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An Exciting Pickleball Paddle Grip Just Hit the Market

Are you looking for a new overgrip option for your pickleball paddle? We take at the newest and most exciting option on the market, Hesacore. Keep reading to learn more...

pickleball overgrip

Players are constantly looking for the perfect pickleball paddle overgrip.

Most players opt for a wrap that is applied like tape over the regular handle.

There's a new grip concept out now that serious players should take a look at. It's called Hesacore, and it's a rubbery, hexagonal apparatus that slides over your paddle's grip.

The Hesacore has unique features that you might find to be perfect for you. Perhaps you are a senior, or know a youth player who needs extra grip strength aid. Or you have sweaty hands and want to swing harder and more confidently. It can work well for any player.

Read on to learn more about this innovative new pickleball handle solution...

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Hesacore Grip Background Info

The thing that is really cool about the Hesacore pickleball grip is that it strikes a perfect balance between comfort and efficiency.

It will take an adjustment period due to the shape, but they are designed to have your hand rest naturally and be able to really press into the grooves and feel stable while swinging.

pickleball overgrip

The way it's designed actually increases the contact surface between your hand and the handle, because it has hexagonal grooves instead of regular taped stripes.

You get between 8% to 14% more grip compared to other grips, depending on the overgrip you use. This means you can hold the handle with less effort and finger squeezing, making your gameplay much smoother.

The grips are about half an oz weight-wise, and 5.25 inches long.

Hesacore doesn't just stop at improving grip strength either. The grip is shaped with hexagons, and they align perfectly with the joints in your fingers.

So, when you wrap your hand around it, these hexagons support your fingers from the sides, giving you more friction and support.

Players say that this leads to better zip and stability during hard swings.

View the Hesacore Tour Grip on Amazon today.

Hesacore: Sweaty Hands Solution

Hesacore is a game-changer for sweaty hands!

There are only a couple viable grip options out there for players whose hands perspire. Most of the gummy, typical grip tapes will become saturated. Hesacore, which is made of silicone, will not do this. It will remain gritty and tacky and will not moisten.

pickleball overgrip

You know how frustrating it is when your hands get all slippery and you feel like you're losing your grip on the paddle when you swing? Hesacore users swear by the fact that it prevents the handle from slipping away, even when your hands are really wet.

Helps Promote Natural Grip

As noted, this grip encourages you to use your fingers in a natural way. It's designed to help you use the bottom three fingers more efficiently in your swings.

Plus, it makes sure your pinky finger becomes the fulcrum around which the paddle rotates, while your index finger and thumb play a crucial role in speeding up the paddle's rotation.

It's all about making your shots smoother and more effective!

Hand muscles, especially in the middle and ring fingers, tend to contract a lot during shots. Hesacore helps with that. It allows for a more fluid and relaxed grip, which means you can transfer energy to the ball more efficiently. It's like having an extra boost in your shots!

View the Hesacore Tour Grip on Amazon today.

pickleball overgrip hesacore

Hesacore Grip FAQ

How long does a Hesacore pickleball grip last?

Most grip tapes last about ten hours or a handful of play sessions and then need to be replaced. The Hesacore can last for months easily!

You can also remove and clean it and put it back on. It will not grind down quickly at all.

What materials is the Hesacore pickleball grip made with?

Silicone, as per their own reported specs. It will feel more substantial and durable than overgrip tape. You only need to apply it once! Though, it's good to have a backup too.

Do Hesacore pickleball grips come in multiple sizes?

Yes, small and medium, and these are for thicknesses. There is also an option for elongated paddle handles. These will fit on all USAPA approved paddles.

What colors do Hesacore pickleball grips come in?

White, dark grey, and pink. The white looks very fresh, but any of them will work the same.

View the Hesacore Tour Grip on Amazon today.

pickleball overgrip

Bottom Line

The Hesacore pickleball grip is a unique, new overgrip solution in pickleball.

It not only gives you a killer grip and potentially much better control, but also helps you avoid the dreaded slipping due to sweaty hands. Plus, it encourages the proper finger usage and you'll be able to swing freely.

Is it for everybody? Probably not. It might feel funny at first. But is it worth a try? Absolutely.

If you're serious about pickleball, try this grip today and see if it ups your game.

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