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17 Stylish Pickleball Tops for Summer (Cool Shirts)

Express your love for pickleball with these cool shirts, and look fresh both on and off the court.

Finding gifts for avid pickleball players can be tricky, so we’ve found shirts that are perfect as a casual and meaningful gift. Players don't always think to get fun shirts for themselves, but are happy to wear one if someone else thinks of it.

Whether your friend or family member is a social player who plays pickleball for the laughs, or a serious player who lives and breathes the sport, give them something that will make them smile the next time they take the court!

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The guide below is sure to bring joy to your pickleball playing loved one. Read on for more...

Best Pickleball Shirts This Summer

This minimalist pickleball shirt has some serious personality. It says "I Can't. I have Pickleball." and it's perfect for anyone who loves to play and isn't sorry about it! Let's face it...we've all said this to someone before. May as well warn them ahead of time...

pickleball shirt

If you know someone who's retiring soon and loves pickleball, this cheeky and bold shirt would make a great gift for your favorite senior. It has a big design in neon yellow and white and pokes fun at the thought of playing pickleball all day. It's sure to get a laugh!

pickleball shirt black

For a more festive option, check out this floral pickleball shirt with a beautiful paddle and flower design. Super beautiful, artfully crafted, and sure to get a lot of compliments. It's perfect for anyone who dares to rock bright colors and it's truly a unique top.

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floral pickleball shirt

This vintage pickleball t-shirt is a chart-topper for anyone who's been playing the sport for a while and loves classic rock. It's sure to be a hit, just like Pink Floyd. A new take on a classic, with a pickleball superimposed onto an already iconic logo.

classic rock pickleball shirt

If you're looking for a simple and patriotic pickleball shirt that pays respect to the red, white and blue, this is a great option. Sport a USA flag emblem on the court and off. The grey paddle logo on the left side blending into the flag gives it a rustic, strong touch.

america flag pickleball shirt

For a performance-oriented option, check out this neon long sleeve pickleball shirt from Dinkers & Bangers United. It's long sleeve, moisture wicks, and has a big back logo. The lime green color is as cool as a cucumber, and you will be equally cool in this top.

neon green long sleeve pickleball shirt

This ladies cut, v-neck version of the pickleball t-shirt from Dinkers & Bangers is perfect for anyone who loves to "dink and bang." Don't we all? The bright pink is perfect for any avid pickleball lady and it's a perfect material to wear for long sessions.

hot pink ladies pickleball shirt

If you're a fan of baseball-style tees, check out this vintage raglan shirt. The enduring design is super trendy and gives off Andy Warhol pop culture vibes, and the raglan sleeves give it a sporty, casual look and feel. You could wear this to the BBQ or to the courts.

baseball raglan pickleball shirt

This pickleball heart shirt is a chic and distinctive choice for any pickleball fashionista, and has pink pickleballs in the shape of a big heart. The heart graphic is a fun nod to the game, and the groovy design gives off a cool feel. Excellent for anyone with a big heart.

ladies heart pink pickleball shirt

If you're a lady who loves pickleball, this Olympic dry-fit shirt is a great option. This one is really neat, with the Olympic logo on the front and a pickleball replacing one of the rings. Perfect seeing as pickleball is vying to become an Olympic sport hopefully soon!

olympics pickleball shirt

For a cool option in the heat, check out this pickleball tank top by Ralph Lauren that says "Love Pickleball." It's a modern and multi-color option for any player who wants to go sleeveless on occasion. Comes in nine colors and they have cuts for both guys and girls.

ralph lauren pickleball shirt

This beachy tank top has a retro-style design with a graphic of a pickleball and paddle and some distressed pastel colors. It's perfect for any stylish pickleball player and is definitely a nice throwback wardrobe option to throw into the collection. Exudes a surfer mood.

beach tank top pickleball shirt

This "Day Dinking" tank top is a funny play on words that any player can appreciate, especially if you could go for a beer or margarita after playing. The slogan is endearing and playful, and the martini glass with ball is a nice combo. A great choice on and off the court.

drinking pickleball shirt tank

Here's another performance pickleball shirt with an age-old quote. This one features a simple graphic of a pickleball, beckoning the question we all ask at the end of a session. Get the cerulean blue or red shirt, they both really pop. You'll be playing more games in no time.

dry fit performance pickleball shirt

If you're a fan of vintage style, this awesome retro pickleball shirt is perfect for you. It brings back vibes of a simpler time, with a design that has a fun, old-school vibe that's sure to turn heads. Nostalgic, Miami Vice design, with fluorescent colors to boot (and a pickleball sun)!

retro vintage pickleball shirt

The "Pickleball Heartbeat" shirt is a great choice for anyone who loves the game with all their heart. The simple graphic is stylish and subtle, making it a great choice for any occasion. It shows that pickleball is your lifeline! Comes with a loose fit and rolled sleeves.

ladies distressed pickleball shirt pink

The "Dinking Problem" pickleball shirt is another fun play on words that's sure to make any pickleball player smile. It's a simple design, but it gets the message across loud and clear. People might say you have a dinking problem, but you'll have no problem dinking at all!

graphic pickleball shirt

Pickleball Shirt FAQ:

Can you play pickleball in a cotton shirt?

Yes, you definitely can. Some players opt to wear moisture wicking material such as polyester, however a cotton shirt is perfectly fine for pickleball.

Even a cotton shirt will wick moisture, and even a dry-fit shirt will retain some. If you sweat a lot, consider this paddle overgrip tape, the best for sweaty palms and smaller hands.

How to make sure a pickleball shirt fits right?

Aim to have it be loose enough around the arms and chest so it won't restrict any movement when you swing. At the same time, many players don't want a shirt to be too baggy.

A pickleball shirt should probably just be your normal shirt size, really. Comfort is key.

Can you play pickleball in a tank top?

Yes, definitely. Many players prefer not to have sleeves. Another option you can do is wear a tank top and then wear separate compression sleeves. Here's a review of the best sleeves.

What color should you wear to play pickleball?

Any color is fine. Some folks say that wearing black on a hot day will bring in more heat.

Other folks prefer to wear black and don't notice a difference. White is always a safe option.

Some players believe you shouldn't wear neon yellow, as it clashes with the ball color. However, all neon colors are allowed, and you'll see a lot of bright colors at the courts.

Are shirts good gifts for pickleball players?

Absolutely! Many serious pickleball players fall into a cycle of wearing the same stuff they have all the time, and don't really think to replace or add to their wardrobe.

This is why a pickleball shirt is a perfect gift for a pickleball player, one they're bound to use.

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