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How to Add Weight to Your Paddle

Looking for more power and pop in your paddle? This guide will explain how to do so...

Your pickleball paddle comes at a baseline weight at which it is manufactured.

But did you know you can make your paddle heavier, in a simple, legal, beneficial way?

Whether you want to add zip to your shots or just want your paddle to feel more steady, adding weight tape to the paddle's edge may be a good idea. The sport is now based more around power and offense, and a paddle with added weight gives you more capabilities.

You probably know players who add weight tape to their paddle. Let's discuss how to do it.

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lead tape pickleball paddle

Pickleball Weight Tape Options

Lead tape has been the norm for years.

But weight tapes come in various widths and weights. Many such as the Wilson Tungsten come in thin, pre-cut strips that fit any paddle edge and can be cut to personal preference.

It is easy to apply, and the product differs from traditional lead and lacks the health risks. This tape is adhesive like a sticker, and very easy to use and replace.

They are rubbery on the outside. But add regular electric tape on top, in addition.

Don't add too much weight to your paddle, as it can affect hand speed and maneuverability. Most players shouldn't weight beyond 9.0 oz. For most folks, 8.5 is plenty.

Where to Weight Your Paddle

When it comes to placement of the weight tape, you have a few options.

For more power on full swings:

Place the weights near the head of the paddle. This will give a "catapult" effect.

It will make it harder to swing from a standstill, but will give it momentum to whip around after you have begun a swing. You will feel confident with stronger groundstrokes.

To maintain hand speed on volleys:

You may want to place the weights closer to the handle of the paddle, as this will allow you to still make quick, snappy shots.

You sacrifice less hand speed because the weight is closer to the handle. It will not "feel" as heavy. This will bring the center of gravity closer downwards.

For general stability:

For added stability to the sweet spot, add weight to the sides, good for resets and touch.

Some players put the tape around the entire paddle perimeter. Try one strip on each side down near the handle, and one more strip up at the very top. Experiment!

Paddle Weight Tape Effects

Consider that added weight may affect the center of gravity and sweet spot of your paddle.

Adding weight to the edge of the paddle may lower the center of gravity, which can make your shots more stable and controlled.

And, be aware that too much weight can affect your paddle's responsiveness, making it more difficult to control touch shots. You may find it tougher to dink and reset if your paddle is super heavy and spring-boarding balls.

However, if your soft game is stable, you might find a huge benefit to the added pop.

tungsten tape pickleball paddle

Weight Tape Considerations

Your hands may be ever slightly slower. But it may be worth it!

You will have to focus on keeping your hands ready and anticipating fast shots. You should be focusing on this anyways! So it's not so bad.

You might find your touch needs readjustment. This will just be a matter of hitting around with your weighted paddle to regain feel. Your shots may feel off to begin, but don't be deterred!

You will also have to replace the weight tape periodically, every few weeks perhaps.

View our complete guide on the best power paddles, in case you want a paddle that is lighter but yet has a lot of pop.

Most players should give weight tape a try.

At least give it a try in today's modern game. Everyone is playing more and more aggressively and you don't want to lack the same offensive weapons. You must fight fire with fire!

Don't add weight if it feels too heavy.

If you are already a power player, just add a tiny bit to the middle or bottom for stability.

Some players may find that added weight will make them more conscious of their swing mechanics, and it will actually help their technique be more controlled and compact.

So there you have it, a quick guide to adding weight to your pickleball paddle.

Bottom line, it's worth experimenting for almost all players. You may or may not like it, and you may like a little or a lot. Only one way to find out.

Whether you're looking for more power or just a more balanced overall feel, lead and nowadays tungsten weight tape are both a great option.

Try it out and see if you can create more offense with ease. Just be sure to choose the right amount and placement of weight to suit your playing style!

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