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The Best Pickleball Shoe in 2023 Is...? (Great Value)

Read on for a complete review of the Adidas GameCourt pickleball shoe, arguably the best value footwear option for serious pickleball players.

adidas pickleball shoe

The Adidas GameCourt shoe has become a popular choice among pickleball players due to its superior comfort and durability, as well as its modest price tag.

Unlike many other shoes, the GameCourt is purposely designed for lateral movements, which are crucial in pickleball. With excellent stability and support, you will be able to change directions quickly on the court.

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Let's dive deeper into the features and benefits of the Adidas GameCourt shoe for pickleball and talk about why it stands out from other shoes on the market.

Adidas GameCourt Specs:

Upper: Breathable mesh with synthetic overlays

Midsole: "Adiwear" technology for durability and cushioning

Outsole: Non-marking rubber for traction on all surfaces

Weight: 11-13 oz, depending on size

Heel-to-Toe Drop: ~10 mm

Price: $80 or below, generally

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Durability: The GameCourt shoe is built to last with its Adiwear technology and durable rubber outsole. You won't have to replace this shoe for 6-12 months minimum.

Comfort: The breathable mesh upper and cushioned midsole provide ample comfort for long hours of play. Fits true to size and feels like a pillowy glove if you get the sizing right.

Stability: The synthetic overlays and sturdy outsole offer excellent stability and support during lateral movements. Tongue and heel are sturdy without being rigid.

Price: More on this later, but you just will not find a better deal in pickleball.


Break-in Period: Some users have reported that the shoe requires a break-in period before it becomes comfortable to wear. Don't be discouraged!

Sizing: Some users have reported that the shoe runs a bit small, so keep that in mind.

adidas pickleball shoes

Value and Price

At a typical price point of just ~$75, the Adidas GameCourt shoe offers insane value for its quality and durability. You will not find a better shoe for less than this.

For comparison, this shoe is $200 before tax and shipping. Is it 3x better, though?

Some of the priciest pickleball shoes go for 2-3x more than the Adidas GameCourt. It is an affordable option for players who want a reliable pickleball shoe without breaking the bank.

Here is a complete guide on pickleball shoes in general, and how to choose.

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Adidas GameCourt Testimonials:

"I love these shoes! I play pickleball 3-4 times a week, and these shoes have been perfect. They are supportive and have great traction on the court." -Julie

"I have been wearing these shoes for a month now, and they have been great! They are comfortable and I would recommend them to any pickleball player." -Mark

"I was looking for a good pickleball shoe that wouldn't cost $200, and the Adidas GameCourt shoe at $75 has made me very happy with my purchase." -Rachel

"These shoes are ideal for pickleball. The cushioning and padding are just right. I have tried many different shoes, and the Adidas GameCourt is for sure the winner." -Steve

"I have been playing pickleball for over five years, and these shoes are the best I have ever worn. They are lightweight and fit like a glove. They are affordable too!" -Sarah

Adidas Pickleball Shoes FAQ:

Do Adidas shoes run narrow or wide?

In general, the GameCourt reportedly runs wide. So if you have a wider foot, this shoe is all the more an ideal fit.

If you have a narrow foot, don't worry. You can just tie the shoe tighter and it will fit well.

How long will pickleball shoes last?

If you play a couple times a week, budget to replace your shoes once a year at the least, and possibly more like every six months if you care strongly about performance.

Say, if you have long-time foot or leg injury precautions or compete in tournaments.

Are there different color options for the GameCourt?

Yes, there are a wide range of colors from blue to light pink, but most folks opt for a full black or full white color on body and laces, with logo and sole the opposite.

Is the Adidas Gamecourt for guys or girls?

They make this shoe model for both. Sizes will vary depending if buying mens or womens.

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CLICK HERE to shop the Mens Adidas GameCourt on Amazon.


The Adidas GameCourt shoe is a great option for any pickleball player looking for a high-performing, comfortable, and durable shoe that won't break the bank.

This is the best value shoe you will find in 2023 when comparing price to performance.

Its traction and stability make it easy to move quickly and change directions on the court, while its cushioning provides ample support for heel and ankle, and comfort during play.

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Compared to other pickleball shoes, the Adidas GameCourt shoe offers significantly better value. Other brands can go for 2-3x more, yet offer similar performance and lifespan.

Trying the Adidas GameCourts can be a huge win and a smart investment.

Bottom Line: A reliable shoe for serious pickleball players seeking durability and comfort from a recognized brand at an affordable price under $75. The value is just too good.

CLICK HERE to shop the Womens Adidas GameCourt on Amazon.

CLICK HERE to shop the Mens Adidas GameCourt on Amazon.

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