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SKECHERS: Best New Shoe for Pickleball Players?

In the market for the latest pickleball shoes? In this article we cover one of the most buzzing and biggest new names to break into the pickleball shoe game. Read on...

pickleball shoes skechers

Pickleball shoes are very important when it comes to performing at your best.

Second only to your paddle, shoes matter more than any other equipment.

Many players opt for the tennis brands they know and recognize, such as Babolat, Prince, and Head. But one new trend we are seeing is for major shoe brands to begin making shoes just for pickleball.

Enter SKECHERS into the conversation.

This is a lifestyle shoe brand that has been around for a long time and is a household name. Except they've obviously never been known for pickleball. That all changes now.

SKECHERS has jumped headfirst into pickleball and is now making the hottest and most innovative shoes right now. Tyson McGuffin wears them, you should consider doing so too.

skechers pickleball shoe

Read on below for some traits of the SKECHERS Viper shoe model, which is one of the best shoe options for any serious pickleball player as of summer 2023.

For quick picks, view all SKECHER's pickleball shoes on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

SKECHERS Pickleball Shoe Review

The SKECHERS Viper shoe has garnered substantial and positive feedback for meeting the unique needs of pickleball. Let's dive into the specifics to see why this shoe stands out.

Starting with fit, the Viper is snug and comfortable, as SKECHERS have always been renowned for. The shoe's build makes use of advanced shoe tech, providing a secure fit that minimizes shifting and sliding amid quick lateral movements. Perfect for quick rallies!

skechers womens pickleball shoe

As for aesthetics, some player's biggest criteria (do they look good??), the SKECHERS Viper showcases a sleek and modern design in upwards of eight different color schemes, ranging from a subdued black and red to some neon retro options.

Its clean lines and bold colors cater to players who value some flair, both in a classic look or a more vibrant appeal. It's fair to care about how your shoes look with your other gear!

The Viper also boasts a durable outsole with elite traction, legitimately made with Goodyear tire material, allowing players to move around the court in a stable manner. You can dart and slide around with no worries...this shoe has the highest quality sole you can find.

pickleball shoe sole

Another factor that sets it apart is its lightweight build. A light shoe will have you feeling like you are running on clouds, with less fatigue and more agility. The Viper still offers support and cushioning without weighing you down. Enjoy more effortless, responsive movement.

All the while, they are durable as any shoe out there, possibly even more.

View all SKECHER's pickleball shoes on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

Skechers Pickleball Shoe Qualities

Upper Construction:

A combo of synthetic materials and mesh in the upper, providing breathability and support.

Responsive Midsole:

Absorbs impact and delivers the utmost of comfort and cushioning.

Durable Rubber Outsole:

A robust rubber outsole, giving excellent traction on all court surfaces. The outsole is engineered to provide stability and grippy during quick movements and abrupt stops.

skechers tyson mcguffin

Lightweight Design:

Crafted with a focus on minimizing weight, the Viper is known for its light build.

Toe Protection:

To enhance durability and protect against abrasions, the Viper has reinforced toe protection. This will shield players' feet from potential impacts over prolonged use.

Stylish Design Options:

Most of all, a wide variety of color options to cater to individual style preferences. Players can choose from several bold designs. Showcase your personal taste and flair on the court.

pickleball shoe arch support

SKECHERS Pickleball Shoe FAQ

Are SKECHERS pickleball shoes good for wide feet?

Yes, SKECHERS Viper pickleball shoes are available in wide width options.

The regular make offers a generous toe box fit anyways, allowing for comfort and flexibility.

View all SKECHER's pickleball shoes on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

Can SKECHERS pickleball shoes handle excessive sweating?

The SKECHERS Viper features breathable mesh and knit uppers that allow air to circulate within the shoe. It's also a light shoe that will not feel so clunky and won't overheat easily.

These materials help to keep the feet cool and prevent excessive sweating during long matches. These ventilated uppers offer optimal airflow.

Do SKECHERS pickleball shoes provide extra arch support?

SKECHERS Vipers feature built-in arch support and the ability to accommodate custom orthotics. They are great for anybody who experiences foot discomfort in other shoes.

How do SKECHERS pickleball shoes compare to other shoe brands?

Many shoe brands focus on tennis and other athletics. SKECHERS is new to the scene, but is now focusing on pickleball. This is not the case for many tennis shoe brands.

SKECHERS are a longtime company with a household name pedigree and they are known for their quality construction, durability, and comfort. The SKECHERS Viper is a winner.

Bottom Line

SKECHERS are a juggernaut in the shoe biz, have been for a long time. And now they have set their sights on making one of the best pickleball performance shoes.

Though you may not associate the name SKECHERS with pickleball just yet, that will change. Take a look at their Viper shoe model. These light, durable, and flashy kicks are worth a shot for almost any serious and frequent player. You will not be disappointed.

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View SKECHERS pickleball shoes on Pickleball Central and Amazon today.

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