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Perfect Pickleball Paddle Sets for New Players (Top Picks)

Are you a beginner who doesn't know which pickleball paddle set to buy? This guide will make life easier for new players who need help narrowing down the choices.

pickleball paddle set novice

This is a concise guide on the best pickleball paddle sets out there for new players.

Starting out can be a bit scary with all the options, but worry not. We have researched and found a handful of the top paddle sets that are tailored to meet your needs. Our top picks are below, or you can view all novice paddles on Amazon.

We'll walk you through the best recs and options below. Let's find you your perfect pickleball paddle set, so you can hit the courts ready to dink and smash!

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Best Pickleball Paddle Sets (2023)

These paddle sets are generally similar. They vary in small ways, such as fiberglass versus graphite, but differences are minor. You can't go wrong with these top selections!

Weights are similar. Shapes are all similar. Just know that there are lots of weak options out there, but these are the best ones for quality and value. Click photos to browse.

SLK Neo Graphite Set (2)

This paddle set stands out with its high-quality composite construction, offering a nice balanced feel.

The set includes two paddles and four balls, as well as a shoulder bag, providing everything you need to get started with some friends or family.

Selkirk is known for durability and its brand has an elite reputation. This paddle has excellent overall playability for novices. You can count on SLK to kick off your pickleball quest.

beginner pickleball paddle set

JOOLA Fiberglass Set (2)

What sets this paddle set apart is its innovative fiberglass face, which provides excellent touch on the court, which you'll need!

The set includes two paddles and four pickleballs, as well as a handy tote bag, making it a convenient option for beginners.

JOOLA paddles, endorsed by top pro Ben Johns, offer a great combination of power and precision, allowing players to enjoy solid performance at a reasonable price.

beginner pickleball paddle set

niupipo Fiberglass Set (4)

This lightweight fiberglass paddle set gives off cosmic vibes with its design as well as its price. It's a four-pack of balls, paddles, and overgrips. This is great value for beginners.

The niupipo paddles stand out with a honeycomb core, providing players with enhanced power and accuracy for a comfortable playing experience.

This paddle is used by some advanced players, so you can rest assured it's of ample quality.

beginner pickleball paddle set

XS XSPAK Graphite Set (2)

The XS XSPAK paddle set is known for its middleweight design and honeycomb polymer core, which offers nice responsiveness and durability.

It weighs 8 oz exactly, which is about right for a new player. XSPAK is a newer company generating nice buzz in pickleball.

With two paddles and four pickleballs included, it caters to beginners looking for a reliable set. This paddle has anti-sweat properties and an edge guard, all solid additions.

beginner pickleball paddle set

Bonus: Brooklyn White Striped (1)

This solo paddle distinguishes itself with a honeycomb core and high-quality construction. It's a uniquely designed paddle and can serve you well and will look cool in the process.

It's a solo paddle, but the value is great as it offer a nice feel and a crisp and fresh aesthetic. This is a top-shelf novice paddle that will last you a while, and at a great price!

beginner pickleball paddle

Beginner Pickleball Paddle Set FAQ

What should I look for in a beginner pickleball paddle?

Look for a paddle with a standard round/square shape.

Next, consider the weight of the paddle, maybe erring to 8.0 oz or below. Lighter paddles are easier to control, making them ideal for learning the game.

Try to avoid sets that cost below $50, as it's indicative of poor quality and they will tend to break quickly.

Should a beginner use a composite or graphite paddle?

Both composite and graphite paddles have advantages. For now, it's not important.

Composite paddles tend to offer a good balance of power and control, making them suitable for beginners looking to develop their skills.

On the other hand, graphite paddles are known for their lightweight nature and enhanced touch, making them great for players focused on finesse and control.

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Why a paddle set instead of an individual paddle?

A paddle set typically includes two paddles and a set of balls, providing everything you need to get started with some friends or family. It's convenient and economical.

Buying individual paddles allows for more customization, as you can choose paddles based on your playing style and preferences, like weight, shape, and thickness.

If you're a beginner, though, a paddle set is a good way to kickstart your pickleball journey.

Are paddle sets good for all ages and skill levels?

Absolutely! That's kind of the point and the best part. Beginner paddle sets are designed to cater to players of all ages and skill levels who are starting out in the game.

These sets provide baseline equipment so you can learn the game. As you get better and develop your skills, you can always upgrade to more advanced paddle options that suit your evolving play style. You'll know more about your needs when the time comes.

How can I improve quicker/quickly?

Here are some of our guides on practicing and getting better:

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