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Review: Paddletek’s NEW Tempest Paddles (BEST Spin?)

Paddletek has released its long-awaited new line of pickleball paddles with a patented "ICED" carbon fiber surface. How do the new Tempest paddles fare? Keep reading...

paddletek pickleball paddles pro

Paddletek has been one of the longest-standing pickleball paddle brands in the game.

They have been a "household name" within the pickleball community for a decade.

Yet, they haven't released many new paddles in recent years. Even as other new names have emerged in the space, like JOOLA, CRBN, and Vatic. Paddletek has been relatively quiet.

That ALL changes now.

As of summer 2023, Paddletek now has a fresh new line of paddles out on the market, available to the public. This paddle is used by top pro Anna Leigh Waters, and below we get into the details.

New Paddletek Tempest Paddle Review

The new line of paddles has two shapes and two cores, for four total models. Each of the combos then come in three stunning colors: Seafoam green, platinum silver, and sunset red.

The two shapes are the Tempest Wave and Reign. The Wave is the standard wider and more square shape. The Reign is the thinner and elongated shape that is becoming more and more popular in todays' game.

These two shapes then come in two core thicknesses each. One model is a thinner 12.7mm honeycomb. The other, indicated in the name as "Pro," is 14.3mm and the core is polymer, a newer type of build that is known to be more durable and forgiving.

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These paddles are lightweight, yet do not sacrifice power. Players find this useful for quick hands battles, and this may be a great option for seniors or youth.

You may use the 12.7mm honeycomb if you like the traditional feel of a honeycomb paddle and do not want a different core feel. You would consider using a "Pro" version if you want added touch in a thicker and cushy build at 14.3mm (this is not considered too thick).

paddletek pro paddle

Tempest WAVE (Pro)

The Paddletek Tempest paddle has been around a while, but just got a serious upgrade in the new relase of the Wave and Wave Pro.

They have formulated and applied a new ICED carbon fiber face that's all about ramping up your cut shots and slices to a whole new level.

Yet, they didn't stray from the classic vibes of this fan-favorite. They kept the timeless 16" x 8" shape we all know, with the "Smart Response" tech they've always been known for.

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This makeover is more about augmenting the hitting surface with all textured carbon fiber, which will provide players with stronger "dwell time" and spin. Dwell time refers to how long the ball remains in contact with the paddle surface when you swing, which comes in handy when it comes to cutting and spinning the ball.

As for handles, they have a 5.25" long handle that comes in two thicknesses. So, you can totally pick the one that feels best for your hand. Here's our guide on long handle paddles.

That ICED Carbon Fiber? Yeah, it's the real deal. It will stay gritty and fresh for a long time and you will have a nice spin upgrade for as long as you're aligned with the Tempest line.

paddletek pro paddle

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Paddle Specs

Average Weight: 7.7 ounces

Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium), 4 1/8" (Small)

Grip Style: Cushion (Standard), Flat (Thin)

Handle Length: 5.25"

Paddle Length: 15.875"

Paddle Width: 8"

Paddle Face: ICED Carbon Fiber

Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb

Core Thickness: 14.3mm (0.563")

Edge Guard: 1/8" Overlapping Paddle Face

Made in USA

Tempest REIGN (Pro)

Paddletek has provided an equally fresh update to the Tempest Reign. They retained the classic look and feel of the previous versions but again have ramped up the surface performance with a slick new ICED Carbon Fiber surface.

The Reign is perfect for beginners and intermediate players, HOWEVER it is used by the #1 ranked female player in the world in Anna Leigh Waters. So anyone can and should consider using it. Mostly it's for offensive and power players.

paddletek pro pickleball paddle

It mostly boils down to if you want the wider face of the Wave, or if you want the elongated.

The prior Paddletek versions were all about control and reach. This new V3 still delivers on that front, but the new surface provides its "Perma-Spin" tech. This is key. The texture is going to stick around way longer than what most other brands are promising.

Your slices and cuts will spin like crazy even a year down the line, just as they did on day one.

With a long 16.5" x 7.5" setup and a 5.25" handle, you will have serious reach near the net and solid power on your groundstrokes and overheads. The core keeps things smooth with fewer vibrations, and its Smart Response tech is like a secret power boost, making the Reign play faster and stronger than you'd even expect.

If you like the extended shape and are craving extra spin, the Tempest Reign is your go-to.

paddletek pro pickleball paddle tempest

Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Paddle Specs

Average Weight: 7.8 ounces

Grip Circumference: 4 1/4" (Medium) or 4 1/8" (Small)

Grip Style: Cushion (Standard), Flat (Thin)

Handle Length: 5.25"

Paddle Length: 16.5"

Paddle Width: 7.5"

Paddle Face: ICED Carbon Fiber

Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb

Core Thickness: 14.3mm (0.563")

Edge Guard: 1/8" Overlapping Paddle Face

Made in USA

Paddletek Tempest Paddles FAQ

What type of players are the new Tempest paddles suited for?

These paddles are lightweight and pack a punch. They are best suited for offensive and aggressive players who want to create tough shots incorporating spin.

This is a great paddle even if you are a newer player too and still figuring out your own game. Consider the Wave if you are newer, and use the Reign if you are more experienced. Just know the #1 female player on Earth uses Paddletek.

How do these paddles improve on the previous Tempest?

Paddletek ensures their patented ICED carbon fiber grit on the surface will remain more permanently than ever before. You will have more spin for longer.

Many aspects remain the same or close, such as the handle, the shape, and even the aesthetics. Mostly, this is simply a gigantic spin upgrade from previous paddles.

How much do the Paddletek Tempest Pros cost?

Either $199 or $209 based on if you go with the honeycomb or the polymer (thicker) core. The thicker polymer core is known as the "Pro" model of each shape.

At these price points, you are getting a pro-grade paddle that is 20-33% cheaper than the priciest paddles on the market. We believe this is a serious value on the market at this time.

What is Paddletek's warranty policy?

You should register your paddle within two weeks of purchase. Then you can fill out a warranty form and they also have an email address dedicated to warranty issues. From there, they will be able to replace paddles that break through no fault of your own.

Bottom Line

Paddletek has provided a serious upgrade on an already iconic paddle. It has lasting grip and grit on the surface, which will help you put way more spin on your shots.

The #1 female in the world, Anna Leigh Waters, uses Paddletek and has for years.

Give the Wave a shot if you're an avid, frequent player who is more defensive and touch oriented. And try the Reign if you are a power and offense player who likes to attack.

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