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10 Fun Pieces of Headwear on Court

Ready to up your pickleball game and add some style points to your court look? Let's talk about headwear! Read on for reviews of some of the coolest hats and headpieces.

With a wide variety of options out there, from visors to hats to bandanas, there's a piece of headwear for every pickleball player, whether you need utility or just to make a statement.

Not only will it protect you from the elements, but you'll have a little extra flair and personality on the court.

Here are some must-have pieces of pickleball headwear that will keep you cool, shaded, and looking great on and off the court. Get ready to add some charm to your court look.

For quick hitters, feel free to browse all pickleball hat styles on Amazon. Also, check out current hat deals on Pickleball Central.

Best Pickleball Headwear

This is a perfect one for any guy or girl who wants to keep it simple and have something to throw on for a game or two, or even wear to the brewery afterwards.

pickleball hat

Great for folks who want to make a pretty bold statement, but also don't want to take a gigantic fashion risk. Great with any other color or casual wear.

pickleball hat black

This is just the coolest hat. It's flimsy, breathable, and the pickles all have sunglasses on them. Perfect hat to distract an opponent, or even spectators!

pickleball hat

Perfect for folks who love colors and don't want to wear a regular hat. This will keep your head shaded yet cool, and will look awesome.

colorful pickleball beanie headwear

Great for the player who simply can't stop. May as well give all your play groups a fair warning that you won't be the person who calls the session quits for everyone.

blue pickleball hat

Pink is an extremely underrated color to wear playing pickleball, and this subtle white visor is a great way to incorporate some pink into your outfit.

pink pickleball visor white

For the pickle nut who has crafted an entire life around swatting a yellow plastic ball. For most of us, this is a typical day, so may as well tell the whole world!

black pickleball hat

Simple and endearing. This visor lets folks know that you are there because you love the people and the game. They might underestimate you ever after!

black pickleball visor

Perfect for the player who likes to laugh at their own expense, and who perhaps slams a ball or two they should have dinked. Oops...we all do it though.

pink pickleball visor

The dad hat that shows the world you are the voice of reason. We can all drink responsibly as well as dink responsibly. Or we could all do neither. To each their own!

grey pickleball hat

Whether you're looking to stay cool, protect yourself from the sun, or just add a little extra style to your game, there's a headwear option for everyone.

So, the next time you hit the courts, don't forget to throw on your favorite hat, visor, beanie, headband, or head cover and take your game to the next level.

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