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The Best Massage Guns to Soothe Your Pickleball Muscles

Serious pickleball players may find themselves sore after long sessions. These three massage guns will improve your recovery time, reduce injury, and make you feel better.

pickleball massage gun tool

Avid and frequent pickleball players know that pickleball is not easy on the muscles. It can make you quite sore.

If you play a couple times a week, you know how much it can take a toll on your body. Those quick lateral movements, shifting around, and intense rallies can really grind you down.

A massage gun is your secret weapon in the recovery aspect of the game. These tools will zap away post-match pains and get you back in action feeling loose and fresh.

We review three massage guns that are practically tailor-made for pickleball players. Whether you train hard or just hit around for fun, these aids can keep your muscles loose!

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Top Massage Gun Picks

arboleaf Muscle Massager

This is a powerful tool designed to reach and relieve deep tissue soreness and stiffness.

It is lightweight, only about one pound, and comes with four different head attachments.

pickleball massage gun tool

Its 12 mm high-frequency amplitude provides both muscle recovery and relaxation, making it ideal for avid players. The gun boasts a high-torque brushless motor with noise reduction tech, ensuring quiet operation (at 40-ish decibels, it's only about normal talking volume).

And, the 10-minute automatic power-off helps you moderate sessions.

The massage gun boasts a longer battery life, it can run for 8 hours and only takes 3 hours to fully charge via USB. It offers 5-speed levels ranging from 1500rpm to 3000rpm, with level 5 intensity being pretty much an A-grade medical muscle massage.

The device comes with four heads for areas such as the back, legs, neck, and shoulders.

Hyperice Hypervolt 2

This is an advanced muscle recovery tool that takes your relaxation experience to the next level. It employs high-intensity percussion therapy to provide optimal muscle health.

One of the standout features of the Hypervolt is its adjustable speed and intensity settings. The Hypervolt utilizes a brushless high-torque 40w motor, making it a powerful and efficient handheld relief solution.

pickleball massage gun tool

The massage gun comes with versatile attachments, each designed to target different muscle groups and provide varying techniques. Whether you need a deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, or myofascial release, the Hypervolt has got you covered.

Weighing in at just 1.5 pounds, it's sleek and compact and lightweight, making it portable and travel-friendly and easy to maneuver. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip.

Whether you seek true recovery after a workout or you just simply want to kick back and unwind and relieve everyday muscle tension, the Hypervolt is one of the best options.

Theragun Prime

The Theragun offers a simplified and quiet massage experience, making it the perfect everyday therapy tool for relieving common pain and tension.

Theragun is effectively the gold standard for handheld massage gun tools in the pickleball community, and players can commonly be found with one of these in tote.

pickleball massage gun tool

This massage device is especially effective for addressing back and neck muscle tension, which are two of the more common spots for pickleball players. It guarantees to relieve pain and soreness, leading to improved recovery and better sleep.

The Theragun Prime's unique power allows it to reach 60% deeper than the average massage gun!

One really cool and unique feature is that you can connect the Theragun Prime to the Therabody Smart App remotely using Bluetooth, which will provide you with a "force meter" and preset routine guidance. And sound therapy tracks! You can also charge via USB.

It has personalization options with four attachments (small ball, dampener, thumb, and micropoint) for tailored pain and tension relief.

This is an entire wellness journey for pickleball players that goes beyond just a massage.

Massage Gun Benefits for Pickleball

These handheld devices can do wonders for pickleball players and their performance. Here are five worthwhile reasons why a massage gun is prudent for frequent players:

Recovery Power:

After an intense workout or game, athletes often deal with achy muscles and feeling like they got hit by a truck. Recovery time can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

Well, a massage gun is like a superhero swooping in to save the day. It gets deep into your muscles, breaking up tough knots and improving blood flow. Say goodbye to soreness!

Circulation Booster:

A massage gun gets the blood pumping, literally! Its rhythmic percussions help blood flow better to those hard-worked muscles.

Think of it as a little boost that delivers essential nutrients and oxygen where they're needed the most. Better circulation means better performance and a lower chance of injury.

Flexibility Enhancer:

Ever felt like your muscles are as stiff as a board? That's where the massage gun comes in to save the day again.

It targets your fascia, the connective tissue around your muscles, to release the tension. Loosening up the fascia means better flexibility and wider range of motion. Key for pickleball.

Pre-Game Wake-Up:

You're about to hit the courts, and your muscles are still...half asleep.

A quick session with the massage gun before your game can wake those muscles right up. Get your muscles pumped and ready to move. Be faster and lighter on your feet.

Chill Pill for Stress:

There is a ton of pressure on the pickleball court. Long rallies, strategy, quick shots, it's easy to get stressed out.

But guess what? The massage gun can help with that. It's not magic, but a relaxing massage can actually reduce stress hormone levels. Less stress, better mood, and even better sleep.

Pickleball Massage Gun FAQ

When do you use a massage gun for pickleball?

You can use it both before and after playing.

Use it before to warm up your muscles and not be stiff. This may help you prevent pulling or straining of the important muscle groups, like calves and lower back.

Then, use it after playing. Wait 30 minutes, let your body cool down a little bit, and then hit the spots that you know will be sore later. For many players: Hamstrings, back, and shoulders.

How long do you use a massage gun for after pickleball?

Apply it to specific muscle targets for perhaps 30 seconds to one minute. Don't overdo it...don't do it until it hurts.

Just apply for long enough that you feel the tension releasing a bit. It should feel like a sports massage a bit, in that it may feel sore at the onset. That's ok. Just don't go too long.

What are different massage gun attachments for?

They work different muscles in different ways.

The two-prong is often for neck and shoulders. Then there are blunted ones that resemble a nail head that can really pinpoint a spot hard or can even work in lotions and oils.

There are no firm rules. You can try any of them anywhere on you that provides relief.

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Bottom Line

Pickleball is a tough and demanding sport. Players must start and stop quickly, reach in all directions, and swing hard at times.

Reward yourself after long pickleball sessions with a highly rated massage gun. For serious players, a massage tool can provide relief and wellness in a way that your hands cannot.

With a good massage tool, you can mitigate injury risk, make your recovery time quicker and less painful, and you can be more nimble and flexible when you play. Treat yourself!

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