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Best Pickleball Net for Every Price Range (Top Picks in 2023)

Many players want to buy and own their own pickleball net, so they can set up games anytime and anywhere. But which one is best for you, based on budget? Read on...

pickleball net

So you want your own pickleball net. We don't blame you!

Whether it's to keep in your car for spontaneous games, or to have at your private court locale, it's useful to have your own net.

With a lot of options out there, finding the perfect pickleball net for your specific budget and requirements can be a daunting and confusing task.

We've done the research for you and compiled a comprehensive list of the best pickleball nets for every price range. Whether you're a new player and want to keep the price low, or a lifelong player who is willing to splurge, we'll guide you through our top picks of 2023.

For quick picks, shop nearly twenty pickleball net deals on Pickleball Central today. You can also browse all pickleball nets on sale on Amazon as well.

Best Pickleball Nets (2023)

We will start with a budget option and end with the most premium net on the market.

The first four are 100% portable, you can carry them with ease and store in your car. The last two are meant to remain stationary at a permanent court, but could be transported too.

All will last years, and all have the same size net (regulation 36 inches high and 22 feet wide). All of the below are easy to assemble and are highly durable too.

ZENY Portable Net Set:

This is a reliable, interlocking fiberglass net set. Only takes minutes to assemble.

It has the standard 36 inch net and can be used by players of all ages and skill levels.

This net set has a stable build, and the net is made from high-quality nylon for a long lifespan. This all-in-one set includes a durable carrying bag for easy transport and storage. With its affordable price, the ZENY is a solid choice for spontaneous, casual play.

pickleball net

Champion Portable Pickleball Net

This is a top-tier option useable for high-level gameplay.

Balls will bounce and roll off the net the right way. It has a center rod build into the net to prevent sagging over time. This net should last you several years.

Its build features a sturdy steel frame, roughly 25 lbs. It will not sway in the wind or fall over. Its easy assembly makes it perfect for both serious and casual use. It has a 60-day warranty.

pickleball net

Pickle-Ball Portable Net

A reliable option for serious pickleball enthusiasts. A bit lighter at 22 lbs., but amongst the most durable and convenient net builds.

With a heavy-duty steel frame and bent outer legs, this system promises stability over time. This is arguably the most recognizable, name-brand net in pickleball, a great balance between remaining economical and yet selecting one of the better options.

The hassle-free assembly process allows for easy setup in minutes. The Pickle-Ball Portable is the gold standard for nets, and is the real deal during gameplay.

pickleball net


A high-quality option that combines durability with ease of use. This is for players who know they will play pickleball for the foreseeable future.

It's also for serious players who want a true feel off the net if the ball hits or rolls off it.

Perfect for multi-use spaces. Made with a strong aluminum, this net system will not rust. It offers elite stability and long-lasting properties. Its rolling build allows for effortless movement and storage, with locking wheels to boot. This is the Cadillac of home courts and gyms.

pickleball net for home

JOOLA Pro Net (Tournament Grade)

This is a tournament-grade net designed for serious players and hosts to home courts.

Sturdy metal frame, a steel tension system with hand crank, and a center strap to ensure the right height. It also has weatherproof metal bars on the side. Easily rollable with locking wheels. Very heavy, will not get knocked over. Weight not a problem with wheels though.

This net meets regulation standards and looks professional and sleek. This is an investment for players who want the real-deal nets at their location of choosing.

pickleball net joola pro

C&D Championship Net

A top-of-the-line option for players seeking a professional-grade net system. Used in many of the PPA and other pro tournaments and events. Not cheap, but damn is it amazing.

Heavy-duty construction, including a steel frame and a durable net with brass cable tensioning system. This net will last you a lifetime.

Can come with or without wheels, allows for easy installation and removal as needed. For players who demand the very best for their pickleball court.

pickleball net best expensive

Portable Pickleball Net FAQ

What should I look for in a pickleball net?

Look for nets that are easy to carry, perhaps meaning it comes with a cloth bag.

Make sure they are built to last with a sturdy frame and strong net, heavy and stable enough to withstand wind, weather, and the occasional ball or person colliding with it!

And of course, one that isn't a pain to set up. None of the above options require anything besides your hands, and the first four are very easy to assemble (the latter two stay intact).

Can I easily take the net with me wherever I go?

Portable pickleball nets are designed to be your travel companion.

They break down into pieces that can fit into a long, thin duffel bag basically.

Some even have nifty features like foldable frames or telescoping poles that make storage and transport a breeze. The options above are light enough to carry while walking.

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How durable are these nets? How long will they last?

These nets are built to last!

They all have strong frames and high-quality net weaving. The whole thing can take a beating. The net itself can be retied or replaced. The metal poles and components will not rust and will rarely warp or get a dent. They are pretty substantial and durable.

They're designed to resist the elements like sunlight and moisture, so you can play without worry. Some of these manufacturers even offer warranties for your peace of mind.

Can I use these nets both indoors and outdoors?

Most portable pickleball nets are versatile and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

They're built to sit on any playing surface. Look for ones with wheels for multi-use spaces.

Browse two of our previous guides about court setup:

What is the regulation net size for pickleball?

A width of 22 feet and a height of 36 inches at the sidelines.

The above nets are approved for sanctioned pickleball events. Some even come with extra features or certifications that make them perfect for competitive play.

View all pickleball net deals on Amazon and Pickleball Central.

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