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Pickleball Fashion Brands Like Lulu and Vuori (But Better Value!)

Lululemon and Vuori are great athleisure brands for pickleball, but they can cost a lot. These brands make quality women's apparel very similar but at much lower prices. Read on!

womens pickleball fashion

Finding fashion brands that offer a blend of style, quality, and affordability is not easy in pickleball. You can and should look sharp out there.

But it would be nice if you could revamp your entire wardrobe at a reasonable price instead of breaking the bank for 1-2 luxury items and needing to pick and choose.

We all know and love the big names like Lululemon and Vuori for their flashy designs and top quality, but how about similar brands that have a same feel at a fraction of the cost?

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The following athleisure brands not only rival the big names in the industry, but also come with friendlier price tags. For this article, we will focus on women's wear. Don't worry guys, we will share a future piece for best men's brands, and will update this article with a link.

The activewear below seamlessly transitions from workouts to the courts, and we've curated a list of brands to consider for wardrobe upgrades. Keep reading...

Pickleball Clothes: Best Value (2023)


Kimmery is all about mixing fashion and functionality. What makes them unique is how they blend trendy designs, prints, and colors into their athleisure wear. The workout wear becomes useful as everyday normal wear too.

kimmery pickleball fashion

Kimmery presents activewear that seamlessly merges style and function, rendering it an excellent pick for pickleball players. By incorporating moisture-wicking textiles and designs optimized for comfort, their attire facilitates fluid movements on the court.

The Gym People

Their focus squarely rests on augmenting performance and durability in activewear, an appealing prospect for avid pickleball players. The diverse array of compression alternatives serves to bolster muscular support during intense matches. Alongside this, the integration of breathable fabrics aids in regulating moisture, thus ensuring a cool and comfortable wear.

gym people pickleball fashion

The Gym People are really about nailing performance-driven designs. They are all about creating athleisure wear totally geared towards intense gameplay. Think moisture-wicking fabrics, compression elements, and fits that just made sense for your lateral, quick moves.


They are known for marrying affordability with quality in their activewear line, making it a logical fit for pickleball enthusiasts. Their collection of lightweight, quick-drying garments responds to the swift pace of the sport, offering players dependable attire.

pickleball style guide womens

Baleaf has made a name for itself by being affordable without sacrificing quality. Their special touch is offering well-made athleisure clothing at prices that wouldn't break the bank. Read our extended review of Baleaf as a pickleball style option.


Their activewear strikes an equilibrium between utility and style, a harmony tailored to pickleball players who want to look sharp. Noteworthy features, such as inbuilt UV protection, safeguard players from the sun during outdoor play. This gear is suitable for longevity.

DaYoung waves the sustainability flag high. Their standout quality is their focus on eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. Basically, they are all about athleisure wear that is as kind to the environment as it is to your style.


Their focus is on delivering activewear that champions comfort and flexibility, an ideal combo for players engaged in high-level play with dynamic movements. The use of stretchable and breathable fabrics seamlessly allows for a wide range of motion, empowering players to flourish on the court without limitations.

pickleball fashion womens

Koscacy has a thing for versatile designs and making sure everyone had options. Their standout quality is how they are all about offering sizes for all kinds of body types. Their athleisure wear is built to be comfy and accessible, no matter who you are.


Their activewear collection is dedicated to promoting comfort and versatility, attributes that align with the sharp, and in their words "industrial," vibe that pickleball players often sport. Through the utilization of moisture-wicking materials and relaxed fits, players are granted unrestrained movement and comfort.

pickleball athleisure deals

Luranee focuses on blending tech with athleisure. What set them apart is how they have integrated things like UV protection, moisture sensors, and even cool gadgets like activity trackers right into their clothing. This all gives your workout an experiential boost.

Pickleball Fashion FAQ

What are the best colors for women to wear on the courts?

Truly any. You may, as a courtesy, try to avoid neon yellow and green as it clashes with the color of the ball.

However, any print or design is fair game otherwise. Some like to go all business, all black. Others love to sport some bold and bright colors.

When should you wear long sleeves vs. short?

Wear short sleeves for ventilation and comfort. But long sleeves can be good both when it's chilly, as well as when you want to protect your arms from UV.

You may want to wear compression sleeves anyways even if you wear short sleeves.

Can you wear tights/leggings to pickleball?

You can do so pretty much whenever. They are breathable and comfy.

You do not need to wear a skirt or shorts to pickleball always!

What are some important pickleball accessories?

Shoes, protective eyewear, and hats, for starters.

Also get yourself a pro-grade gear bag or backpack!

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Closing Thoughts

These brands will help you revamp your pickleball wardrobe at a bottom line you will like.

Give them a look today and see if you can find some pieces that improve your look on the courts. Nothing is nicer than looking and feeling good while playing pickleball!

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