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Honest Guide to the Best Long Handle Pickleball Paddles

Long handle paddles are quickly gaining popularity and changing the game for players of all levels. Learn more about the benefits of a pickleball paddle with a long handle...

pickleball long handle paddle

You might be wondering, what's all the buzz about long handles?

We will provide you with an honest guide to the best long handle pickleball paddles on the market, and go over why they might be a good option for you.

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A paddle with a long handle can offer unique advantages that may transform your game, whether you hit a two-handed backhand, or would just like more stability on your shots.

A long handle paddle may also be the best option for a youth or senior player.

Here are some of our other paddle guides. Otherwise, read on!

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Long Handle Paddle Benefits

A paddle with a longer handle allows for a more comfortable grip, increased reach, harder swings, and more variety to your shots.

It's like having a longer extension of your arm, giving you the ability to block and swing with more authority and precision. With a longer handle, you can get to those hard-to-reach shots, maintain a solid grip, and get more torque and whip on big swings.

Read more about long handle benefits in the FAQ below.

Let's examine the top long handle paddle picks, with specs, reviews, and valuable insights in the below guide. Join the long handle revolution!

Best Long Handle Pickleball Paddles (2023)

Engage Pursuit MX 6.0

This paddle is highly praised for its playability and design. With a standard weight of around 8.2 oz (lightweight option available too), it strikes a balance of stable and yet potent. The MX 6.0 is a solid elongated paddle great for beginners and intermediates.

engage pickleball paddle

HEAD Gravity LH

This paddle, weighing just under 8.0 oz, is known for solid construction and excellent touch. The Gravity features a graphite face with a unique shape that offers enhanced control and precise blocks. Its long handle provides added reach and options. Great value at its price.

head pickleball paddle

Bantam Sabre Pro

Weighing a bit over 8.0 oz, the Bantam Sabre Pro comes from one of the most established brands in Paddletek. It features a graphite face and has the longest handle of any paddle on the market at 6.25 inches. Comes in five bold color options, and popular with female players.

paddletek pickleball paddle

CRBN-1 Carbon Fiber

Known for its sleek design, the CRBN-1 weighs about 8.0 oz. and comes in three thicknesses ranging from 13-16 mm. Its carbon fiber construction provides a responsive hitting surface. Players appreciate the ability and this is a popular paddle for big-swinging attackers.

crbn pickleball paddle

Franklin Carbon STK

With a weight of approximately 7.8-8.0 oz depending on core thickness, the Signature Carbon STK paddle offers a nice balanced blend of power and control. The elongated handle and paddle face allow for a comfortable two-handed backhand and tons of reach. This is a solid long-term paddle, known for top spin, and coming from a heralded brand in Franklin.

franklin pickleball paddle

ProKennex Black Ace

This paddle weighs around 8.0 oz and is praised for its vibration dampening properties. The Kinetic Black Ace features a graphite face and super thin core, offering a different feel than most traditional honeycomb paddles. This is simply the poppiest paddle out there. You will feel it immediately when you swing, this is the paddle for punchers and blockers.

prokennex pickleball paddle

FAQ: Long Handle Pickleball Paddles

Who should use a long handle pickleball paddle?

Players who use two-handed backhands should definitely consider a long handle. This could be anybody of any level, but youth and seniors may especially prefer it.

Players who would like more reach might find a long handle to feel more natural.

Will a long handle paddle affect my playing style?

Switching to a long handle is an adjustment, but it shouldn't greatly affect your technique.

Most of the adjustment is weight distribution of the paddle face compared to your grip, and the feel of the paddle as it swings through the air.

The transition is usually smooth, and many players find that the benefits of increased reach and variety outweigh any minor adaptations.

Are long handle paddles suitable for beginners?

Definitely! Long handle paddles are suitable for players of all skill levels, including beginners.

They can provide a more forgiving and comfortable grip, making it easier for new players to get a feel for the game and improve their technique, especially two-handed.

Can a long handle paddle help me prevent injuries?

A long handle paddle can help reduce strain and potential injuries, particularly for players with joint issues or those seeking better wrist alignment or forearm safety.

The handle allows an ergonomic grip, minimizing risk of discomfort or strain during play.

Are long handle paddles widely available and popular?

Long handle paddles have been steadily growing in popularity and are now widely available from various pickleball paddle manufacturers.

Many players have recognized the benefits, leading to an increase in usage and availability in the market. It's possible that long handles become the default norm within a year or few.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right paddle ultimately depends on your preferences and playing style. However, a long handle may be the key to your next boost of improvement.

A long handle paddle can enable you to reach more shots, hit harder shots, and unlock more variety and potential in your game. It can also aid two-handed swings.

Consider buying a long handle paddle and seeing how it goes!

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