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This Is the BEST Pickleball (Ball Guide for Serious Players)

Can't figure out the best ball to buy and play with? This detailed guide introduces a top option, probably the overall best pickleball on the market.

dura pickleballs

One of the most important accessories for any pickleball player is the ball itself.

There are many pickleballs on the market, but one that stands out is the Dura Fast 40.

The Dura is the official ball of the USA Pickleball Association, and is used in sanctioned events nationwide. It is a high-quality ball that is designed for both pros and rec players.

Let's take a closer look at the Dura Fast 40, why it should be your go-to ball for your pickleball games, and how it can provide an enhanced play experience.

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Dura Pickleball Specifications:

The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is a regulation size and weight ball.

The ball is made from a hard plastic material that is designed to really bounce lively.

It has a seamless design that delivers consistent performance, staying true to its proper bounce off of paddles and the ground for as long as possible.

Brand: Dura

Quantity: 12 balls per pack (available in other quantities too)

Color: Yellow or neon green

Diameter: Just under ~3 inches (regulation size)

Weight: ~0.92 ounces (regulation weight)

Material: Hard plastic

Seam: Seamless design

Durability: Does crack eventually, usually before going "mushy"

Usage: Sanctioned tournaments, both pro and recreational level

Certifications: USA Pickleball Association approved and endorsed

dura pickleballs

Dura Ball Overview:

One of the key qualities of the Dura Fast 40 is its playability and feel.

Dura is the most dynamic, chaotic, fun ball there is. The neon green has great visibility whether you are playing in daylight or in the night.

Players of all levels can appreciate action-packed games with crazy rallies, hard shots, and lots of spin and variety. And that is exactly what the Dura accomplishes.

Dura Pickleball Benefits

Avid players will want to use the best supplies possible to keep your game experience fun. The Dura is widely considered to be the best and action-y ball on the market.

Here are five reasons you should buy and use the Dura:


The Dura is the golden standard for a pickleball's feel and playability.

It comes off the paddle smoothly, it bounces true off the ground, and has the perfect amount of craziness without being impossible to play with. It lets players hit lots of interesting shots.

Top players love and easily preferthe Dura. It doesn't have quite the same benefit to a brand-new player necessarily, but anyone can easily enjoy the Dura experience.


The seamless design of the Dura is a departure from balls that are fused together in the middle at the equator. It ensures consistent performance with every shot.

You can rely on this ball to have the same flight and bounce qualities every time you play, which is important for developing skills and strategy.


Dura is the official ball of the USA Pickleball Association and is used in sanctioned tournaments across the country. They approve of the craftsmanship and product.

If you want to play like a pro, experience pickleball in its most pure form, you need to use the same standard ball of top competition.

The Dura is the ball of choice of many pro players, and you can use it in rec games too!


The Dura has a good amount of bounce and makes for fast-paced and exciting gameplay.

You can count on this ball to keep the game moving and to challenge you to improve your skills and strategy, including blocks and soft game.

Hard hitters can really clobber the Dura. Touch players can get a ton of spin on the Dura. Overall, all players can find a greater range of outcomes with the wild Dura ball.

dura pickleball

Dura Pickleball FAQ

Is the Dura ball good for both indoor and outdoor play?

Yes, the Dura is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Its hard plastic construction can withstand any court surface.

Try a four-pack of Duras today to give it a try. Or browse the top indoor balls.

How does the Dura compare to other pickleballs?

The Dura is widely considered the top one or two pickleballs on the market.

It's an adventure to play with and a favorite among all levels of pickleball players. Other balls can be softer and easier to handle. View our guide on other good ball options for each level.

Dura will let you hit your best shots, and give you the toughest challenges.

Is the Dura ball approved for sanctioned tournaments?

Dura is USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) approved and is used in many tournaments.

How long can I expect a Dura Pickleball to last?

The Dura is designed to withstand use. But it doesn't last forever!

You can expect the Dura to need replacement every so often. It's probably best to keep at least a 12-pack of spare balls at home, and bring a couple each time to the courts.

If you hit hard and are worried about ball loss, consider the Franklin as a close alternative that might play a bit slower. Otherwise, consider balls a minor cost for good fun.

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Bottom Line

The Dura Fast 40 is the top ball on the pickleball market. Its durability, consistent performance, pro quality, and exciting gameplay make it the best overall ball.

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