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Five More Top Pickleball Paddles Under $150 (Affordable)

We previously reviewed five great pickleball paddles that cost less than $150. Here are five more of the best quality paddles you can find for that price in 2023.

affordable pickleball paddle

We previously reviewed five quality pickleball paddles that are elite quality and far less than a $200 price you often see these days. Our previous guide can be found here.

There are so many paddles now, that it's hard to sift through the lists and figure out which ones are truly the best, and which are only okay.

The five additional paddles below are regarded by top players as some of the very best you can find for playability. We will review how they far with both power and control.

Let's take a look at paddles that won't break the bank but will have an avid, serious player fighting hard on the court with truly pro-level gear.

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Pickleball Paddle Pricing

For quick hitters, browse the best paddles under $150 on Amazon.

An avid player should avoid paddles under about $60 nowadays, as they tend to be of poor quality and will break easily. You may end up paying more for paddles in the long run because they will require replacement every few months.

At the same time, you do not necessarily need the $300 paddles at the top to compete well and enjoy yourself out on the court. This is why we picked a $150 benchmark.

Some pro-grade paddles can be had for half the price of the most expensive ones.

View latest paddle deals on Pickleball Central today. Then, read on for the picks...

5 More Top Paddles Under $150:

Vulcan V570 (Best Overall)

A game-changer with its unique shape. Made of fiberglass, this paddle offers a great balance of power and control, played with by pros such as Jay Devilliers and Tyler Loong.

It is a great choice for intermediate players looking to enhance their game with a paddle that offers solid performance in both offensive and defensive situations.

This is an all-purpose paddle for players who are neither a fully powerful nor control player, but who want the full balance as they play points as they come.

affordable pickleball paddle

Franklin Carbon STK (Best Offense)

A top contender in the pickleball world. Constructed with a carbon fiber surface, it delivers exceptional power and responsiveness, making it ideal for power players.

The STK boasts a comfortable grip and a sleek design that will turn heads on the court, and is made for aggressive players who want to shorten rallies. Its carbon fiber surface delivers explosive power.

affordable pickleball paddle

JOOLA Radius (Best Defense)

A game-changer for players of all skill levels due to its unusual wide face.

Its innovative textured surface offers enhanced spin and control, allowing for precise shots and maneuverability, perfect for a control player looking to play patient rallies.

The Radius is suitable for players of all skill levels. This is truly a control paddle, for players who rely on finesse and precision to outmaneuver their opponents methodically.

affordable pickleball paddle

Diadem Warrior (Best for Advanced)

A paddle that means business. Featuring a carbon fiber face, it offers excellent power and maintains a solid, heavier feel. It also boasts a unique Aero Guard channel edge.

The paddle's large sweet spot provide great control, making it a reliable choice for players who demand both power and finesse. This is a paddle for a more experienced player, as it is longer and heavier. Higher potential ceiling.

You will get great reach and pop out of this paddle. A risk worth taking on a dark horse.

affordable pickleball paddle

Vatic Pro Carbon 16mm (Best for Intermediate)

Paddle is a force to be reckoned with. Its 16mm carbon fiber face delivers incredible power and spin capabilities, making it a dream for the dynamic shotmaker

The Vatic Pro is a paddle that exudes confidence and is sure to make an impact on the court. The Vatic Pro Carbon Fiber 16mm Paddle is ideal for power hitters and advanced players who seek unabridged power in their shots.

This is one of the better spin generators on the market too. Take advantage of the recent sales Vatic has experienced, as this is a nice pivot from JOOLA, CRBN, and the like.

affordable pickleball paddle

Bottom Line

Each of the above paddles boasts distinct qualities, making them elite choices for players who want pro equipment at essentially half the price. Visit our previous guide on the first five best paddles under $150 if you haven't seen it yet.

At a price point of $150, you can secure a paddle of remarkable quality that can help elevate your game to the next level. These paddles are favored by serious and top-level players, adding further credibility to their place in pickleball.

Browse all of the best paddles under $150 on Amazon. View the latest paddle deals on Pickleball Central today too.

Don't be deterred by price when looking for a new paddle, as these options under $150 can deliver comparable performance and durability to the top-shelf options.

Rest assured that these quality paddles won't break the bank but will provide you with the playability you want and can help you excel on the court.

View paddle deals on Amazon or Pickleball Central.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. It does not affect the price at all. PaddlePal is completely viewer-supported and we will not present a product unless we have researched the market to provide accurate, informed recommendations.


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