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Top 3 Paddle Alternatives to the JOOLA Gen 3 (PRO PICKLEBALL)

Read on to see our top three recommendations for best pickleball paddles that play similarly to the JOOLA Gen 3.

pickleball joola gen 3

If you’ve been thinking about the JOOLA Gen 3 paddles but want to consider some of the best other options, this article will help you choose. There’s a whole world of paddles out there that can give you better power or feel.

Let’s chat about three paddles that are fully worth the attention: The Selkirk LUXX, the Six Zero Ruby, and the Gearbox Pro Power.

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JOOLA Gen 3 Paddle Alternatives:

These three paddles were selected because they are used by pros and exemplify all the qualities you would want in a paddle. The LUXX is the best for control, the Ruby is best for spin, and the Pro Power is the best guessed it.

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Selkirk LUXX: Best Control

A dream come true for players who seek control and a refined feel in their game.

With a 20 mm honeycomb core, this paddle offers pure finesse. It’s perfect for players who need precision and the ability to take pace off the ball for soft shots near the net.

The large sweet spot ensures you have a forgiving area for those off-center hits, while the air dynamic throat design adds speed to your swings. If you’re a player who enjoys long rallies and want to control rallies with placement, the LUXX is your best bet.

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slk evo pickleball paddle

Six Zero Ruby: Best Spin

This paddle is a spin master’s delight, thanks to its kevlar paddle face material. The Ruby offers a unique feel that can add a new dimension to your game, especially if you’re looking to put more shape and variety on the ball and on your shots.

It’s slightly heavier than some, with an average weight of 8.2 oz, which lends to a solid feel and ability to generate spin. Players who love to play an all-court game and want to incorporate more spin into their shots will find the Ruby to be a valuable asset.

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slk omega pickleball paddle

Gearbox Pro Power: Best Pop

This paddle is about generating pace. Its Toray T700 carbon fiber construction provides a level of power that’s hard to match, making it ideal for offensive players.

For those who can harness its potential, the Pro Power can be a game-changer. It’s effective on groundstrokes and punches, and all other hard-hit balls. If you thrive on a fast game and love to put pressure on opponents, the Gearbox Pro Power should be on your radar.

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black ace pickleball paddle

JOOLA Gen 3 Alternatives FAQ

Can the Gearbox Pro Power hit as hard as the JOOLA Gen 3's?

It hits even harder. The Pro Power is a boon for players who already have good feel.

Why does the Selkirk LUXX have good control?

Because of its super-thick core, it will feel more spongy and plush on soft shots. This helps with easier dinks and reset blocks, as the ball will feel like it sinks into the paddle face.

How do I know if I should seek more control or power?

Typically you want to try to patch up weaknesses and deficiencies. So go opposite of what you are relatively worst at. If no obvious answer, then go with the Ruby, an all-around blend.

Closing Thoughts

The JOOLA Gen 3 may or may not be re-approved for use by the USAP. In the meantime, these three paddles are among the top-3 in the entire paddle market. The LUXX is the de facto best for control. The Gearbox Pro Power is the consensus hardest-hitting paddle. And the Six Zero Ruby is being lauded as an amazing all-around option with a gritty surface.

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