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The Best Pickleball Paddles for About $100 (2023 Top Picks)

This is a comprehensive guide on the best pickleball paddles for ~$100 in 2023. If you are an avid player looking to upgrade your paddle at a reasonable price, keep reading...

[August 2023 Update: Review of the Vatic Pro Prism, a newly-released paddle line that retails for $99 and we believe belongs on this list]

pickleball paddle bag court

With countless paddle options available, we've done the legwork to identify the top picks that combine quality and affordability. Though paddles do range upwards of $300, you can still find a pro-grade quality paddle for about $100.

View the options below, and then make an informed decision that suits your game.

We've evaluated factors like construction, materials, weight, grip/handle, and overall feel to select the top value paddles that truly stand out.

Below are detailed paddle descriptions. We will analyze unique features, explain how they excel in different aspects of the game, and address any concerns. Let's dive in...

[For quick picks, view top paddle deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central today]

Best $100 Pickleball Paddles (2023)

XS XSPAK Carbon (exciting)

This paddle is a relative newcomer on the scene and stands out with its lightweight carbon fiber construction. It offers excellent control on the court. The paddle's honeycomb core has a responsive feel, while the sleek design and comfy handle make it a pleasure to play with.

pickleball paddle

JOOLA Seneca (balanced)

With its fiberglass face and honeycomb core, this paddle strikes a balance between power and control. The paddle's optimized weight distribution allows for quick reactions, plus the handle design is super comfy and gives you a solid grip. JOOLA is endorsed by Ben Johns.

pickleball paddle

Franklin Signature (delicate)

This paddle feature a honeycomb core that allows a responsive feel and excellent shot accuracy. Franklin is a sports powerhouse and delivers with this iconic, elongated paddle. The construction ensures long-lasting performance. And let's not forget their vibrant designs that add a pop of style to your game. This white is regal and flashy.

pickleball paddle

Diadem Icon (speedy)

Made with a graphite carbon face and a polymer core, the Diadem Graphite offers a winning combo of power and control. The paddle is a lightweight champion, and allows for swift swings and blocks. The edge guard protects against damage, making it a nice choice for frequent players. Diadem has made huge waves in the pickleball scene lately.

pickleball paddle

Paddletek Bantam (proven)

This veteran paddle in the eye-catching Aurora design combines a fiberglass face with a polymer honeycomb core for impressive power and response. The textured surface enhances spin control, while the innovative ProPolyCore technology reduces noise and vibration, ensuring a nice playing experience. Used by pro Anna Leigh Waters.

pickleball paddle

Engage Encore Pro (balanced)

This paddle is battle-tested with its fiberglass face and polymer core, delivering control and touch on every shot. Engage has been a fixture on the paddle scene for years. Its specialized skin technology boosts ball bite for increased spin, while the paddle's vibration-dampening properties give you good feel during long points, making it a top choice for precision.

pickleball paddle

Amasport Matrix (mysterious)

This is an intriguing paddle with the use of a new trend, the hole in the throat of the paddle to reduce wind resistance. You may find you can swing the paddle freely with ease. The paddle's weight distribution enhances quick hands, while the cushioned grip reduces strain, and feels nice and secure in hand. This paddle is a dark horse with sneaky upside.

pickleball paddle

HEAD Radical (sneaky)

With its fiberglass face and optimized core, this paddle offers a lethal combination of power and control. The patented Dynamic Power Shape amplifies the sweet spot, allowing for explosive shots. It gives you some leeway on quick blocks. The Comfort Grip technology provides a comfortable, confident feel, making it a go-to paddle for solid players.

pickleball paddle

Rokne Curve Classic (flashy)

This paddle with a fiberglass face strikes a balance between power and control. The durable build ensures longevity. It's a solid choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable option, available in a handful of color options and coming with a paddle cover. This is a midweight, elongated paddle that can really whip hard and fast on big shots.

pickleball paddle

Gearbox CP7 (poppy)

This paddle is built with a carbon fiber face and a honeycomb core, delivering exceptional pop and feel at the same time. Gearbox is a reputable brand that now offers this elongated and heavier (8.5 oz) honeycomb paddle. The innovative paddle make-up improves shot control and feels solid. Its high-quality materials make it a top choice for durability.

pickleball paddle

Babolat Rebel Touch (nimble)

This paddle boasts a graphite face and a polymer core, offering players a delicate touch and quick swings. The paddle's lightweight design enhances quick reactions at the net, while the high-performance materials allow consistent performance. This is an excellent choice for finesse players who want to master precise shots.

pickleball paddle

Vulcan V530 Power (forceful)

This paddle stands out with its design and strong metrics testing. The paddle features a composite face and a polymer core, and Vulcan had really made a name for itself in pickleball the past year or two. This paddle comes in a variety of color schemes and is used by a handful of pros on the tour. It's not just a pretty face though, it delivers on performance.

pickleball paddle

$100 Pickleball Paddles FAQ

How long should a $100 pickleball paddle last?

The above paddles are top quality for their price point, and should last you upward of a year, sometimes 2-3 if you take good care of them.

These paddles are well-constructed and though they do incur gradual wear and tear, rest assured you are buying a quality paddle made by a reputable brand.

Who is a $100 pickleball paddle best suited for?

A $100 pickleball paddle can cater to players of all skill levels.

The above paddles offer a balanced combo of power and control, making them suitable for both new and experienced players. Also, any age can play with these paddles.

The above brands will offer pricier paddles too that are used by pros and the like. You should check those out as well if you like these ones and plan to keep play pickleball regularly.

What is the price range for pickleball paddles?

Paddles can be as cheap as like $30 and as pricy as about $300.

The quality spans from totally weak to very good. PaddlePal's top paddle recs on the entire market are the Gearbox CX14 Ultimate and the ProKennex Black Ace, which cost $250.

A $100 is perfectly capable of being a great paddle. Some of them are among the best paddles on the market, and all are used by advanced players up beyond the 5.0 level.

Try to avoid the paddles below $50, as they are manufactured hastily and break easily!

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Closing Thoughts

Finding a quality paddle doesn't have to break the bank. With many great options for around $100, you can equip yourself with a paddle that performs well and for a long time.

These paddles can serve you well as you continue playing regularly and learn more about your game. These paddles will be durable and provide great value to a developing player.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these top picks all offer a great blend of power and control. Consider these exceptional choices in the $100 price range.

View top paddle deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central today.

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. It does not affect the price at all. PaddlePal is completely viewer-supported and we will not present a product unless we have researched the market to provide accurate, informed recommendations.


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