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These 5 Tools Will Help You Practice Pickleball Better

Want to do drills and train to improve at pickleball? This guide reviews products that will make your life easier on the practice court. Read on...

We've compiled a list of great tools that can help take your pickleball game to the next level.

These products are hand-picked and consistently garner strong reviews from top players and coaches. These tools will support you in improving your shots and technique, and using your time well to boost your performance on the court.

This will help you gain that competitive edge and fast-track progress, making your pickleball experience even more enjoyable.

So, let's jump right in and check out our selection of gear meant to improve your practice.

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Top 5 Pickleball Training Tools (2023)

Franklin Retriever Tube

A convenient tool designed to make gathering pickleballs a breeze.

This lightweight tube allows you to quickly retrieve balls during practice breaks. It eliminates the need to bend down and saves you valuable court time. Shoulder sling for transport.

This is a practical solution to collecting stray pickleballs. Its capacity and easy-to-use design make it a time-saving tool, so you can spend more time swinging.

pickleball hopper tube

Gamma Hopper Cart

A functional canvas ball basket on wheels. It's got a durable construction, padded straps, and simplified wheel system for easy rolling, whether you're heading to the court or away.

This aid is perfect for holding hundreds of balls, up to 150, and has mesh-covered zips for a nice enclosure after the session. Use this apparatus to transport balls and have a place to collect balls into and feed balls out of during each new drill.

pickleball ball basket

FAIDUE Camera Fence Mount

A versatile and small accessory that securely attaches your smartphone to the fence.

This adjustable mount allows you to record gameplay, analyze your technique, or even livestream your matches for coaching or sharing with fellow players. It provides a convenient way to implement video technology into your practice sessions.

It's a great tool for self-assessment or sharing your footage with others. Easy to use, easy to keep in your equipment bag, handy, and affordable at only $25.

camera fence mount

Franklin Launcher Machine

A fantastic training tool that helps work on your shots in rapid succession, improving your muscle memory and ultimately your accuracy and responsiveness.

With its automatic ball launching system, adjustable settings, and remote control, you can practice your shots in bulk. This is a valuable addition to your training routine.

This is an incredible practice companion. It allows you to fine-tune your skills and reaction time by consistently delivering shots at adjustable speeds and angles, anywhere on court.

pickleball launcher machine

Tourna Deluxe Caddy

A convenient, economical, and portable storage solution for pickleballs.

With its durable metal make and light design, this caddy can hold up to 100 pickleballs. Equipped with wheels and a retractable handle, it is easy to carry around, saving you time and effort when transporting or setting up your pickleball sessions.

This simplifies the process of storing, transporting, and distributing pickleballs. It is a convenient accessory that streamlines the logistics of bulk pickleballs and ensures a smooth and efficient practice experience.

pickleball hopper

Pickleball Training FAQ

How can I make my practice sessions more effective?

Focus on a combo of drills that target specific skills such as dinks or volleys. Work on 2-3 things per session, and get in a lot of repetitions. Focus on consistency.

Incorporate both solo drills and partner drills to work on different aspects of the game.

With the use of these tools, you won't waste time and can be out there hitting for longer. View all deals on accessories on Pickleball Central today.

Should I practice pickleball with a partner or alone?

Both partner and solo practice have their benefits.

Practicing with a partner allows for game-like scenarios, improves timing and coordination, and helps develop strategies for doubles play.

On the other hand, solo practice allows you to hit a bunch of the same shot over and over. A blend of both types of practice is ideal. A ball machine or just a regular wall can aid in letting you practice solo yet effectively!

How often should I practice pickleball drills?

The frequency of your practice sessions depends on your goals and availability.

Aim for at least one or two practice sessions per week to maintain consistent progress.

Remember to listen to your body and avoid overexertion to prevent injuries and maintain enjoyment of the sport. And mix in some for-fun game sessions to implement your skills.

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