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The Best Affordable Pickleball Bags to Gift (New Releases!)

Buying yourself a new pickleball equipment bag, or gifting a bag to a loved one who plays pickleball, and looking for the best prices? This guide reviews some of your best options.

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pickleball backpack

The latest releases of pickleball bags offer great value without breaking the bank. In this article, we'll review a handpicked selection of the best pickleball bags available today.

These bags provide style and functionality for any level of player. A quality pickleball bag not only organizes and protects your gear, but also adds a touch of convenience and flair.

These new models combine innovative features, durable materials, and attractive designs, all while remaining remarkably affordable.

Could I use a new pickleball bag?

With dedicated compartments for your paddles, balls, shoes, and personal items, these bags keep everything neatly organized and accessible. Fashionable and functional.

They boast features such as padded straps, ventilation, and water-resistance, ensuring that your stuff stays safe and in top condition, even during long days and in bad weather.

So, whether you're surprising a pickleball pal with a gift or treating yourself to an upgrade, read on to see the top pickleball bags that combines quality, affordability, and style.

For quick picks, view all pickleball bags on Amazon and limited time deals on Pickleball Central.

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Best Affordable Pickleball Bags

Franklin Sling Bag

A reliable and affordable option for pickleball players. With its ergonomic cross-over design and several compartments, it offers ample storage for all essentials. The bag is made from durable materials and features adjustable shoulder straps for comfortable carrying.

franklin pickleball bag

PBAW Backpack

A versatile and water-resistant option suitable for both men and women. It features a sleek design with dedicated compartments for paddles, balls, and importantly shoes, keeping everything organized and accessible. It's got a fence hook and water bottle pockets.

pickleball backpack

JOOLA Vision Backpack

An attractive choice for pickleball players. The bag offers ample storage space and features a separate shoe compartment. Mesh pockets, shell design, and a cool teal blue color. With its padded straps and sleek construction, this backpack ensures easy transportation.

joola pickleball backpack

Pik'le'Ball Tote Bag

A convenient solution for players who want to carry a shoulder bag. Roomy but not bulky, in their words. This bag is designed to hold two paddles externally and includes a spacious central compartment for everything else. Made from sturdy materials and featuring an adjustable shoulder strap, convenience and peace of mind and in five ornate designs.

womens pickleball bag

ZOEA Pickleball Bag

Unique ventilated compartment, ideal for storing sweaty clothes or shoes separately from other gear. Two standalone zipper bags. The bag's spacious interior accommodates paddles and balls, while also having external pockets. Its drawstring closure and adjustable straps make it a practical and comfortable choice.

pickleball backpack

Boulder Bee Shoulder Bag

A compact and lightweight option that doesn't compromise on functionality. Its single-shoulder strap design allows for easy carrying, and the bag can hold up to four paddles along with balls and personal items, along with water bottle holder. With a nylon interior and stylish design, this bag is perfect for players seeking a sleek and convenient solution.

pickleball bag

LOB Multipack Tote Bag

A practical solution with maximum utility such as fence hook and rubber feet. Comfortable strap, versatile, this multipack is a spacious tote bag with a matching wristlet, and even a separate shoe bag. With its eye-catching design, durable materials, and ample storage capacity, this bag is a great choice. Comes in a dark blue polyester.

pickleball shoulder bag

Ytonet Paddle Bag

A versatile option suitable for players of multiple sports. Comes in four lighter color tones. It features a separate ventilated compartment to keep shoes or dirty clothes separate from other belongings. The bag's multiple pockets provide ample storage space. Water-resistant, mesh, insulated, this bag is simple and classy and has a modern appeal.

pickleball backpack

Criteria for a quality pickleball bag:


You want a bag that has waterproof materials or otherwise durable fabric, such as nylon or a thicker cloth. Most of the bags above are lined with mesh and are padded for extra durability.


You want a pickleball bag that has zippered areas for your personal items like wallet and phone, and then a different area designated for paddles. Bonus for a compartment for shoes, which you will find in the larger options above.


Let's face it, aesthetics matter too. You want a bag that looks cool and stands out in a sea of bags on the sidelines. Your pickleball bag is your chance to put some personality on display, whether you want one that is minimalist and sleek, or something bold, colorful, even floral.


Pickleball bags range from $20 to $200. The $20 bags can be of low quality and will wear down quickly. And to be fair, a $200 bag can be awesome and well worth the price. However, the above bags are all in the $30-50 range and are among the best quality you can find.

Bottom Line

These bags come at a very reasonable price and will get the job done for any avid and serious player. Get one today and make your life easier when you carry your equipment to and from the courts.

If you are hunting for a gift for a loved one who plays, rest assured that the above bag options would be a delightful addition to any avid player.

You may also like to view our concise guide on the top pro tour style bags. Also, check out our complete guide on the best pickleball backpacks.

View pickleball bag deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central today.

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