and players must be able to hit some hard shots.

And players must be able to cover all parts of the court: Above, in, sideways, you name it.

Long paddles used to be rare. You used to almost never see one. Not anymore!

Long paddles are very popular in 2023.

Let's talk about having a longer hitting surface, and how it may help you. Then after that, we'll showcase the very best long paddles on the market.

Why does a long paddle have more power?

A longer paddle means a longer sweet spot, giving you more power on faraway balls.

Having more weight farther away from the hand and grip of a pickleball paddle can mean more power on full swings.

A long paddle has more torque when you take a big swing.

By adding weight farther away from the handle, the paddle has more mass to rotate and swing around, and therefore generates more energy.

A long paddle has more "snap" when you make contact.

A paddle with more whip will release more energy when swung, resulting in a powerful shot.

The addition of weight farther away from the grip increases this whip sensation, leading to more power. Almost like a chain reaction with arm and wrist.

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Why does REACH matter in pickleball?

A long paddle gives you a longer reach, allowing you to extend and hit those pesky shots that would have otherwise gone past you.

Having a long reach in the sport of pickleball can offer advantages when covering the court and reaching balls you otherwise wouldn't. You can think of yourself as a bigger wall.

Why is "reach" good in pickleball?


Volleying is an important aspect of pickleball, and a long reach allows a player to make shots that would be difficult for players with less reach. You can cover shots farther away from your body and still make good contact with the ball.


Some dinks drag a player around if they cannot reach it easily. With a longer reach, players can dink the ball (sometimes out of the air) without having to move as much, making it difficult for their opponents to control a point.

Drop Shots

Drop shots are low-bouncing shots, sometimes from the baseline, that are meant to be difficult for the opponent to negotiate.

Players with a long reach have an advantage, as they can reach down and make contact with the ball before it bounces, making it difficult for an opponent to execute the drop.

Top Rated Long Pickleball Paddles:

The Vulcan V550 Hybrid is an exceptional paddle that offers a balance of power and control. Its carbon fiber and polymer construction provide a comfy grip and long-lasting durability.

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vulcan pickleball paddle

The Wilson Juice XL is a top-of-the-line paddle that boasts incredible power and precision. Its elongated shape and composite build help generate explosive power, while its smaller grip size allows for greater maneuverability. This is a high risk and high reward paddle.

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wilson pickleball paddle

The Oneshot Katanashot is a unique paddle designed with a square-shaped head and a honeycomb core for enhanced control. Its middleweight build and large sweet spot provide players with forgiving play. This is for the patient player.

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oneshot pickleball paddle

The Franklin Signature Pro paddle is designed with a durable face and forgiving core, giving players a perfect blend of pop yet good feel at net. Its sleek design makes it an ideal choice for the developing player. This is a pro-grade paddle, for only $100.

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franklin pickleball paddle

The Paddletek Bantam Sabre is an exceptional paddle that offers an incredibly reliable play experience. Its vibration-dampening technology and carbon fiber make provide players with a large sweet spot and elite control. You will not have trouble with reaching shots.

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paddletek pickleball paddle

The Electrum Model E is an elite paddle that costs a bit more than the others, but is one of the best crafted paddles on the market just overall. Its large sweet spot and long grip make it an ideal pick for improving players with powerful double-backhands.

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electrum pickleball paddle

The Gearbox CX11E is a high-performance paddle that offers players a combo of power and spin with a rare non-honeycomb paddle. Its razor thin core is a dream for net play and you will be able to handle the toughest shots with serious pop. This is cutting-edge tech at play.

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gearbox pickleball paddle

The Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro is an renowned paddle that features a textured surface for greater spin control and a proprietary core with enhanced Smart Response Technology. Its balanced weight and long grip make it an ideal choice for intermediate players.

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paddletek pickleball paddle

The Vulcan V930 Hybrid is a top paddle that offers players an smooth balance between full swings and quick compact punches. This paddle is frequently seen in action on the pro tour. Its Quatro Carbon face is unique, and this is an excellent newcomer onto the scene.

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vulcan pickleball paddle

Elongated pickleball paddles are a game-changer that you don't want to miss out on.

The paddle market shows that more players each day are switching over. So why not give it a try? We can all use more power and reach.

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