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This Paddle Brand Is Up and Coming (The Reviews Are Great)

Looking for a completely unique pickleball paddle? In 2023, this is it.

Something you've never seen before. Something easier on the forearm and wrist, easy to move around. Look no further than the ProXR pickleball paddle line.

ProXR is gaining a deserved reputation for its innovation. Let's take a closer look at a couple of the models in their line, and what sets them apart from the market.

proxr pickleball paddle cover

If you're in the market for a new paddle, you may want to consider a brand quickly making a name for itself in the world of pickleball: one that is unique for its innovative handle designs.

While many of the well-known pickleball paddle brands have been around for almost a decade, ProXR is quickly gaining popularity due to its cutting-edge products, designed with the latest technology and engineering in mind.

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What makes ProXR paddles different?

The real game-changer in the ProXR pickleball paddle line is the XR-23 angled handle.

This unique handle design provides numerous benefits, both in comfort and game-play. And, you now have the chance to benefit from the latest in pickleball paddle concepts!

First, the angle of the handle allows for greater wrist flexibility, giving players more control and ability to add spin to their shots. This also allows for greater hand maneuverability, making it easier to change grips and adjust to different shot types during play.

It's also easier to use your palm of hand as a pivot to change the paddle direction quickly.

In addition to spin and hand maneuverability, the XR-23 angled handle also helps reduce wrist and elbow strain, making it easier for players to play for longer periods of time without discomfort. Flexion and extension are aided with the handle angle.

Review of the ProXR pickleball paddle line

If you're in the market for a high-quality yet unique pickleball paddle, you won't want to overlook the ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle and the ProXR Advantage Blackout Series Paddle. Here is a closer look at the specifications and strengths of each paddle.

proxr pickleball paddle

ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle:

The ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle is an extremely heavy, high-performance paddle that comes in three weight classes and has been designed with precision and power in mind.

Key specifications:

  • Weight: 8.2-8.8-9.6 oz

  • Length: 16.125 inches

  • Width: 7.625 inches

  • Thickness: 10.5 mm

  • Grip size: 4.25 inches


The ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle has a number of strengths that make it a top pick for many intermediate and developing pickleball players. First, it's incredibly heavy, which provides excellent pop. More pop means more options on your shots. Second, it has a large sweet spot, which means that you'll be able to hit the ball more consistently. This paddle is great for players who want to expand their versatility with shots such as topspin speed-ups.

proxr pickleball paddle

ProXR Advantage Blackout Series Paddle:

The ProXR Advantage Blackout Series 14 Paddle is another excellent option for pickleball players who want a paddle that combines power and precision. It also comes in a 16 mm width version of the same paddle, though PaddlePal recommends the 14 mm.

Key specifications:

  • Weight: 8.2 oz

  • Length: 16.5 inches

  • Width: 7.5 inches

  • Thickness: 14 mm

  • Grip size: 4.25 inches


The ProXR Advantage Blackout Series Paddle also has a number of strengths that make it a top choice for many players. First, it's incredibly versatile, with a balanced medium weight and distribution that allows players to generate both power and precision shots. Second, the polymer core provides excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening, which can help keep your hands feeling comfortable and makes touch shots much easier.

Overall, the ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle and the ProXR Advantage Blackout Series Paddle are top-quality options that are designed to help players improve their game.

proxr pickleball handle

Review of the XR-23 handle:

The XR-23 handle changes the paddle entirely and although it may take some getting used to, it will open up a lot of options and perhaps even speed up your hands.

Whether you're a newer or experienced player, you're sure to appreciate the power and precision it brings.

The handle is angled at 23 degrees to give players a comfortable grip and a natural wrist position, which in turn may enhance control over shots and improved wrist options and quickness.

The XR-23 handle helps players generate more spin and power on their shots, as it provides a more potent lever of palm of hand and wrist.

What players say about the XR-23 handle:

"I recently switched to the ProXR XR-23 handle and have been extremely impressed with the level of control and power it provides. The grip is comfortable and the design helps me make more accurate shots on the court. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to up their pickleball game!"

"I've been playing pickleball for years and have tried various paddles and grips, but the ProXR XR-23 is by far the best. I've noticed a significant improvement in my game since switching to this handle."

"The ProXR XR-23 handle is a game-changer! The unique shape provides a secure and stable hold on the paddle, making it easier to hit consistent shots. I'm so glad I made the switch and can't imagine playing with any other handle now."

"I was hesitant to try the XR-23 handle, but I'm so glad I did! It has transformed my pickleball game and helped me to become a more confident player on the court. The handle's unique design has made a big difference in my accuracy and overall game. Highly recommended!"

Ultimately, ProXR offers innovative pickleball paddles.

They have potential to bring about a big change in players who have progressed beyond the beginner level. Consider the ProXR Signature Graphite Paddle and the ProXR Advantage Blackout Series Paddle.

The XR-23 angled handle sets these paddles apart from the competition. It's not for everyone. But it can provide players with increased spin, hand maneuverability, and reduced wrist and elbow strain.

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Paddle disclaimer:

For a brand-new player, you may want to try a traditional handle and a more "starter" paddle.

After you've played a while and have a better feel for the game, then consider switching over to something more unique like this. Then, definitely give it a try!

ProXR pickleball paddles are an intriguing choice in a market where a lot of paddles are all the same. This one is different. So why wait? Try one out today and see for yourself!

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