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11 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Personal Pickleball Court

Do you have a pickle paradise at home, but feel like your personal court is missing some key elements? This guide will help you spruce up your private home pickleball court.

pickleball house

You're looking to add some personality to your court and upgrade your equipment for a better playing experience. We've got you covered.

This article reviews 11 must-have upgrades for your personal pickleball court. Be sure to check out all accessories deals on Pickleball Central today.

Each of these items can bring life to an existing pickleball court at a residence. Many of them are small details that can really add up to a big improvement in the experience.

Read on to see what your pickleball court may be missing out on...

Browse Amazon today and be fully stocked for the next time you have players over to visit!

How to upgrade your pickleball court:

A Pickleball Portable Net System is an excellent option that is easy to set up. It comes in a signature green and has a one-year warranty. The poles are made of steel and the set comes with a sturdy black bag that can be easily packed and stored.

pickleball net portable

The Lobster Sports Pickleball Machine can help you improve your game by simulating various shots and drills. The Lobster can hold hundreds of balls and can be programmed with a remote control to vary the shots. Here's a complete guide on ball machines.

pickleball machine

The XTARPS Pickleball Court Windscreen is a great option to protect your court from wind and have the game stay true even when it gets a bit blustery. Almost any court would benefit from windscreens. You can also place this up between poles even in the absence of a fence. Blocking the wind makes a huge difference.

pickleball windscreen

The Igloo MaxCold Cooler is a perfect cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cool during your game. Especially when having guests over, on warm days, and during long sessions, it makes sense to have a sturdy, portable cooler out there with ice and drinks. Folks can even place their water bottle in there between games.

pickleball drink cooler

The CGI Outdoor Kickback Rocker is a comfortable, lightweight option to sit and relax in between games. Folks want to kick back and sometimes even spectate. This chair has a drink holder and reclines. Its material is comfy and sturdy, perfect for outdoors.

pickleball chair patio picnic

Some Shatterproof LED Outdoor Patio String Lights are an affordable and energy-efficient option to light up your court. This would add extra hours during sunrise and sunset that you normally would have to quit playing in. This is a good economical option instead of paying for light posts and installations.

pickleball patio lights

The JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a durable and high-quality option to play music while playing pickleball. This is perfect for that Spotify playlist to keep the energy up during the session and keep the party atmosphere and ambiance.

pickleball session speakers

An All-Purpose First Aid Kit is a must-have item to have on hand in case of an injury or emergency. You may have some of these items at home in your bathroom, but it's good to have a full kit out at the courts in case you ever need it in a pinch.

pickleball first aid kit

The Eurmax 10'x10' Pop-up Canopy Tent is an excellent option to provide shade and protection from the sun. It comes in about ten different colors and can even be packed up and brought out to an open-play session or a tournament. Shade is crucial!

pickleball tournament tent

The OEMTOOLS Outdoor Misting Fan is a great option to keep you and your guests cool during hot summer days. This will definitely impress any visitor on a warm day. It shoots mist that will cool the air but will not drench anything nearby. Perfect for any outdoor court.

pickleball misting fan

The Best Choice Circular Wooden Picnic Table is a great option to provide a seating area for your guests. Players can eat and drink at this table and discuss strategies and catch up. Perfect for 1-2 courts' worth of players, before and after the play session.

pickleball patio picnic table

Home/Private Pickleball Court FAQ

What are essential upgrades for a personal pickleball court?

The most essential things for your pickleball court are a high-quality net, durable court surface, and sharp permanent lines. You probably also want a bunch of extra balls. Additional upgrades such as lighting, ball machines, and wind screens can enhance the experience further.

A pickleball hopper is a great tool to store balls between sessions and retrieve balls when folks are practicing. Read more about useful practice tools here.

Should I use a permanent or portable pickleball net for my court?

Consider how often you will play and if the space will also be used for other activities.

If the answers are frequent play and no other activity, then consider a permanent net either cemented into the ground via poles, or a sturdy heavy one such as C&D nets.

Permanent nets cost much more, but are durable and won't lose their shape. Temporary nets are much more economical, but wear and tear easily over time. Your call!

What kind of lighting is needed for playing pickleball at night?

For playing pickleball at night, you'll need sufficient lighting that shines onto the entire court.

LED floodlights are a popular and energy-efficient option. They often cost more upfront but can ease your energy bill over time compared to other options.

Consider STASUN LED Flood Light as potential lighting options, which can be at the top of a pole but doesn't need to be. It can also be installed on a building wall or atop the existing pickleball court fence.

How do I protect my pickleball court from weather damage?

Consider investing in a court cover that can withstand rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Routinely blow leaves and dirt off the court so it doesn't build up.

You may also want to resurface the court every year or two.

How do I organize a pickleball party at my house?

You can do a rotating partner round robin where everybody plays one game with everyone else. Then tally scores at the end and find a winner.

You can also have players just wait in line to challenge the winner. Those off the court can indulge in drinks and just hang out.

As long as there are places to sit and drinks to drink, most folks won't mind hanging around between games! Perhaps budget for no more than 2x the players as play spots (AKA, no more than eight total players if one court for four people)

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