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Pro Tour Pickleball Bags You Can Own

Looking for information on the best pro style pickleball equipment bags? We take a look at some of the best ones in this review.

Are you tired of lugging around all your pickleball gear in a beat-up old duffel bag? Or you have a tote bag, and it's too small to fit all the essentials?

Why a "pro style" pickleball bag?

Not only will a great bag make you look like a serious player, but it will hold all your gear efficiently. They travel well, are comfortable, and are designed for pickleball gear storage.

For quick hitters, browse Amazon's Choice pickleball bags now. Also be sure to check out current bag and backpack deals on Pickleball Central today.

A great pickleball bag keeps your equipment organized and protected. Read on for more info about the best pro-tour quality bags!

Criteria we used for top picks:

We had many players, including a top pro, weigh in on the best bags...what they look for in a bag, what qualities a bag must have, what are aspects of a bad bag. We gathered the input and found the best-reviewed bags based on:

Build: Does the bag fit enough paddles? Does it have ample compartments?

Value: Does the bag beat out some of the highest prices? Will they last you a long time?

Design: Does the bag look aesthetically awesome? Does it "pop"?

Top Pro Pickleball Bags

This Franklin Sports bag is the perfect pick for pickleball players on the move.

It features a spacious interior that can hold all your gear, with several pockets to keep everything organized. The velcro handles make it easy and safe to transport.

You should strongly consider the white and gold combo. Though if you want it a bit darker and less prone to dirt, there's a black and blue version of the same model for half the price.

white pickleball bag

JOOLA Pro Tour Pickleball Bag (boldest color scheme)

If you're serious about your game, the JOOLA Pro Tour Pickleball Bag is the way to go.

With plenty of storage space, this bag is designed to keep gear organized and protected.

The durable materials will make sure your bag lasts long. It can hold four paddles on just the side compartments, and has a fence hook. The turquoise blue will stick out too!

blue pickleball bag

The Gearbox Pro Tour Ally Bag is a top-notch choice for serious pickleball players.

With a spacious main compartment and seven other pockets for organization, this bag is designed to keep all your gear in one place. It's efficient with space.

The padded backpack straps are adjustable for comfort, so you can carry your gear with ease. It also has special Tetron fabric for durability, and a shoe compartment.

blue black pickleball bag

Vulcan VPro Pickleball Backpack (optimal for space)

A high-quality pickleball bag exists in the smaller Vulcan VPro Pickleball Backpack.

With multiple pockets and wide frame, this bag packs a punch. It is made of 100% nylon.

The padded backpack straps are adjustable, so you can carry your gear with ease. This is a backpack, and works efficiently for those who don't want a cumbersome load.

blue pickleball backpack

Paddletek Tour Bag (simple and effective)

This bag from Paddletek is a top choice for serious pickleball players who want something reliable and sensible.

It comes with a fence hook and eight compartments, and is ideal for storage and travel. It's a sling-style bag that is black on the outside with a yellow interior.

It wears like a tall and thin backpack, rather than over your shoulder. With many pockets and padding, this works well for any serious player constantly on the go.

black pickleball backpack

A pickleball bag is essential for a serious player.

A quality bag makes it easier to hit the courts on a whim or even travel further for events.

It is a great investment. These bags range are all within the $125 range, give or take. You can find bags upwards of $200-250, but these ones are top quality anyhow, and half the price.

Bottom Line

If you plan to hit the courts a couple times per week and the bag can last a couple years, then the bag's average cost is mere cents per session.

You can't go wrong with any of the above bags. To browse more current bag and backpack deals, visit Pickleball Central as well.

Not only will you look like a pro on the court, but you'll also have all your gear organized and protected. So don't settle for a subpar bag when you can own a pro-tour quality one!

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