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Top 5 Hot New Pickleball Paddles With the Best Designs

This article reviews five paddles with awesome looks, for those who want some flair on the court. Read on to see the best looking pickleball paddles on the market...

cool adidas pickleball paddle

Everybody wants a great paddle. But some of us want a paddle that looks cool, too!

The paddles below are the hottest new arrivals in 2023. They range in color and design, but all bring serious appeal to the pickleball court. These picks are unique in their aesthetics.

These paddles will not only deliver elite performance but showcase inspiring designs that will turn heads. Discover the perfect fusion of style and playability as you conquer the kitchen with confidence. Here are our top picks...

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Best Designed Pickleball Paddles

SLK Evo Control Max

A really cool neon paddle if you want to up your control game. This new model by Selkirk stands out for a nice fiberglass face with nice responsiveness.

The Rev-Core polymer core enhances durability while maintaining a lively and consistent performance. This is a cutting-edge paddle that also comes in a purple or blue too.

This is a great bridge paddle with forgiving feel for novice and intermediate players.

pickleball paddle green

OneShot Aero InfinityShot Graphite (Advanced)

A true gem for players who value speed and precision on the court. This paddle brings true innovation with holes in the side of the paddle face for quicker aerodynamics.

Its graphite face not only provides outstanding touch and control, allowing for finesse shots, but also ensures swift and agile swings. The polymer core adds durability to the paddle.

The sleek aerodynamic design minimizes wind resistance, granting players an edge in fast-paced matches and hands battles. This is for players who want to take the next step up.

pickleball paddle black holes

Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta Gold (Best Overall)

Sets a new standard for power. This paddle has a patented hole in the throat for a new innovative feel, and is played with by Tyson McGuffin. Read our full review here.

The graphite face, coupled with its polymer PowerCore, enables players to hit with max power and feel. The elongated paddle face and optimized weight distribution provide players with extended reach and balance.

In addition, the Invikta paddle features a visually striking design in a newly released golden look, making it a killer option for serious players who want to impress at advanced levels.

selkirk invikta tyson paddle

Nettie Co Family Bundle (4)

An excellent option for players in the same family of all skill levels who want quality and affordability.

This paddle bundle of four features a composite face and a polymer core, and are perfect for a group of newer players, for a family, as a gift, or anything in between.

The lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability, great for players as they get up to pace with the game.

And just look at the design. Primary colored pastel design with leather handles. Comes with four balls and four headbands. This is a practical and budget-friendly choice for new players.

family set pickleball paddles

Adidas ADIPOWER Attk 2

A high-quality paddle tailored for players seeking power and an aggressive style of play.

The carbon fiber face offers exceptional shot velocity and accuracy, allowing players to dominate the court with their aggressive shots. The soft EVA foam core provides a comfortable feel, absorbing vibrations and also making touch shots a breeze

The paddle boasts an expanded sweet spot and reach. The ergonomic grip ensures a secure and comfortable hold and a player can use two hands on the backhand. Adidas is newer to the pickleball scene, but is quickly making its presence known.

adidas pickleball paddle

Bottom Line

These charming pickleball paddles are all elite options in terms of quality, and are some of the newest technology released onto the market. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

All besides the Nettie brand will deliver to you the best playability you can find right now in a paddle. The two Selkirk options will actually bring you a non-honeycomb core if you want a taste of the "future" of paddle technology.

Give one of these a spin, and see how it feels to have the best looking paddle on the courts.

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