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The Most Exciting New Ball in Pickleball

Looking for an alternative to the main ball brands? Do you want a ball that cracks less, but plays with zip? Do you want to just mix it up? Look no further than the Oso Pickleball.

This ball is durable, which is definitely its best aspect. It's mostly an outdoor ball, and great for the full range of players, from beginners to developing to 5.0 veterans.

Oso plays close in feel to the other top outdoor balls like Dura and Franklin. View all current ball deals on Pickleball Central.

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The Oso pickleball has positive reviews:

"The Oso ball is great. Durable, consistent and a great feel off the paddle."

"I've been using Oso balls for a while now and they're the best on the market."

"They don't lose their shape or wear out as quickly as other brands."

oso pickleball

Oso Pickleball specifications:

Weight: 0.88 oz (24.9g)

Diameter: 2.9375 inches (7.46 cm)

Construction: One-piece seamless design with a high visibility yellow color

Material: Made of high-quality polyethylene that is durable and long-lasting

Pros of the Oso Pickleball:

It's durable.

This ball can last for sessions and still maintain its shape and playability. This is probably the most important should last longer before cracking. That's gold in pickleball.

It plays similar to top brands.

If you play with Dura or Franklin balls, you'll feel right at home with the Oso. Some balls feel so much more mushy or dead, but not the Oso. It's lively and feels like a true outdoor ball.

It's great value.

Players love this ball and rave about its consistency and how the ball plays.

While the price of the Oso ball is not low, you can surely find a cheaper ball, it's important to consider the construction and durability of Oso.

They can actually save you money overall when they last longer, as you won't have to replace cracked balls as often as other brands.

Pickleball players hates cracked balls.

Oso's do crack, sure, but it takes a while.

Especially in the cold, most players are accustomed to a ball not even lasting more than a couple games. Oso's have reportedly lasted multiple sessions no problem.

Of course your mileage may vary, but the overall consensus is that Oso balls last a while. Yet, at the same time, they feel close to Dura and Franklin in playability.

oso pickleballs

Oso is a top-quality pickleball!

For pickleball players looking for a durable and reliable ball, with top-notch playability, that can stand up to regular use. Oso is also Spanish for "bear," which is fun.

So if you want a ball that will last you multiple sessions, which plays like the top brands on the market yet is an alternative to them, then the Oso Pickleball is the way to go. Or, view all current ball deals on Pickleball Central today.

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